Role Models: December 2023

November 30, 2023
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At, we take great joy in applauding those who are utilizing our platform to its fullest potential with inspiring results. With so many amazing customers meeting the criteria, we started the Regie Role Models program, an initiative for spotlighting (and congratulating) exceptional users.

Our newest Role Model embodies the title to its fullest and today we're thrilled to officially recognize her. Joining our select Regie Role Model program is the outstanding Grace Feeney, Global Manager of Sales Development at Smartling.

Why do we consider Grace a Role Model? The trademark of any Regie Role Model hinges on a high standard for the experiences of their customers and a knack for partnering with to deliver it.

In Grace's case, her Role Model qualities were evident from the start.

Bringing a profound understanding of outreach strategies and an acumen for enablement to the onboarding process, Grace led her to team an enviably swift adoption of at Smartling. In a remarkable show of leadership, Grace rolled out to her team impeccably.

"Since their kickoff, Grace has proven that she knows how to execute a near-perfect enablement and onboarding of to her team."
Missy Scheuller, Customer Success Manager at

Her managerial insight was key to this quick integration, and the results speak for themselves; her team's personalization rates are among the highest we've witnessed at

In less than a year, the team experienced a remarkable 2x increase in their outbound meetings, a result that speaks volumes about their improved engagement capabilities due to How did Grace and make it possible? Faster email production doubled the number of prospects the Smartling team adds to sequence, and an increase in personalization means more of those messages are resonating.

"Not only did Grace accomplish the rollout quickly, but her team has accomplished some of the best personalization usage across all clients since they onboarded."
Missy Scheuller

The early success of at Smartling isn't a fluke. Grace knows how to coach her team toward better sales outreach practices and is committed to continuous improvement. Each week she and CSM Missy Schueller pour over the Manager Dashboard together, analyzing the Smartling team's performance - an initiative that helps drive usage and reveals coaching opportunities at the team and rep level.

Under Grace's guidance, the Smartling team consistently uses and benefits from an array of platform features, including the Manager Dashboard and Personalizer, and can easily leverage their Rapid Writer personalization strategy wherever they're working using the Chrome extension.

Grace, your exceptional leadership and dedication to the Smartling experience haven't gone unnoticed. You fit the title of Role Model perfectly, and the whole team at is proud to recognize you.

About Smartling: Smartling is a translation technology and services company. Smartling's LanguageAI Platform is how many of the world's largest and most trusted brands translate and localize their website content, software, apps and documents. The company has been recognized by CSA Research as the No.1 language-oriented TMS and as the leading translation management system according to G2 user reviews. Learn more here.

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