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Let regie write your sales sequences

Regie is an AI copywriter that leverages best practices and performant data to write engaging, multi-touch sales sequences in minutes.

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How it works

Generate high-converting sales sequences in no time

Step 1

Choose Your workflow

Regie’s workflows are built on best practices and include content and touch patterns for inbound lead response, outbound prospecting, mid-funnel follow up campaigns, and more.
Step 2

Customize every touch point

No more blanket messaging across personas with regie. Customize sales campaigns by persona, paint point, and value proposition then let regie fine-tune your messaging to deliver personalized touch points at scale.
Step 3

1-click upload

Regie directly integrates with top sales engagement platforms including, SalesLoft, and Hubspot. Regie also provides an export function to easily upload campaigns to any platform.

7X increase in reply rates

"I was delighted how words were framed and how regie was cognizant of the context of how to frame messaging. What I like most about regie is the messaging is constantly up dated all the time. I feel like I have a team that’s always working on copy."
Abu Batasi
Director, Sales & Partnerships
3AG Systems
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Whether it’s your sales or HR team, regie can help you generate more relevant content. Get in touch with us today to experience the power of regie’s AI content platform.​
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