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"Rippling is a global workforce management platform specializing in HR, IT, and Finance services, providing solutions such as payroll, benefits management, time tracking, learning management, and Pro-employer organization (PEO) services, aiming to simplify onboarding and operational processes for businesses of all sizes."
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Knowing about the company you want to prospect into is important. Here's some information about the company, written by a sales analyst.
## Company Description: Rippling Rippling is an innovative organization operating within the Information Technology and Services industry. With an estimated employee base of 2400, the company boasts advanced solutions that cater to global workforce management. By taking a sophisticated approach to Human Resources (HR), IT, and Finance, Rippling has set a unique standard for the modern business landscape. Built on the foundation of simplicity and efficiency, Rippling's primary offering is an all-encompassing platform that integrates HR, IT, and Finance functionalities. The solution caters to businesses of various sizes, exhibiting scalability for teams from two to over 2000. The company’s flagship product not only supports payroll and benefits management but also incorporates apparatus for expenses reporting, device and application management, as well as corporate card control. Rippling stands out due to its meticulous automation of manual tasks. A company can set up or disable an employee’s payroll, health insurance, work computer, and third-party apps like Gmail or Microsoft Office in just 90 seconds. This level of automation permeates all their services, emphasizing a focus on easy, quick, and effective employee management. Beyond the traditional HR and IT platforms, the Rippling solution includes an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), full payroll and benefits management, time and attendance tracking, and Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services. The strategic incorporation of these features places Rippling as a comprehensive software solution provider in the HR space. Rippling also emphasizes an end-user experience with its services. The platform can integrate with different modern business tools like Trello and Slack to facilitate seamless employee onboarding. There are also systems in place to remind users to run essential tasks, like payroll, thereby enhancing the effectiveness and productivity of businesses using their platform. In summary, Rippling manifests as a one-stop-shop for running a global workforce, from managing employees’ payroll and expenses to overseeing their computing devices and apps. The magic of Rippling lies in harnessing the power of automation and integration, which allows businesses to focus on growth, while it handles the intricacies of HR, IT, and Finance.

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Broken down by department, these sales insights include head counts, potential pain points, email templates, and a "how to win" plan for selling to this department.

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## Sales Plan Template ### Objective This sales plan seeks to address the pain points experienced by the company 'Rippling' – an all-in-one HR, IT, and Finance platform – with the aim of improving their services and fostering significant growth. The focus will be on enhancing customer onboarding, facilitating third-party application integrations, deepening functionality across all service areas, managing rapid growth and scalability, and ensuring global compliance. ### Identify The Decision Makers Rippling operates within the information technology and services industry, with an estimated workforce of 2400 employees[^2^]. The first key step in the sales process will be identifying the main decision-makers within the company. This could include executives from HR, IT, and Finance divisions, who have major influence over workforce management platform purchasing decisions. ### Understand the Prospect’s Needs Following initial research on the prospect's pain points[^4^][^5^], we can conclude that Rippling is seeking solutions that can: 1. Facilitate the transition phase for its users, especially during the switch from previous systems. 2. Manage integration issues with various third-party applications. 3. Offer improved functionality in services such as applicant tracking, learning management, payroll and benefit management. 4. Maintain performance and adaptability during rapid expansion and growth. 5. Handle global compliance rules effectively. ### Proposition After understanding Rippling’s needs, our role will involve offering solutions that address these concerns adequately. This will include demonstrating how our services can provide seamless customer onboarding support, assure robust third-party application integration, offer enhanced functionalities, and guarantee compliance across multiple geographical territories. ### Approach Rippling is a robust platform managing myriad HR, IT, and Finance tasks[^1^]. Our approach will target these departments individually, outlining the unique benefits and improvements that our solutions offer in relation to the current system. 1. **HR department**: Demonstrate how our solution can streamline HR processes, especially onboarding and benefits administration. 2. **IT department**: Show how compatibility with third-party applications can be assured, eliminating potential disruption during integration. 3. **Finance department**: Explain how our solution caters to the complex, diverse needs of finance operations, including global compliance issues. ### Proposal Upon receiving positive feedback from the first interaction, we will prepare a detailed proposal. This will outline the specifics of our product or service, how it addresses Rippling's pain points, timelines for implementation, and financial implications. ### Closing After mutual agreement on the proposal specifics, appropriate paperwork will be drawn up and signed. Further, we will set clear expectations about the onboarding and transition process to ensure seamless implementation and customer satisfaction. [^1^]: [Rippling: #1 Workforce Management Platform | HR, IT, Finance]( [^2^]: [Rippling - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding]( [^3^]: [Rippling Review (2023): Features, Pros & Cons – Forbes Advisor]( [^4^]: [Rippling Reviews 2019 | G2]( [^5^]: [Rippling | LinkedIn](