AI Sales Tools: 11 Amazing Tools To Help You Reach Your Revenue Goals

Nina Butler
April 21, 2023
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You've likely been hearing about AI everywhere this year. But Generative AI is no longer just for tech enthusiasts and academic researchers. In 2023, it's everywhere – from incredible, large language models like GPT4 to tools like Midjourney that can create astonishing lifelike images in seconds.

It's no surprise that AI has quickly transformed the way sales teams work, too – enabling them to automate routine tasks, identify patterns in customer behavior, and make data-driven decisions with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Revenue teams that leverage AI are reaching their sales goals, building relationships with customers, and closing deals faster than ever.

But with dozens of new AI tools entering the market every week, where do you even start?

Don't worry – we've got you. 

In this article, we'll look at the latest AI sales tools and show you how they're changing the way sales teams work. From automating sales forecasting to personalizing your sales outreach, we'll help you find the AI sales tool or platform that is right for your team.

Why Use AI Sales Tools?

Closing a massive deal is a huge rush. 

Personalizing 75 outreach messages... not so much.

Driving heightened levels of personalization is just one reason GTM teams are using AI in their revenue technology stack now.

Let's face it: personalization is a grind. Most revenue teams want to use more personalized outreach as part of their prospecting strategy – after all, the average response rate from advanced personalized emails is 17% (compared to just 7% without). But it takes time to research prospects and craft the perfect email, making it a challenge for sales teams to implement at scale.

Enter AI. With AI, you can fast-track prospect research and email creation that used to take ages, unlocking true personalization at scale. 

Furthermore, with natural language processing and understanding, you can also use AI to automate routine sales tasks like collecting competitive intelligence, tracking the progress of your deals, and keeping key stakeholders updated. That means you can spend less time on mundane tasks and more time where you can make the most impact as a human: building relationships with your prospects.

AI sales tools aren't just about efficiency gains, either. AI tools make it simple to customize messages to customers based on their needs, challenges and preferences – so you can deliver a better, more personalized buying experience and close more deals.

Wondering where to begin?

Here are 11 of the best AI tools and platforms for growing revenue teams.

Table of Contents

AI Content and Engagement Platforms


AI Sales Enablement Tools





Efficiency Tools Powered by AI


Closing Thoughts

AI Content and Engagement Platforms

One of the more popular ways to use generative AI platforms is to craft targeted content at scale. Within seconds, teams can get a head start writing content that addresses specific personas or pain points specifically in the sales cycle. Here’s a few of our favorites.

What it is: A Generative AI Platform for enterprise sales teams that personalizes content using data unique to your business and your prospects

What it does: You probably knew we couldn't leave off the list. With, your sales team gets an AI content platform that helps deliver relevant and personalized sales messaging in seconds, whether it be in your sales engagement platform or inbox. enables front line teams to create custom sales sequences in minutes, and personalize one-to-one sales emails in seconds, saving time in outbound prospecting workflows.

What we love: is designed to boost your sales team's productivity and save them time. With the Chrome extension, it's easy to look up prospects right in your inbox, use those insights to craft personalized outreach, analyze your emails, and more in just a click. On top of it all, you get an enterprise-grade AI that speaks in your brand voice and creates content that's completely unique to you. With, it's easy to keep your GTM language aligned while also providing reps flexibility when personalizing.


What it is: An AI-powered conversational marketing platform

What it does: For years, Drift has been connecting businesses with buyers through chat, voice, video, and email. Today, Drift's sophisticated Conversational AI powers their platform, making it easy to engage with customers in real-time, generate more leads, and close more deals.

What we love: Drift is a game-changer for any business that wants to drive more conversions. With their conversational AI, it's easy for your marketing, sales, and customer teams to connect with customers through web conversations, enabling you to build relationships and drive more revenue. Drift makes it easy to engage with prospects and deliver personalized experiences 24/7 – even when your team is asleep.

What it is: An AI-powered virtual sales assistant

What it does: Having is like having the ultimate sales sidekick. It's a virtual assistant that uses AI and machine learning to talk to incoming leads and qualify them in real-time via email or chat. makes it easy to engage leads anytime, anywhere, on any device, so you can focus on having meaningful conversations that build relationships with prospects.

What we love: enables you to engage leads with a sophisticated AI chatbot that can answer questions, handle objections, capture CRM data, and nurture leads through the funnel until they're ready for handoff to a human sales representative. With, you can stop wasting time on repetitive tasks and chasing down unqualified leads – and start closing deals and talking to prospects who are ready to buy.

AI Sales Enablement Tools

Sales enablement can increase your win-rate on forecasted deals to 49% (nearly 7% higher than those without). If your sales enablement team is lean, here are several tools they can count on to support their Sales team as they close deals.


What it is: An AI-powered sales enablement platform

What it does: Pipeliner is a first-rate sales platform that gives sales teams all the information they need to make smart decisions and close more deals. With its Voyager Sales AI, Pipeliner is constantly sifting through customer and prospect data, providing sales teams with the data they need to make smart decisions and drive more sales.

What we love: Pipeliner's Voyager Sales AI is like having a copilot on your sales journey, helping you cut through the overwhelm and find your most promising sales opportunities. By delivering actionable intelligence, Voyager helps you make smarter decisions and move your prospects to a close with more success.


