Work every inbound lead using autonomous AI Sales Agents

Unlock the value of your inbound leads with contextual follow-ups while autonomously engaging others at the account.

Autonomous lead response and account swarming

With an inbound Agent, you can ensure that every lead receives timely and context-specific follow-ups across all channels. The Agent can also identify and engage other relevant contacts within each lead’s company, multi-threading the account with complementary experiences.

Context-specific messaging

Stop sacrificing quality for speed in your follow-ups.

Your inbound Agent intelligently maps your company’s messaging to key data about each lead — such as the channel and campaign they came inbound on — crafting personalized messages that enhance the buyer experience.

Adaptive touch patterns

Reps traditionally cherry-pick high-intent leads, while lower-intent inbounds get under-worked.

Your inbound Agent ensures timely lead response, warming them up with on-brand follow-ups. Then, it escalates the highest-intent leads to sales, streamlining their workflow and maximizing lead potential.

Frequently asked questions

Still have questions? We’ve got answers. Here are some of the most common questions we get about how to use AI Agents to optimize inbound prospecting.

How does the inbound Agent prioritize leads and follow-up tasks?

The inbound Agent uses advanced AI to continually assess each lead’s engagement and intent levels. Based on this analysis, it determines the next best action to deliver, and whether or not to automate that, or loop the rep in for follow-up.

What kind of data sources does the inbound Agent require?

The inbound Agent leverages a proprietary blend of data providers to continuously map the inbound lead’s account to new leads within the specified ideal customer profile (ICP). It enriches CRM data and autonomously engages with these prospects, enhancing the quality and relevance of interactions.

Do I need a certain amount of lead volume for an Agent?

The inbound Agent is best-suited for organizations with substantial monthly lead flow. For those with fewer inbound leads, the Agent can compensate by identifying and engaging additional ICP stakeholders within the lead’s organization.

How does an inbound Agent differ from a traditional email marketing or sales engagement tool?

Inbound Agents offer a comprehensive omnichannel approach, engaging leads across not just email but the call and social channels as well. This significantly enhances lead response effectiveness. Additionally, inbound Agents continuously source and identify new leads within accounts that have shown inbound interest, improving your market reach. Finally, they use intent data to prioritize the next best action, rather than simply executing a template-based set of follow-up steps.

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Erin Terry
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