Sales Engagement Platforms – Who Writes your Emails?

August 8, 2021
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As a sales manager, you have a lot going on. Juggling current customers, trying to pitch to attract new customers, and also manage your current staff. When you have a million things going on all at once, it is time to consider outsourcing some tasks on your to-do list.

While you can’t outsource all aspects of your business such as managing your current staff, and you know that every customer requires some personal attention, you can indeed hire someone else to write your sales pitches. Let an expert help you attract new customers and gain new business. If the prospective client does not bite and you lose out on a sale, you will not have lost any time on the endeavor, as your own personal software team will have done the hard work.

Prospective Emails

Writing prospecting emails is extremely challenging and can be a burden both to your marketing and sales teams for various reasons. However, it is also one of the most important things you can do for you business, as it is the easiest way to solicit new customers and to grow your company.

Here are some hurdles you might find you run into when soliciting new business:

  • Takes up resources — if you or your staff are soliciting new business you are not working on your current business
  • Involves a lot of research — it can be time-consuming to research each new client and personalize a business pitch
  • Tailor your marketing approach — your marketing team can focus on keeping your website fresh and on things like social media campaigns — don’t tie up their time with individualized sales pitches
  • Mental letdown — it can drag down you and the team when a prospective client turns down a sales pitch, but if software is handling all of your prospective emails, you will not feel such an emotional let down since you did not spend hours of hard work and research

Prospective emails can be a key component in attracting new customers and growing new business. That does not mean you need to tie up resources from your marketing and sales team. This is definitely an area that you can outsource and let technology help you generate new sales leads.

Who should Write your Prospecting Emails?

Prospective new clients want to feel like you researched them and did not approach them with the same canned email you sent to other new clients on your list. Ideally, you want someone to write this email pitches who has a lot of experience and previous success reaching out to your target audience.

You can either hire a team focused just on writing prospecting emails, or you can put that team to better use working with your existing clients.

The other option instead of hiring people to focus on new clients is to use an automated tool like regie that can write and optimize the emails you’re sending out through your sales prospecting platform. Let automated software ascertain who the best prospective clients are, how to approach them, and when to approach them.

In a lot of ways, this software can be more efficient than having a person do it who has to do layers of in-depth research.

How Can Regie Help? address many pain points for our customers. Are you new to sales engagement or content writing? Spending hours scrutinizing over what to say to entice your audience? Are you a seasoned content writer, but crunched for time and need to test your buyer persona as quickly as possible? Have you been using your Sales Engagement platform, but not getting the results you expect?

If any of these scenario sound familiar, was designed for you.

Regie is the nickname we gave to our “recommendation engine”. Regie provides the structure and content to fuel performant campaigns on Sales Engagement Platforms in less than 5 minutes.

It is based on millions of emails paired with prospect responses that are analyzed, codified, and refined to recommend the right messaging best fit to attract attention from your ideal customer profile.

With a few simple steps to identify the buyers you’re targeting, Regie will automatically create custom prospecting email campaigns with the tone and messaging that has proven most effective with your prospect’s persona.

Think of how easy your email campaigns can be when you outsource it to technology that can handle every aspect from email creation, to scheduling when to email, to helping you seal the deal and reign in prospective new clients.

Watch a Regie Demo Today

The concept of Regie might be new to you, and we will happily demo Regie at any time. Get a first hand look at all the ways regie can help your sales team grow your business and attract new customers. In no time at all you will wonder how you survived without Regie!

A demo will show you:

  • How regie uses performance content to develop your prospective emails
  • regie will use custom personas with each of your prospective clients making them feel like your team spent a lot of time and effort getting to know them individually
  • The ways in which regie uses proven workflows to set more meetings with your prospects

Anytime you are thinking of using a new program or new software, you should have the opportunity to see it in action before you commit to purchasing it and spending any of your hard-earned money. If you are not satisfied with Regie after the demo period, there are no commitments and you can walk away at any time.

For more information about what Regie is and how our team can help you, reach out and contact us today. Our team is standing by and can walk you through everything Regie can do for you!

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