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Free cold email grader is the perfect tool for busy sales professionals. By using our AI, you can cut the time you spend researching your prospects and producing personalized content by 50%. Write better cold emails, quicker without compromising quality.

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Personalize more emails. Schedule more meetings. Close more deals. has the only Chrome Extension that actively helps you spend less time researching and more time reaching prospects.

Email coaching from right inside your inbox

Our AI is backed with data and best practices on how to write an effective email. With the email assistant at your side, you won’t be making costly mistakes while writing sales emails.

Personalization in seconds

Spending too much time trying to find the perfect detail about your prospect? The Chrome extension lets you focus less on researching and more on crafting the perfect personalized email.
Enterprise-grade AI

Write smarter using AI

Don’t let the blinking cursor get you down. Our email assistant is there to autocomplete, rephrase, shorten, or expand your emails — all from inside your browser.
Prospect in a way humans alone cannot
Learn how can help your team increase pipeline engagement, unify GTM messaging, and peak productivity.
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