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Regie.ai leads the sales automation category with its innovative approach to using Generative AI and data unique to your business and your prospects to more reliably prospect and book meetings for your reps.

Auto-Pilot your outbound in three easy steps


Audience builder

With Sales Auto-Pilot, Regie.ai identifies which audiences you are most likely to book meetings with, and surfaces those accounts and contacts to prospect.


A unique message for every prospect

Regie.ai automatically writes relevant email messages for each prospect, using your pre-set value props, pain points and customizable Generative AI prompts.

Regie.ai will then execute the email task on your reps behalf and monitor for engagement and responses.


A smarter way to prospect

Outbound prospecting with Regie.ai is adaptive; when prospects engage, they'll be served touches more frequently and when they don't, they will be slowly nurtured until sales-ready.

This intuitive touch pattern frees your sales team up to work only the most engaged leads with high-value call and social tasks.

Engaging prospects is hard. Auto-Pilot makes it easy.

Regie.ai uses your unique CRM and sales engagement data, 3rd party buyer intent data and Generative AI to autonomously identify who to contact, when, and with what tailored message for optimal engagement. We'll even send the emails for you, giving your SDRs and AEs more time back in their day for higher-value activities.


Generative AI built for sales

Regie.ai is purpose-built for the sales teams and we've obsessed over solving for improvements in the sales workflow. ​​Use Regie.ai inside your favorite sales engagement platform, email service provider, or on social to leverage the power of Generative AI where you work.


Full API integration. Regie.ai can write sequences, one-off emails, and analyze content.


Regie.ai can write cadences, emails, and analyze content with a full API integration.


Full API integration. Regie.ai can write workflows, sequences, emails, and analyze content.


Regie writes sequences and one-off emails in Apollo via our Chrome extension.

Zoominfo Engage

Regie.ai can write sales flows and one-off emails.

Google Workspace

Power your front line with Regie.ai to write single emails, edit copy, and analyze content.


Write emails, edit copy, and analyze content using Regie.ai.


Generate relevant personas to store in our CMS using Salesforce data.

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"Makes My Job So Easy"
Helps me personalize my prospect emails and LinkedIn InMails with ease! It's so nice to have a one-stop overview of of my prospect's role & responsibilities, posts, company news etc. Makes prospecting a breeze, thank you Regie.ai!

Kelly K.

Sr. Enterprise Account Development Rep, Enterprise

"Promising start - with more excitement to come"
I've used Regie.ai so far to craft better cold/first-touch emails to my prospects. It takes a lot of the manual work out of researching the prospect and tying the message together in a well-written email. Using Regie - I can choose a few data points and then in a matter of seconds Regie begins to write out my email - and, if I don't like what it has produced out of the three messages it generates - I can ask for new messages to be generated and tweak certain aspects. Very useful and I would recommend it to most other tech sales businesses.

Finn D.

SDR, Enterprise

"The Possibilities are endless"
Regie.ai is giving me many more options for Sales cold outreach emails, I have found new subjects, new emails and cadence steps.

Kristen J.

Sales Development Rep, Mid-Market

"Personalisation at scale!"
It's an amazing tool for automating & personalising the email writing or LinkedIn messaging based on the prospect's profile. It helps in saving a lot of time & effort eliminating the heavy lift of manual, monotonous & tedious work of content creation for so many prospects.

Aryaman J.

Senior Sales Rep, Mid-Market

"Regie is a gamer changer!!"
Regie solves the problem of connecting your company's messaging with what matters to the prospective customer. This has made me much more productive.

Kaimarr P.

Rep, Mid-Market

"Streamlining Workflows with Regie.ai - A Game Changer"
The AI-powered platform is a game changer when it comes to streamlining workflows and boosting productivity. What immediately caught my attention was Regie.ai's intuitive interface. Navigating through the platform and setting up tasks was a breeze, even for team members who aren't tech-savvy. The automation capabilities are remarkable – repetitive tasks that used to eat up valuable time are now handled seamlessly by the AI, allowing us to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of our projects.

Arnaud L.

Business Development Lead, Mid-Market

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