How To Write Sales Emails With DiSC To Improve Engagement

Matt Millen
August 12, 2021
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No matter how airtight the product or service, getting it into people’s hands and minds takes craft. Reps can spend the entirety of their careers trying to perfect it.

Couple that with the seemingly limitless mass marketing possibilities of the internet, and a real need for personalized content is born. Punchy subject lines and well researched pain points mean a better chance of getting noticed, but we need to get even more human. We need to consider personality.

Cue the DiSC assessment.

DiSC assessments are used as a tool across industries to enhance communication and understanding. DiSC evaluates personality and associated behavior and preferences.

Companies aiming to create a more harmonious and productive work environment use DiSC to evaluate the personalities of their staff. Similar to the Meyers-Briggs 16 personalities assessment, DiSC users rate their level of agreement with statements like, “I prefer to work alone.”

What’s most salient about DiSC for sales is the logic of tapping into personality to improve dialogue. By integrating DiSC into sales activity, reps not only better understand their own selling style and bias, but also approach prospects with the optimal tonality.

Your Bias is Showing

When we say that DiSC assessments help mitigate bias, we’re talking about reducing the barriers between subjective realities. The fact is, each of us lives within one. It’s part of the human condition, and while it can be completely benevolent, it does affect sales.

If your sales strategy takes bias into account, you’re compensating not only for your own biases but for those of your prospects as well. DiSC focuses on four predominant dimensions of personality: dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness.

Think of these dimensions as indicators of what our biases might look like. What our tendencies are, how we feel the most comfortable, what we favor emphasizing, and how we respond to rules and challenges.

So, what’s to gain? Address bias to:

  • Take stock of how you frame your communication. This leads to insight on your own strengths and weaknesses. In other words, self awareness. And a rep who is self aware is better positioned to sell.
  • Customize outreach to the prospect. Tailor InMails, call scripts, Twitter DMs, whatever channels you’re using, more readily. When you set your own inclinations aside, it’s easier to see where changes in your approach are necessary from prospect to prospect.

For example, people with S personalities place emphasis on cooperation and are typically very reliable. This is the “team spirit” personality. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean the other personalities are averse to teamwork, it just means that S people typically lead with these values.

With these insights, a rep’s approach can be that much more targeted.

If a D personality rep is reaching out to an S personality prospect, there are insights to leverage. The rep will want to circumvent their inclination to emphasize bottom line results, and instead lead with a camaraderie focused value proposition.

Your product or service could be highly valuable to your prospect, but for the opportunity to show them you have to be speaking the same language.

So if what you consider to be your Mona Lisa of subject lines just isn’t bringing in that whale, consider your bias. We can’t blame ourselves for having them, but DiSC helps to bridge the gaps they create.

The technology for it is there. Utilize it. We have. And if you’re hearing it here first, let us tell you, it works.

DiSC saves time, headache and guesswork, all while increasing the likelihood of a response.

Don’t Take That Tone With Me vs. The Tonality of Outbound Sales Content

“Don’t take that tone with me” as a section heading connotes a very different tone than “the tonality of outbound sales content.” The former is informal, maybe even gauche. Someone out there will appreciate the use of a pun, while others will recoil.

And then there are some people who won’t understand it at all, because the phrase is somewhat of a colloquialism.

On the other end of the spectrum is the latter. Some might find “the tonality of outbound sales content,” to be too wordy, while others could consider it boring or overly formal.

Yet for some people, a straight-forward, no frills approach (D personalities) is perfect.

You can’t please everyone, but adjusting for tonality is a logical way to try. The words we use both have and set a tone. They provide a glimpse into who we are and how we think.

And for sales reps, they’re an integral component of catching a prospect’s attention.

Tonality shouldn’t be underestimated. Think about how you behave at a funeral versus a birthday party, or with a close friend versus a stranger. We’re constantly interpretting and correcting tonality outside of sales, so we need to be doing it within our sales strategies as well.

DiSC helps by narrowing the field of possible tones a rep works into their content. The tone used with a small business owner who sells handmade jewelry is likely different from the right tone for a CEO with 500+ employees under their leadership.

With DiSC, a rep is aware of the tone they’re most comfortable using, how they prefer to influence people and what pace they’re inclined to do it at.

Approaching the CEO might be a perfect fit for your natural tendencies. Whereas with the small business owner, you’ll need to be mindful of slowing down your pace and influence them by helping them get to know you first.

Tip: Some LinkedIn users even showcase their DiSC profile. When available, be certain to use it to your advantage.

For any lead or rep, DiSC is a valuable tool for heightening self awareness, ultimately promoting more effective outbounding.

Leveraging DiSC with Regie

When bias and tonality are accounted for, your content will practically write itself. It’s that easy. Or it can be that easy, with Regie. Regie integrates Crystal Knows’ DiSC assessment to write content based on how a prospect receives information versus our own bias or communication style.

Regie Tone Recommendation Tags

Even better, we generate the content for you. With Regie, you can create campaigns in minutes. Select the industry, role, pain points and value propositions for your target.

With DiSC insights Regie generates a campaign from start to finish. Complete with timing, number of touch-points and content optimized for your prospect.

Whether you need a volume play or an account based approach, Regie will build out your sequence. For a higher touch lead, Regie might create a campaign with 15 touch points over the course of a month. If 8 of those touches are emails, Regie will write all 8 with DiSC insights.

Every element of a Regie campaign takes personality into account, by leaning into a prospect’s expectations and mitigating your own bias.

For sales teams, Regie is a prescription for dialogue and visibility, which is as good as gold in the post-internet age. Reps today are navigating the internet’s mass campaigning possibilities, with wall to wall competition and a consumer demand for personalization.

Just consider the plethora of products that are geared toward the individual. Targeted adverts, fitness wearables, food sensitivity kits, ancestry and DNA testing, meal kits, even vitamins and shampoo delivered to your door with your name on their bottle.

There’s no denying that the expectation has become personalization, and your prospects are not immune to that expectation.

They’ll appreciate a cold email that feels tailored to them as much as Spotify users enjoy their yearly Wrapped report.

DiSC helps meet that need while Regie keeps campaign generation efficient and sales teams focused on the core functions of their roles.

Buying styles vary just as much as sale styles. Personality type accounts for that variety, and is a must for sales staff to embrace. Sales managers and reps are advantaged when they put effort into curbing their biases, curating their tonality and personalizing their content.

Regie’s DiSC feature simplifies those efforts and standardizes best practices for optimized engagement.

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