Understanding Your Buyer: How to Read Between the Lines with AI

Nina Butler
September 5, 2023
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The sales landscape has already undergone drastic changes in the era of digital selling. Incorporating AI into various workflows is only going to continue that trend and unlock the potential to make their day-to-day tasks that much easier. 

However, not everyone understands this new technology and how it works to improve sales performance. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how to use AI to help sales reps understand not just what a buyer says, but what they think, and how you can use an AI-powered solution like Regie.ai to make the most out of this process.

We will also discuss how to interpret verbal and nonverbal cues from buyers using AI, the benefits of using Regie.ai in understanding buyers’ needs and wants and techniques for leveraging AI technology to identify customer patterns.

Let’s dig in.

Interpreting Verbal and Nonverbal Cues from Buyers Using AI

No salesperson can be successful without understanding their prospects’ wants and needs. 

Ironically, this is easier said than done. Most of the communication we do in a typical conversation isn’t even using words. In fact, body language researcher Albert Mehrabian said that during a typical face-to-face conversation, 55% of our meaning is communicated nonverbally, 38% vocally, and a mere 7% is the exact words you’re saying.

One of the ways sales reps can achieve this is through the interpretation of verbal and nonverbal cues. AI technology can help sales reps understand these cues through the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and visual recognition. Tools like Gong and symbl.ai can help with analyzing and categorizing a person's tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language during sales calls. 

From there, sales reps can get insights on the buyer's level of interest, mood, and emotions. This can help sales reps personalize their approach and tailor their message to meet the buyer's specific needs or determine whether they’re a tire kicker or actually ready to buy.

Improving Sales Performance with AI

Improving sales performance goes far beyond just call analysis. The power of AI technology lies in the ability to notice patterns that would otherwise go, well, unnoticed.

No revenue team is lacking for data. Between your marketing automation platform, CRM, sales engagement tool and more, there’s more than enough information to work with. What teams are lacking these days are insights. 

By analyzing historical data, AI can predict the buyer's preferences, needs, and pain points based on their interactions with your brand. This way, sales reps can personalize their approach and increase the chances of closing sales. 

Furthermore, AI can save time and resources by automating routine tasks, such as account research, lead generation, and follow-up emails. For instance, with Regie.ai Sales Auto-Pilot, sales reps can save significant time on researching contacts and composing personalized emails automatically, thereby providing them with more opportunity to focus on other key tasks like social touches and calls.

Combining AI with industry-leading performant data not only improves the efficiency of the sales process but also ensures a high level of engagement with prospective clients. This increases efficiency and frees up sales reps to focus on building relationships with buyers.

Boosting customer relationships by incorporating AI into sales processes.

Connecting with prospects and customers in a more personalized way has a huge impact on improving customer relationships.

Isn't it time to revolutionize your sales process? Imagine a world where each of your prospects feels uniquely understood and valued, where they are no longer just another name in a database but an individual with specific needs and challenges. This is the transformative power of AI in sales, specifically through using AI.

Let's take an everyday scenario, for instance: A sales rep has a long list of leads to reach out to. Traditionally, they would spend hours, if not days, researching each lead, crafting personalized emails, and following up. 

Now let's reimagine this scenario with the help of AI. Using the Regie.ai Chrome extension, the rep uses our Generative AI technology to thoroughly research their buyer preferences, using insights from areas like their DISC and OCEAN profiles, and combines it with your own organization’s CMS to create personalized outreach emails tailored to each lead's specific needs and working styles. It's as if the sales rep had a deep, personal understanding of every lead's unique situation.

Instead of feeling like just another record within a CRM somewhere, your reps will be able to demonstrate that they truly understand how to help prospects solve the problem they're having and present it in a way that resonates. 

But how does this translate to better client relationships? Well, imagine you're a prospect receiving one of these emails. Instead of a generic, "one-size-fits-all" message, you get an email that speaks directly to your needs and challenges. You feel heard, understood, and valued. This is the kind of experience that builds trust and fosters strong, lasting relationships. This goes a long way toward helping prospects feel like your reps are assisting them along a buying journey rather than simply chasing a quota. 

Closing thoughts

AI technology isn’t going away. As time goes on, it’s going to continue to revolutionize the sales process and provide sales reps with a valuable way to uncover insights, streamline workflows, improve customer engagement and reach those elusive sales goals. 

With tools like Regie.ai, sales reps can shortcut the prospect research and outbound process and instead spend time having conversations with prospects that lead to business results. By leveraging the power of AI technology, sales reps can close more deals, improve customer satisfaction, and build long-lasting relationships with buyers. 

The potential benefits of AI technology are endless, and it is essential for sales leaders in B2B SaaS companies to embrace this technology to stay competitive and meet customer's evolving needs.

Reimagine what sales outreach looks like by using AI powered tools like Regie.ai to maximize your sales reps best qualities and improve the prospecting skills that need improvement.
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