Scale outbound, not headcount

Let AI automate prospecting to give your reps back more time in their day.

AI Agents use cases

Auto-Pilot Agents are like virtual SDRs who work around the clock. Without adding more headcount or outsourcing to a 3rd party, you can engage untapped segments of your market and book meetings 100% autonomously, using an Agent.

See below for top customer use cases.

Cold Outbound
Identifying cold ICP prospects and engaging them with emails, calls and social touches
LinkedIn Engagement
Creating LinkedIn connection and InMail messages for target buyers
ABM Multi-threading
Discovering new prospects within key accounts to assist with multi-threading
Inbound Lead Response
Setting the engagement and qualification rules to automate timely lead follow-up
Outbound on Inbound
Keeping prospects warm who have come through a lower intent content channel
Customer expansion
Converting free and large customers to cross-sell and upsell opportunities

AI Agent pricing

Designed for teams looking to scale outbound activity, our Agents handle all of the repetitive parts of your prospecting workflow for a use case, from lead list building, to content generation, to task execution.

Our AI Agents are $50k per use case, no matter your sales team size.

Audience discovery

  • Contact and account sourcing with CRM sync
  • Contact enrichment
  • AI Agents take newly discovered audiences and prospect them

Content generation

  • Enterprise Content Management System to store personas and content
  • Message insights
  • Automated personalized message generation and email execution

Task execution

  • Dynamic sequencing capabilities
  • Power Dialer with personalized call scripts
  • Task prioritization powered by intent data
  • LinkedIn messaging automation

Enterprise grade product

  • Access to integrations (CRM, sales engagement, intent data, and more)
  • Custom AI models
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Compliance ready product (SOC 2, GDPR, Single Sign-On SSO)
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager, Quarterly Business Reports and more
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does integrate with existing sales processes? offers seasmless integration with key sales and marketing platforms like Salesforce and, along with various data warehouses. It utilizes multiple intent data providers to equip sales agents with comprehensive insights. More than just connecting different systems, synthesizes and streamlines these connections, enhancing overall sales process efficiency and cohesiveness.

Who can benefit from using Auto-Pilot Agents?

Sales teams seeking to move away from outdated and ineffective tactics, such as repetitive sequences and mass emails, can greatly benefit from Auto-Pilot Agents.Auto-Pilot is an ideal solution for teams aiming to simplify their tech stack while enhancing efficiency, getting more at bats for sales reps, and covering more of their target market with outreach. It is also great for scaling sales capacity beyond the headcount teams have today.

What makes Auto-Pilot different from traditional sales prospecting tools?

Auto-Pilot by revolutionizes sales prospecting with its dynamic, Al-driven approach. Traditional tools use static email sequences without intent data. Auto-Pilot prioritizes leads to reach out to based on intent signals, and modifies both the cadence and content to fit the intent, leading to more personalized and effective engagement.

How does ensure brand consistency in sales outreach?'s Brand Kit ensures brand consistency in sales outreach by adapting to your company's messaging style and persona. This feature, along with customizable prompts, allows for communication that aligns with your brand's voice and values, enabling precise tailoring to meet specific branding needs.

Is the pricing based on the number of users?

Our pricing model is designed to maximize efficiency and value, focusing on reducing the need for multiple user seats. Instead of a per-user basis, we base our pricing on the specific use-case of each Agent.

How has impacted existing clients?

Discover the real-world impact of on our clients by visiting our Customer Stories page. It features a collection of testimonials and detailed accounts from businesses that have seen enhanced sales processes and improved efficiency with our platform.

Who can I contact for more pricing information?

Select the 'Contact Sales' button above to receive more information around pricing for your specific business needs.

Looking to be more hands on?

Auto-Pilot Agents are designed to do all the heavy lifting for you to streamline and scale your end-to-end prospecting motion autonomously.

If you are simply looking for help personalizing rep emails, our Co-Pilot product may be a better fit.


3x3 personalizer

For account based sales, the best reps try to find three relevant pieces of information on a buyer in under three minutes to craft a highly personalized piece of outreach. With relevant data points at your fingertips, our Generative AI system can produce sales-ready email and LinkedIn messages in a minute or less.


Rapid Writer

Rapid Writer can personalize messages based on your unique value proposition and the prospect's persona, in mere seconds. This workflow is designed for commercial prospecting, where you want to balance personalization speed with quality.


The Bolt

With The Bolt, your sales team can have a sales-ready message generated with just ONE click. This is best for highly transactional, SMB sales where volume is important.

Put your prospecting on Auto-Pilot

Use GenAI and automation to make prospecting easier for businesses and better for buyers.