The Best Way To Personalize Cold Emails In 2023

October 3, 2022
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A personalized sales email is an email that’s relevant to your prospect across the board. First and foremost, a personalized email is relevant to who your prospect is as a person. Whether your email takes into account their title and subsequent responsibilities, their interests or their personality, a personalized email accomplishes the task of indicating that you’ve done your research as a seller. 

Secondly, personalization means that you’ve tailored a value proposition or pain point to your prospect and their needs. Gone are the days of selling with the same value prop or pain point to every potential lead. To win a deal, sellers are tasked with presenting their value in a highly-relevant and highly-tailored form.

Lastly, a personalized email is relevant because it doesn’t feel like the typical sales email. What incentivizes a buyer to open an email designed to sell to almost anyone? Not much. The standard for sales emails is rising higher, and that means it’s on the SDR or AE to cut through the noise and speak directly to prospects with language that’s human, friendly or casual. Anything but salesy.

Very different than casting a wide net, personalized emails are highly-relevant attention grabbers that support important one-on-one connection building.

In this blog we’ll cover a new strategy for writing relevant sales emails; one we like to call personalization by correlation. Keep reading to learn about personalization by correlation and how to use it. We also provide examples of the process you for you to use in your own emails.

What is personalization by correlation?

Don’t get thrown off by the name- the strategy is pretty simple. It’s based around the premise that finding a similarity between yourself and your prospect can help you get your foot in the door.

Whether that similarity lies in your interests, your work or overlap between your product and an aspect of your prospect’s life, personalization by correlation gives you a framework to get started. 

Because once you’ve found your correlation, you’ll want to use it in the opening or introduction line of your emails to that prospect. Think of the process like this:

-Research your prospect to learn about them.

-Find a fact about them that stands out (a hobby, a recent event in their life, an opinion they shared).

-Identify how that fact correlates with your product or service, a pain point they may be experiencing or a value prop they might benefit from.

-Write your intro to them using your correlation in the first line of the email, and potentially in the subject line as well.

Tip: Regie’s free Chrome Extension cuts down research time from 10 minutes to 10 seconds. With the extension downloaded, simply typing an email address in your email’s recipient line will prompt our AI to populate the most relevant and recent facts on your lead in seconds. Plus, buyer personality data from Humantic AI is included.

Download the extension here.

A few correlations, on us.

At Regie, we’ve created a feature that takes care of the correlation portion for you. Instead of spending 20 minutes brainstorming over how your product and your electric guitar-loving lead are similar, the Correlator will simply tell you. 

It’s an AI thing. Apparently robot brains can beat us humans every now and again. 

Want to see what the Correlator can do? We asked our AI to generate a few correlations to give you a taste.

But first- why use the Regie Correlator? To send emails that are:

  • Personalized to your prospect
  • Unique and attention grabbing
  • Relevant to your product's value
  • Easier to write overall

Onto the correlations. Take a look at a few random examples of correlations generated by our AI:

  • Traveling + Writing = Both traveling and writing require a certain amount of planning and preparation, as well as a willingness to go off the beaten path and explore the unknown.
  • Playing Basketball + Prospecting for Leads = To be successful in either, a lot of energy and hustle is required.
  • Gardening + Closing a Deal = Successful negotiation often requires getting down to the root of the problem - much like gardening.

Intrigued by our Correlator? Generate your own correlations today when you create your Regie account. No demo or credit card required.

How to use a correlation in your next email

We’ve provided a few correlations, now let's look at how to use them.

For each correlation included above, we've written a few lines of imaginary cold emails that the correlations can be used in. Check them out: 

  • Example 1: 

You're a self-declared world traveler (yes I'm jealous), and a copywriter by trade. I can't help but wonder if your affinity for travel translates into better writing. Both require a certain amount of planning and preparation, as well as a willingness to go off the beaten path and explore the unknown. Have you ever tried an AI copywriting tool? It definitely makes planning and exploration easier.

  • Example 2: 

According to your Facebook, you play pick-up basketball whenever you can.  And considering your title, it's likely that you also prospect for leads. To be successful in either, a lot of energy and hustle is required. I have a tool that can make prospecting require less energy though. No tips on basketball, unfortunately.

  • Example 3: 

Enjoying the pics of your garden you've been sharing. I hope this isn't a stretch, but successful negotiation often requires getting down to the root of the problem - much like gardening. I wonder how you help your sales team get down to the root of a lead's problem? If you're open to hearing more, I have a tool designed to help SDRs and AEs zero in on relevant pain points.


The applications of the Regie Correlator are endless. Try it on for size to see how it improves your own cold emailing today. No demo or credit card required.

Still hesitant about personalization by correlation? Jump over to any of these Regie blogs to check out additional personalization tips and real examples of high-peforming personalized email templates.

Take it a step further... 

So you've created a correlation. You've written a cold email based on what you created. But now you don't love how your writing sounds.

No problem. Regie's AI tools are there to support you every step of the way. When you create your own Regie account, you get instant access to our ever-popular "Rephraser" and "Shortener" tools. 

Designed to help you manipulate text until you have a sentence, paragraph or entire email you love, the Rephraser and Shortener are must-haves. Simply highlight the text you want to change and click the tool you'd like to use. 

We'll show you what we mean. Here are a few new iterations of Example 3 from above that our Shortener and Rephraser created: 

  • Rephrased: 

It's great to see the progress of your garden through the photos you've been sharing. I hope you don't mind me saying, that effective negotiation sometimes means addressing the root cause of the issue - much like in gardening. I'm curious to know how you help your sales team get to the heart of a lead's pain point. If you're interested in learning more, I have a tool that can help SDRs and AEs zero in on key issues.

  • Shortened: 

I'm glad you've been posting photos of your garden. Negotiation is a lot like gardening in that it involves digging down to the root of the problem in order to solve it. Do you help your sales team get down to the root of a lead's issue before reaching out to them? If so, I have a tool that may help.

  • Rephrased: 

The pictures you've been posting of your garden's growth are amazing! It's a lot like negotiating, in that oftentimes the best way to solve a problem is by getting to its root. I'm wondering how you help your sales team identify a lead's key pain points. If you're at all intrigued, I have a tool that SDRs and AEs can use to zero in on these types of issues.

  • Shortened: 

You've done an amazing job with your garden. Negotiating is similar to gardening in that you need to dig down to the root of the issue in order to solve it. Do you help your team reach out to leads by getting down to the root of their problems first? If so, here's a tool that may help.

Get comfortable with correlating

The more comfortable you get with personalization by correlation the more effective the strategy will be for you. Remember that if it feels like a stretch, it probably is. At the same time, correlation rewards creativity. When sellers dig deep to find that connection, prospects will notice the effort. 

Try the correlation strategy in your next cold email to find out how it works with your market overall or one important lead specifically. And if you’re ready to start using the AI tools that enhance the selling process every step of the way, create your Regie account today

Set up takes 2 minutes and only requires an email address. No demo or credit card necessary. 

It's that easy. 

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