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Our AI Sales Assistant improves rep prospecting productivity by 10x

What is an AI Co-Pilot?

Exploring AI tools for sales? Our Co-Pilot product is designed for sales reps who need help personalizing messaging for high value prospects.

Prospect research takes the time and guesswork out of researching contacts to formulate personalized messages, allowing your reps to focus on more important tasks. Use our powerful Chrome extension in your sales engagement platform, inbox, LinkedIn, or CRM to research buyers instantly.

Generative AI powered messaging uses Generative AI and industry best practices to write multi-touch sales sequences in minutes and personalized messages in seconds. Our built-in content management system aligns the voice of your business with your go-to-market execution, crafting high-performing content in moments.

Purpose built AI for sales

Unlike ChatGPT which needs repetitive prompting, is purpose-built for the sales workflow. Build your custom language model using your pre-configured message prompts and brand voice, creating sales-ready message outputs every time.

Real time analytics

Understand the projected performance of personalized emails for your team, and use the top recommendations surfaced to drive individual rep and team level improvements.

Personalization meets scale with offers the best AI tools for sales prospecting. Below are three ways our Co-Pilot product can personalize your sales emails in record time.

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3x3 personalizer

For account based sales, the best reps try to find three relevant pieces of information on a buyer in under three minutes to craft a highly personalized piece of outreach. With relevant data points at your fingertips, our Generative AI system can produce sales-ready email and LinkedIn messages in a minute or less.


Rapid Writer

Rapid Writer can personalize messages based on your unique value proposition and the prospect's persona, in mere seconds. This workflow is designed for commercial prospecting, where you want to balance personalization speed with quality.


The Bolt

With The Bolt, your sales team can have a sales-ready message generated with just ONE click. This is best for highly transactional, SMB sales where volume is important.

Sales teams love

Searching for AI tools for sales teams? See how saves our customers time, boosts campaign engagement and improves buyer sentiment.

"We had a goal of 35 personalized emails per day. That's super easy for my team now. Some are even sending up to 50 in an hour... Our outbound meetings booked from January to now have doubled."

Grace Feeney
Grace Feeney
Global Manager Sales Development

"By introducing Regie, we were able to significantly reduce the amount of time that teams are spending [on prospecting] and reapply it toward being able to reach out to that many more people per day."

Max MacCready
Max MacCready
Director of Sales

"It takes a lot of time out of the SDR's day just to personalize one email. So having customized messaging available that they can just quickly rephrase themselves helps in their day-to-day tasks, and then they can touch more individuals with their outreach efforts each day."

Erin Terry
Erin Terry
Sales Enablement Specialist

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