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An AI language tool to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion

Use our AI to check your content for inclusive language, help create DEI initiatives, and explore options to celebrate holidays and plan events. With by your side, you will communicate confidently and inclusively.
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Use our AI to check your content to make sure that you communicate inclusively. Whether you are writing a blog, an article, school curriculum or an email, with by your side you will always ensure that you do not mis-communicate.


Store your DEI stylebook so that your checked phrases are in one place. Any phrases you add will be instantly analyzed in all future content. Not only that these phrases will always be instantly analyzed and searched for in all of your content.

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Our software was designed by individuals working towards inclusion who've combined subject area expertise and research skills to curate the best possible DEI information. The team is constantly learning and growing the database to help our customers communicate inclusively.
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