Our values

Right from the beginning we wanted to create an intentional culture of who we are and how we work. These values were created as a guide to help us be a team. Every week we go around the team to share stories of how we reinforced these values in our daily work lives.
  • Be productive, not busy
    Work is infinite, time is finite! For the time we spend working today, how do we make the most impact?
  • Make a way
    If there’s a problem, create the solution!
  • Promote diversity, equity, & inclusion
    We are deeply committed to creating a thriving inclusive workplace.
  • We got your back
    We are all here to support each other!
  • Relationships matter
    We choose to care about our team, customers, partners, investors, advisors and our communities.
  • Know where we stand
    Open, honest feedback with clear visibility to the metrics. If we do not know where we stand, we have no chance of finding our way.
  • Solve for the customer
    Know their goals, aspirations, and how we can help them achieve more.
  • Playful Enthusiasm
    Everyone is here to have fun, no excuses. If you think the fun is missing, be the first to add it in!