Sales prospecting & follow-up is getting harder everyday. What worked 6 months ago may fall flat today. The best teams are committed to learning from others and continuously improving.

Two-minute tune-ups is your bite-sized daily does of sales strategies and tactics to keep your mind sharp and your numbers growing.

Three Tips for Increasing Your Meeting Hold Rate

Ideally, every prospect shows up to your meetings 100% of the time. But in reality that’s never the case. Check out these 3 tips to improve attendance (and a bonus tip for prospecting).
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The Three P's of Outbound Prospecting

Learn from Matt as he explains how to handle the 3 P's of outbound prospecting and shares a sales tip for your team.
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Discounting & Managing Profitability

Are you giving in to your customers' requests for a discount too early? According to Matt Millen, "If you're going to give, let's get."
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