Prospecting is hard. AI makes it easy.

AI Agent based automation executes top of funnel prospecting making it easier for businesses and better for buyers.

Human-reliant prospecting is broken

In the era of sales engagement, buyers get treated the same as sales relies on templates and fixed sequencing to scale outreach.
Co-Pilot solutions are designed to speed up rep level task execution, but humans are still filled with habits, biases and task reluctance that impede our ability to build and manage a consistent outbound assembly line.
GenAI can now make all of our prospecting decisions for us. It knows who to target, in which channel and with what message, and can deliver those touches autonomously and dynamically according to buyer intent.

From then to now

Generative AI now changes the operational, execution, and experience side of prospecting, making it more scalable for the business and better for the buyer.

Meet Our AI Agent-Based Prospecting solution combines your unique CRM, sales engagement, and intent data with Generative AI to continuously identify who to contact, when, and with what tailored message for optimal engagement.

Human-reliant prospecting
Coordinated, autonomous prospecting

Why invest in AI Agent based prospecting?

Functions across the go-to-market team benefit from AI powered Sales Agents.

Operations no longer worries about list building or protecting the health of their database from spammy outreach​
Marketing rests assured knowing that marketing-approved language is being consistently used in sales outreach and can be updated in real time
Enablement no longer coaches reps on lead sourcing and personalization as AI Agents do that heavy lifting automatically​
Sales managers have a more predictable lever to pull to book meetings that's more scalable than headcount
Sales reps are happier with their daily activity, as they are only spending time working leads who are engaged and want to talk to them
Buyer sentiment improves as they receive the proper outreach, at optimal intervals, based on where they are in their buying cycle ​
Efficient Campaign Building
Unified ICP Work and Targeting
Enhanced Messaging Insights
Elimination of Sequence Writing
Automated Task Execution
Seamless Handover and Collaboration

The AI payoff

Gartner predicts AI will drive at least a 10% reduction in prospecting time. In addition to time savings, GTM teams leaning into AI see:

Reduced tech spend
More predictable meeting production
No more unworked leads
Improvement in sales team efficiency

Topping G2's charts quarter after quarter

Meet our happy customers

It’s no wonder we are rated the best sales automation software on G2 across dozens of categories.

" allows us to scale our content production to ensure that our sellers have the necessary means to engage with our customers at all points of the customer stage or the deal cycle. And for revenue leaders like me, enables predictability in campaign performance."

Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy
Sr. Manager of Sales Outreach

"We had a goal of 35 personalized emails per day. That's super easy for my team now. Some are even sending up to 50 in an hour... Our outbound meetings booked from January to now have doubled."

Grace Feeney
Grace Feeney
Global Manager Sales Development

"I could not imagine being in this Enablement position or even a sales position without the platform. I'm kind of jealous of the SDRs who are currently using it. I wish I had when I was a SDR in the past."

Erin Terry
Erin Terry
Sales Enablement Specialist

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