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October 31, 2022
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How do sellers use What about marketing? How about Customer Success? If you want a more detailed picture of how people like you actually use the platform, keep reading.

You'll get to know better with answers directly from members of the team. It's how uses!

Who uses Copywriters.
Riley is a Copywriter at with a love for content and a new found appreciation for the power of AI. Here's how she uses the platform.

My go-to tools or features are:

The Blog Writer

The Blog Writer allows me to finish a blog I can be proud of in a single workday. Before Regie, I was writing two blogs a week. Now I can write as many blogs as I want. I use the Blog Writer workflow to skip the "first draft" process and get straight into editing.

It's also changed my research process. Now it's easier to research along the way instead of spending an entire day or two researching before I'm able to begin writing.

The Rephraser

Anyone who writes knows the feeling of searching for the perfect words. When you find them, you know. And when they're evading you, you know too. The Rephraser makes me feel like I'm guaranteed to find those perfect words; all I have to do is highlight and click.

The "Start From Scratch" doc

I'm obsessed with getting my thoughts out of my head before I begin any project and the Start From Scratch doc lets me do that. I can't tell you how many random documents I have stored in filled with random thoughts, notes and plans for content.

Plus, all of's highlight tools are available in the doc which makes it different than a Google doc (what I used to use) because I can use AI to fine-tune my notes. Once I started using those tools on my chicken scratch, turning my ideas into actual content became easier.

The AI Image generator

The AI Image generator has saved me so much time! I no longer have to bother the design team to create thumbnails for my blogs or headers for my marketing emails; it feels amazing!

Immediately after finishing a blog, I spend a few minutes generating an image that's beautiful, creative and exactly what I need to get the blog ready for publication.

Honestly, I have so much fun doing it too.

Can you summarize your relationship with the platform?

For me, the platform feels like a trusty sidekick. More than the time savings it provides me, knowing I have tools like the Blog Writer or Rephraser makes it easier to start and finish a project.

I experience fewer mental blocks because I know I don't have to come up with every single word in the blog, guidebook, email etc. that I'm writing, and for a copywriter, that's priceless.

On second thought, maybe I'm more of the sidekick. is the writer and I'm the editor!

How have your workflows changed since you started using the platform?

Since I started using, I can take on more without completely wearing myself out. My normal weekly cadence is writing a few blogs, multiple marketing emails, a guidebook here and there, and a handful of social posts.

Before, that was about all I could do by the time the week ended. Now I can take on one-off requests from my team without cutting into my normal routine because I'm finishing projects quicker.

On top of that, the extra time has allowed me to be more creative as a copywriter/content specialist. I'm able to think of ideas for completely new projects and see them through, which hasn't only made me a better team member- it's also made me happier.

Do you have any tips for someone in your role who is just starting to use

If you're a copywriter who is just starting to use, my first piece of advice would be to explore the platform. Don't feel like you can mess anything up, I promise it won't break!

Get in there and click around. From my team I've learned that how I use Regie is unique to me, which was surprising to all of us! We found out that we're all using the platform differently and I think that's because we haven't been rigid about the purpose of each of the tools.

I spent time on my own getting familiar with how each feature works and found applications that made sense for the way I already think and create.

Copywriters are usually pretty serious about their tools and processes. If I had to start working completely differently to use, I wouldn't have adopted it to the level that I have.

Which brings me to my second piece of advice- don't think of as a threat to the things you already like about your current workflows. If you do, you'll never discover how it can supplement your process.

Instead, I recommend thinking of it as an addition to what you're already doing. That's how you'll truly get the most out of everything the platform offers.

What does a normal day with look like for you?

A normal day with begins with the Start from Scratch doc. First I like to write what I need to do for the day and week. I usually share this doc with my other marketing team members so they can see what I'm up to and leave comments if necessary.

It's shaped up to be a great way to stay connected.

Once I do that, I'll start brainstorming around the themes of my weekly content (and yes, I use the Rephraser to make sense of my ideas). Then I'll either begin writing right there in the doc, or head over to the Blog Writer or Social Posts generator depending on the content that I need.

I'll spend some time in either feature until I have a finished product that's ready to post. If it's a blog I'm writing, I also generate a thumbnail image via the AI Image generator.

Outside of the platform, I'm using the Chrome Extension to improve my emails. Usually, this means I write a first draft of what I want to say, then I'll manipulate the text with the Rephraser, Shortener and Expander until I have an email I love.

When I'm feeling low on creative juices, I'll use the Campaign Builder to create a starting point/first draft for my emails.

For anything I want to do that's content related, I have a tool that supports me because the platform will always stop that ever-daunting feeling of writer's block.

It's amazing.

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