Supercharge your sales prospecting

Write personalized emails in seconds and persona-based sequences in minutes using is the only Generative AI Platform for enterprise sales teams

Whether it's in your inbox or sales engagement platform, will save sales reps time and boost productivity where they work.

Sequence Builder

Generate sales sequences in minutes uses AI and industry best practices to write engaging, multi-touch sales sequences in minutes. Our built-in content management system aligns the voice of your business with your go-to-market execution.

Chrome Extension

Personalize cold emails using prospect research

Let our AI research contacts and write personalized emails in seconds, delighting your prospects on a human level. Use our powerful Chrome extension in your sales engagement platform, inbox, LinkedIn, or CRM.

Rapid Writer

Manual email steps done in seconds Rapid Writer is a new way to personalize emails automatically for any manual email step in your multi-touch sequence. Be more effective prospecting while spending less time on manual email tasks.

Dashboards & Insights

Optimize your personalized emails with coaching

Understand the projected performance of personalized emails for your team, and use the top recommendations surfaced to drive improvement.

Dozens of campaign templates optimized for engagement

No need to worry about which touch patterns to use and when to use them. Simply choose a workflow built on best practices.

Outbound Sales Sequence Touch Patterns
Inbound Sales Sequence Touch Patterns
Follow-up Sales Sequence Touch Patterns
Event-Based Sales Sequence Touch Patterns
Customer Success Email Campaign Touch Patterns
Outbound Trigger-Based Sales Sequence Touch Patterns
Integrations where you work

​​Use inside your favorite sales engagement platform, or email service provider, to leverage the power of Generative AI where you’re already working.

Full API integration. Regie can write sequences, one-off emails, and analyze content.


Full API integration. Regie can write cadences, one-off emails, and analyze content.


Full API integration. Regie can write workflows, sequences, emails, and analyze content.


Regie can write sequences and one-off emails in Apollo.

Zoominfo Engage

Regie can write sales flows and one-off emails.


Power your front line with to write single emails, edit copy, and analyze content.


Write emails, edit copy, and analyze content using


Full API integration. can write playbooks, one-off emails, and analyze content.

Don't take our word for it

"Regie is helpful for anyone trying to scale sales development. With new reps, there’s no guarantee who’s going to be successful. Regie provides a good baseline and sets us up for consistent results. That alone is a win."

Will Reyes

SDR Manager

"At MediaRadar we value onboarding and understand the importance of the process. it was great to be on the other side as a customer and to find a team that is equally as thorough and dedicated to customer success."

Edwin Santiago

VP Biz Development & Demand Gen

"[] makes creating sequences a breeze. I no longer have to spend hours dedicated to creating one sequence. I can have one done within 15 minutes."

Brenda Trevino

Business Development Rep

"I really like the fact that I can just put something down ... and will give me endless alternate ways of getting my message across. The fact that it knows to give me analysis on the tonality, length, and strength of an email is a SWEET add-on as well."

Etay Haramaty

Sales Team Lead

Prospecting isn't easy makes it easier. Optimize front-line productivity in a way that's never been possible, using the power of AI.