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Explore our set of guidebooks to learn how to define your audience, build great sequences, and optimize your campaigns.

15 High Converting Cold Email Templates

We broke out the AI to create the perfect cold email for every prospect on your list.
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The Sales Email Benchmarks Report

We analyzed 134,467 sales emails for up-to-date performance benchmarks and key insights to help you craft engaging emails.
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The Ultimate Guide to Determining Your Ideal Customer Profile

This guide outlines the many aspects to consider when defining your audience and the best tactics to implement in your campaign. Recognizing and defining your ideal customer will lead you to effective channels, compelling messaging, and if all goes as planned, new revenue.
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The Secret to Building Persona-Based Sequences

Inundated inboxes, busy schedules, buyers who are more distracted than ever. Sales teams are facing different challenges, but that's not to say they can't be overcome. Dive into the secret to building persona-based sequences, with examples to help you take your sales campaigns further and book more meetings.
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Solving the Outbound Challenge

The truth is, prospecting is harder than ever before. Regardless of the increase in obstacles, you’re still expected to hit your quota every month, every quarter. Download this guidebook to tackle these obstacles, find your edge, minimize limitations and scale.
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Maximize the Stacking Effect

Despite the advantages of modern sales technology, engaging with prospects has only become more difficult. It might be easier to send 100 emails but it’s much harder to capture any single person’s attention. On average, it requires 12-15 touches to get a response from your outbound campaign - and that’s if you’re properly utilizing the stacking effect.
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5-Step Formula for Sales Sequence Optimization

Learn how quickly to test, iterate, and optimize your sequences for better performance.
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3 Ways to Craft a Sequence that Converts

Crafting sequences is research heavy and time consuming. No one wants to waste time on fruitless effort with 0 results. Download the guidebook to get the ins and outs of crafting sequences that convert.
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