Top 12 Unexpected Marketing Use Cases for

Riley Clark
May 25, 2023
 min read is known for its ability to provide personalized content at scale for sales teams. However, the platform offers a wide range of applications that can also benefit marketing teams at enterprise organizations in various ways.

In this blog post, we will explore some non-traditional use cases where marketing teams can leverage to jump-start their content creation engine.

A Platform for Every GTM Team Member

While many marketing teams already use for workflow support such as nurture campaign creation and drafting social media posts, let's delve into some lesser-known ways marketing teams are finding pockets of value within, broken down by these four functional areas:

-Product Marketing

-Demand Generation

-Field Marketing

-Account-Based Marketing

Let's dive in! for Product Marketing

Successful product marketing requires a variety of strategies and skills. From educating customers on the value of your service or solution, to developing comprehensive product launches, to crafting persuasive messaging - product marketing is vital for moving your business forward. To make sure product marketers don't miss a beat, provides an array of innovative apps that allow them to work faster without losing out on the quality of work or continuity in brand voice they need from their content.

Website SEO:

Enhancing web page copy for SEO purposes has never been easier for product marketers, thanks to the Rephrase tool. This powerful feature enables you to effortlessly maintain consistency and brand alignment by skillfully reworking phrases while preserving their original meaning. Whether you're aiming to convey the same idea across multiple sections of your website or optimize your content for search engines using keywords, the Rephrase tool ensures your message remains on-point, regardless of how frequently it appears throughout your site. With, streamlining your SEO efforts and delivering a cohesive brand experience has never been more seamless.

Repurposing and Revitalizing Content:

Moreover, the Rephrase tool proves invaluable for content revitalization. If your product content is starting to feel stale, the Rephrase tool can infuse new life into your old blog posts or product marketing content. Simply transfer your existing content into a start-from-scratch document, and let the Rephrase tool generate fresh variations that breathe new life into your content. Discover the power can have in rejuvenating your marketing collateral and captivating your audience anew.

From Wordy to Impactful:

From crafting taglines to constructing product-related messages, it can be a challenge to come up with dozens of versions of something punchy to get internal feedback on. Product marketers using have found that the Shorten tool is invaluable in helping create catchy slogans and succinct headlines. What's great about this handy resource is that it not only compacts your content for brevity but also ensures the original message remains intact. So whether you're promoting a product or catching a buyer's attention, taking advantage of the Shorten tool will quickly produce top-notch copy with one simple highlight and click.

Press Release Refinement:

Press releases can be the Achilles heel of product launches if not well-crafted and concise. Often marketing teams have to move quickly to meet a launch target and can easily end up with a document that's verbose and a burden to edit. This is another use case where the Shorten tool from shines - it's perfect for press release refinement. The shortener tool allows marketers to tighten specific parts of their press release to ensure their feature story is as impactful as the product itself. for Demand Generation

Demand Generation is a fundamental element of an effective marketing strategy. If done well, it boosts awareness, builds bridges to prospects, and drives top-of-funnel conversions; the perfect way to reach ambitious revenue objectives. To really make the most of it, incorporating AI into your Demand Gen plan can help you target relevant users, engage them in meaningful conversations and fuel lasting growth. is here to make that happen in half the time.

Landing Page Copy Extraordinaire:

Landing page copy is a crucial aspect of demand generation that often poses challenges for marketers. Dealing with writer's block, tight deadlines, and SEO requirements can be overwhelming. Fortunately, teaming up with AI changes that. By leveraging the "describe what you want to write" feature, marketers can harness the power of AI to generate compelling landing page copy. This tool utilizes in-app machine learning and natural language processing to craft engaging content that meets all necessary specifications, offering a more efficient and effective approach to copy creation.

Ad Copy Optimization:

When it comes to crafting high-converting ad copy, you want to be sure that all the hard work and dedication put in will pay off. But even after long nights of creative ideation and multiple rounds of edits, how can you know if your ad content is reaching its fullest potential? offers the perfect solution by rephrasing ad copy for more effective A/B testing results so you can find out which versions truly strike a chord with your intended viewers. Marketers agree - nothing reframes content without losing the original message better than the Rephrase tool.

Social Campaign Amplification:

When internal teams join forces to promote their company on social media, the effectiveness of that outreach increases exponentially. Yet, it can be a challenge to ensure that all departments are sending out unified messages. To simplify this process, marketers can use the Social Post Creator to develop multiple social post versions instantly. With just a few clicks, they can create multiple versions of copy — empowering the whole team to spread the word about upcoming campaigns with brand-approved language, and giving them variety so they can choose the version that'll resonate best on their personal channels.

Image Generation On The Fly:

The importance of visuals for reinforcing your brand ID is no secret. Still, it can be challenging to get the right balance of content output and quality of design in a timely manner. That's why has created an image-generation tool that lets you create copyright-free imagery for blogs, social posts or website pages. This tool is a game-changer for marketing teams, especially those with limited design resources. Enhance your visual content without worrying about legal restrictions, bottlenecks between departments or investing in a one-off design tool.

SEO-Friendly Website Refresh:

Creating and maintaining a website for your business is no easy feat. It takes continual effort to keep it up-to-date and relevant and requires expertise to ensure its components are optimized for search engine success. Fortunately, the start-from-scratch document feature makes adjusting website content easier than ever before. Whether you need to lengthen or shorten page titles and metadata descriptions to optimize search results, or simply need help with writer's block, start-from-scratch makes it easy to manage and adjust your content instantly. for Field Marketing

Through localized outreach and face-to-face meetings, field marketing can effectively enhance a company's presence in particular regions. This strategy encourages the development of strong customer ties while fostering better comprehension of local cultures. Ultimately, these efforts help spur further business expansion. Ready to explore how?

Event Abstracts and Takeaways:

Marketers striving to create enticing event abstracts and takeaways face a daunting task: summarizing all the critical details in just a few lines, hinting at what attendees can expect without giving away too much, crafting the copy for their target demographic, and differentiating themselves from competing events. To accomplish this feat demands savvy organizational skills plus narrative prowess. But harnessing AI tools such as the Start-From-Scratch feature helps ease this burden by helping marketers generate compelling summaries quickly and efficiently.

Content Translation:

Many marketing teams operate in multiple regions or countries, which can create challenges around translation. has built-in content translation for 32 languages to make it easy to adapt and localize your content. There is no need for an expensive localization team – our AI handles the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

Account-Based Marketing

Marketers encounter challenges scaling account-based marketing, from developing personalizing content experiences to aligning sales and marketing on a coordinated execution. Fortunately, is here to help.

Keyword-specific sequences:

If you utilize an ABM platform like 6sense to monitor non-branded keywords so you can reference them in relevant outreach, you can leverage to build keyword-specific sequences that span multiple channels and are easily shareable across departments. Marketers using know that they can empower their sales team to engage with target accounts when they receive alerts related to those keywords and arm them with contextual messaging to make a great first impression. - Not Just for Sales is not just a platform for sales teams; it has a plethora of features that cater to marketing teams' needs as well. By exploring these non-traditional use cases, marketing teams can harness the power of to streamline their content creation processes, enhance campaign performance, and drive meaningful results.

Start exploring the untapped potential of for marketing teams today.

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