What it is: An AI-powered sales forecasting platform

What it does: If you're looking to capture every single dollar of revenue (the ideal for everyone), look at Clari. Clari automatically captures, syncs, and updates your data to keep everyone on your team on the same page, so your team can sell more easily and win more business. With Clari, it's easy for sales reps and managers to review their accounts, pinpoint opportunities, spot risks, and take action. Clari is designed to help your team take action where and when it'll make the most impact.

What we love: With Clari, you get a complete platform for revenue planning and forecasting. Clari gives your sales reps and managers a single source of truth for everything that's happening on your team. Your team can use Clari to monitor sales progress, strategize on deals, manage your pipeline, and generate revenue forecasts. It gives you a complete view of your team's performance and easy to understand analytics that make meeting or beating quota easier than it's ever been.


What it is: An AI-driven competitive intelligence platform

What it does: Klue is an amazing competitive intel platform that helps marketing teams stay ahead of the competition. Their platform helps you curate the competitive intel you need without spending endless hours searching the web. With Klue, it's easy to stay on top of your market, so you can avoid being blindsided by the competition and close more deals.

What we love: Klue is a great choice when your sales and marketing teams need to collect competitive intel. Their platform makes it easy to collect and curate intel on the competition and distribute it across multiple teams. Klue sources data from millions of sources and uses AI to bring you what's most relevant. And their scalable workflows make it easy to deliver insights to your revenue teams when they need them – and get an edge on the competition.


What it is: An AI-powered sales enablement platform

What it does: Dooly takes admin tasks off your team's plate, giving them more time to focus on what they do best: selling. It syncs notes, fields, and activities to Salesforce, recommends next steps, and adds new contacts as you type. With analytics that give you a snapshot of each opportunity's progress, Dooly makes it a breeze to move your leads to a close.

What we love: If you hate admin work – and who doesn't? – Dooly is an amazing time-saver. With Dooly, you get pre-built templates that fill out mandatory fields for your sales methodology and real-time playbooks to guide your calls, making it easy to close deals faster. And Dooly integrates with Slack, so it's easy to pull in stakeholders, get questions answered, and keep everyone updated as your deals progress.

Efficiency Tools Powered by AI

The printing press automated writing distribution, the ATM made it easier to get money out of your account. These tools should be by your side if you’re trying to turn your sales team into a lean, mean, deal-winning machine (figuratively, not literally).

What it is: An AI powered conversation intelligence tool

What it does: records, transcribes, and analyzes customer conversations to help sales and support teams level up their performance. Their AI enables sales teams to analyze calls and surface insights to coach sales reps so they can deliver better results. captures and analyzes all customer calls, meetings, and emails to help revenue teams create behavior changes that lead to more sales.

What we love: makes it simple for sales teams to capture and summarize call notes, so they can put the focus where it belongs: on really listening to customers. With, you'll get detailed insights and analytics into your customer conversations, so you can improve your sales game and drive more revenue. And since it integrates seamlessly with other tools like Salesforce and Zoom, you can start capturing what's happening on your calls effortlessly.


What it is: An AI powered sales platform for Salesforce users

What it does: Veloxy can help your sales team save time by automating tasks like logging activities in Salesforce, managing emails and calls, and inputting data and notes in Salesforce. With the power of AI and machine learning, Veloxy can help you shorten your sales cycle, speed up your sales process, and generate more revenue.

What we love: Using Veloxy is like having an always-on sales assistant by your side. Veloxy uses AI to send you email alerts, remind you of upcoming meetings, and tell you everything you need to know about your prospects and opportunities. Once integrated with your email, it can also automate sales analytics and help you make data-driven sales decisions faster.

What it is: An AI-powered revenue intelligence platform

What it does: is built to help your sales teams get ahead of the game and reach their sales goals. With, all your team's activities are automatically tracked and synced back to Salesforce so your team can focus on selling. makes it easy for everyone on your team to know which leads to pursue and how to engage them – while cutting out the manual data entry.

What we love: is all about building strong relationships and uses AI and machine learning to help you better understand which buyers to engage with as well as when and how to engage them. With's coaching feature, you can unlock your team's potential by monitoring performance, flagging risks, and focusing your coaching efforts where they'll make the biggest impact. is built to give you complete visibility into what's working, what's not, and how you can improve.

What it is: An AI tool for automating repetitive tasks

What it does: is an incredible tool for anyone who wants to save time and get more stuff done. With, you can set up browser bots to automate repetitive tasks on any website and finally scratch mind-numbingly boring work off your to-do list. gives you visual web scraping, data entry, spreadsheet automation – and you can connect to Zapier, Integromat, or Webhooks to build more complex automations, too.

What we love: is a superb choice for knocking out repetitive tasks that drain away time so you can become a selling machine. With its no-code bot builder, you can easily create custom bots or templates to automate actions like clicking and typing on any website. And it's incredibly versatile, so you can set it up to run manually, on a schedule, or trigger it via external events with its Zapier integration. Our favorite part? Its simple UX makes it easy for anyone to use.

Closing Thoughts

Sales teams are always looking for ways to work faster, smarter, and get more done. And AI-powered sales tools like Clari, Pipeliner, Klue, and – of course – are making it easier than ever.

AI can help your team get low-level tasks off their plate, make smarter decisions about where to focus, and create relevant, timely content to build better customer relationships. Teams that take advantage of AI now are getting superpowers that will make their success skyrocket. And those that aren’t are getting left behind.

With so many ways Generative AI can help you and your team to increase sales efficiency and productivity, earn greater results, and stretch your skills, it can be hard to know where to start. wrote the Definitive Guide to Generative AI for B2B Sales to show you everything you need to know to get started.
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