Let regie write your sales sequences

Regie leverages AI and industry best practices to write engaging, multi-touch sales sequences in minutes.

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Core features

Everything you need to launch successful sales sequences

Sequence Builder
Effortlessly build inbound, outbound, and follow up sequences.
AI Email Assistant
Generate subject lines, cold emails, value props, and more in seconds.
Analyze content performance and benchmark against industry averages.
Call Script Builder
Create persona-specific call scripts to match your email sequences.
Building Blocks
Store key content and collateral to keep messaging aligned across sequences.
AI Linkedin Assistant
Generate LinkedIn blog posts, InMails, connection requests, and more using AI.

Revenue leaders rely on regie to maximize front line performance

Regie comes with all the benefits of an internal content team and replaces each teammate's habits and bias with data and insights.
Increase engagement

Produce open-worthy content

Target the right persona with the right messaging, tone, and structure to create highly-engaging sequences built to book more meetings.
Manmeet Dosanjh
Implementing regie was easy and also highlighted the need to clean up Outreach sequences and standardize our instance. The automatically generated campaigns for Outreach sequences were great.
Reduce time spent

No more guesswork, only data driven decisions

Building sequences is both time and labor intensive. Regie’s database of performant content and AI allows you to build sequences in minutes based on industry-wide best practices.
Drew Olsen
Sales Manager
Regie.ai delivered on its promise of creating effective and relevant sales email copy that provided almost immediate results. Regie.ai has made it incredibly easy for us to create email cadences that can personalize at a scale we couldn't do on our own.
Create consistency

Align and scale messaging

Sales campaign creation in regie unifies sequence content team-wide while remaining flexible enough to target personas with the right tone and messaging.
Will Reyes
SDR Team Lead
Regie is helpful for anyone trying to scale sales development. With new reps, there’s no guarantee who’s going to be successful. Regie provides a good baseline and sets us up for consistent results. That alone is a win.

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How it works

Generate high-converting sales sequences in no time

Step 1

Choose your workflow

Regie’s workflows include content and touch patterns for inbound lead response, outbound prospecting, mid-funnel follow up campaigns, and more.
Step 2

Customize each touch point

No more blanket messaging across personas. Customize sequences by persona, pain point, and value proposition, and let regie personalize your messaging.
Step 3

1-click upload

Regie integrates with top sales engagement platforms including Outreach.io, SalesLoft, and Hubspot and can export sequences to upload campaigns to any platform.

The Sales Email Benchmarks Report

We analyzed over 34 million sales emails for up-to-date performance benchmarks and key insights to help you craft engaging emails.
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Easily connect your favorite sales engagement platforms

Leading sales engagement platform for sales professionals.
Drive more revenue with SalesLoft's Modern Revenue Workspace.
Sales Hub helps you automate tasks and close more deals.
All the rest
Regie's export function works with all sales engagement platforms.

Help your sales team accomplish more with regie.ai

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