Role Models: August 2023

Riley Clark
September 6, 2023
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This month, we're thrilled to launch "Regie Role Models," a program dedicated to celebrating exemplary users for leveraging the platform in an enviable way.

Our inaugural Role Models are Heather Green, Enablement Director, and Max MacCready, Director of Sales at Jellyvision.

After only 30 days, Max and Heather accomplished the seamless implementation of across their sales team, all while providing invaluable guidance and support. As a result, they've achieved an impressive 95%+ WAU throughout their sales force- a true accolade.

"Thanks to our amazing CSM, Missy Scheuller we were up and running in days, allowing us to reach more HR pros ahead of Open Enrollment season."
-Max MacCready, Director of Sales at Jellyvision

However, a Regie Role Model is more than active on the platform. Our Role Models also have a drive to discover new and creative ways to use because, above all else, they prioritize their customer relationships and experiences. They are committed to providing the best outreach available, so they enthusiastically team up with in order to utilize cutting-edge technology and stay ahead of the curve.

In true Role Model fashion, Heather and Max's partnership with Regie extends far beyond impressive adoption at Jellyvision. For one, they now adeptly craft intricate sales sequences within days, rather than weeks.

Not stopping there, the sales reps at Jellyvision have shortened their average email drafting time to under two minutes, enabling them to routinely meet the goal of sequencing 15 new prospects - per rep - daily.

"The team has leaned into the generative AI, saving time and allowing us to be more productive and thoughtful in our efforts to spread the word on how ALEX can help employees choose, use, and appreciate their benefits."
-Heather Green, Enablement Director at Jellyvision

Max and Heather's proactive approach to their team's outreach also extends to analyzing existing emails, ensuring alignment with best practices, and efficiently refreshing content when necessary.

With every stride forward, the team at has witnessed Heather and Max's unyielding dedication to their customers and the extraordinary commitment of their team. These accomplishments further underscore Heather and Max as the quintessential Role Models they are.

"Since their kickoff, Heather and Max both caught my eye by being excellent GTM strategizers and change managers. They were able to roll out to their entire team in 30 days, while encouraging and providing enablement help to them all. They now enjoy around 95%+ DAU/WAU on their team."
-Missy Schueller, Customer Success Manager at

The remarkable synergy between human expertise and the platform that Heather and Max embody perfectly reflects the partnership that aims to cultivate. With a special nod to Missy Schueller, the entire team takes immense pride in officially acknowledging Heather and Max as our pioneering Role Models.

Heather and Max, your outstanding efforts truly deserve recognition and commendation. We couldn't have asked for better Role Models to help us kick off our new program.

About Jellyvision: Jellyvision is your partner to reinvent how employees choose and use benefits. Jellyvision technology delights and guides your people to make better benefits decisions — leading them, and you, to a more prosperous future. Learn more here.

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