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What's new inside April 2023

Recent improvements to maximize personalization at scale for front-line sales teams and their managers.
A new era of outbound prospecting
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The year 2022 will be known as the year of Generative AI.

Even though Open AI and GPT-3 came out in 2020 on the backs of decades worth of work in large language models, deep neural networks, and AI, it was 2022 that took all of that R&D and brought it to the masses.

The term "Generative AI" will be associated with 2022, similar to how terms like "Big Data" came out years prior. The best part is this is just the beginning for Generative AI and how it can help uplevel the GTM team's processes and workflows.

With this explosion of technological development this past year, the platform harnessed this power to offer significant enhancements to our product, specifically in our ability to unlock true personalization at scale for sales teams.

A look back at 2022 for

Informed by customer feedback, we've made immense improvements to, the only Generative AI Platform built especially for enterprise sales teams. Here are some remarkable achievements from the past 12 months:

1. The World's Best Sales Sequence Editor. By Far. built an amazing sequence creation and editing experience. We call it the Campaign Builder. Apart from creating entire email sequences in minutes, the Campaign Builder also features the following:

  • Drag-and-drop updates to sequence steps
  • Inline context menus for expanding, shortening, and rephrasing content
  • Inline access to sales collateral
  • Analysis for best practices via the email grader
  • Sequences published directly to Outreach, Salesloft, HubSpot, and other leading SEPs

2. Content Management System also built the world's first sales CMS based on Generative AI. We realized that a CMS needs to not only store sales collateral but also needs to have the ability to analyze and produce net new for target personas. 

3. Generative AI Tools Galore

With the launch of our AI Toolkit, can now cater to the content generation needs of the entire revenue team. Our AI Toolkit contains an image creator, social post and blog creator ( helped generate parts of this blog 😀), an AI assistant for ad creation, and state-of-the-art content translations.

4. Chrome Extension

By far, our most anticipated launch this past year has been our Chrome Extension, the first Generative AI extension of its kind made specifically for where SDRs and AEs work. Our Chrome Extension allows sellers to quickly personalize their emails, access the desired sales collateral and analyze them for effectiveness directly inside their native inbox or sales engagement platform (SEP). 

Our Chrome Extension is a game changer, y'all. But don't take our word for it. See what Chase Zvonek, Enterprise Sales Team Lead at, had to say about it recently:

Chase Zvonek of

This past quarter we have been obsessing over the Chrome Extension experience to make it the most helpful tool on the market for SDR and AE prospecting workflows.

Wait, has a Chrome Extension? We sure do! Our Chrome Extension can help you generate a personalized email by selecting three points of relevant content in under three minutes using our built-in 3x3 workflow.

See how easy and fast it is to personalize your next email here:

Download the free Chrome Extension and start producing more personalized sales emails.

Personalize emails directly in your inbox within minutes

To build something that truly transforms the way teams go to market, we looked inward, getting to know our customers as best we could to learn the realities of their sales team's day-to-day.

Consistently we heard these three things in all of our conversations:

  • It's hard to get the data that sellers need to personalize emails required for high-value prospects because they have to be great researchers and writers to use it thoughtfully.
  • Personalization takes time, so sellers can only truly personalize a few emails daily, resulting in less activity and fewer at-bats for the team.
  • Templated emails are ruining domains and tanking response rates. We need a fix, or we'll run out of prospects to contact.

We're excited to recap our newest enhancements to the Chrome Extension below. These improvements help sellers be more productive when delivering truly personalized prospecting experiences at scale while giving sales leaders more insight into what is working and what needs coaching within their outbound messages. Email Analyzer Improvements

One of our most popular features utilized in our Chrome Extension is the Email Analyzer. While it has always provided you with real-time coaching and feedback on your email drafts, it now has the power to make those suggested improvements in real time. Up-leveling the quality of your emails is now just a click away, saving you precious minutes when it comes to prospecting effectively with email:

Subject Line Generator

Stumped on what to write? Instantly generate a subject line based on the content within the email's body with the click of a button. Relevant and eye-catching subject lines are essential for email deliverability and open rates. email analyzer

Or if you have your own preferred subject line, no problem. You can instantly receive coaching on your subject line length and view the alternate subject lines if it doesn't meet industry best practice:


Email grader subject line

Message Length

There's a common tendency to write lengthy emails. Concise writing is challenging because we have so much we want to say to our recipients. Our Email Analyzer recommends suggested improvements for email length, which will improve your email's readability and consumption rate.

Email grader message length

Readability & Spam Words

Speaking of readability, on average, emails written between a 3rd and 8th-grade level have higher response rates, but adults tend to write far above that level. Our Email Analyzer will now recommend which sentences should be amended to improve the readability of your message and reduce spam words. 

Email grader readability

Email grader spam words

Whether you have writer's block or need help editing your email to completion, our Chrome Extension ensures your email follows best practices for deliverability and conversion.​

Added Functionality to the Chrome Extension

Our Chrome Extension has quickly become the talk of the town with SDRs and AEs from some of the top tech brands turning to it to supercharge their outbound efforts and speed up their prospect research times.

With, researching your prospects has never been easier. At the click of a button, you can now launch our prospect lookup functionality inside our Chrome Extension to get quick access to:

  • Relevant Twitter and LinkedIn profile links
  • Current job postings from that company's LinkedIn account
  • Company news features from Google
  • Podcasts hosted by or associated with a prospect
  • Funding announcements and more

Salesforce +

The future of is bright (and full of data).

Sales is all about intercepting interest with the right buyers, at the right time, with the right message.

A big part of that workflow is likely riffling through Salesforce data to determine which titles your team is reaching out to currently, so you can focus your team on targeting more of those primary personas with the right messaging in your outbound motion.

Introducing: Smart Personas from

You can now integrate Salesforce directly into to make that persona identification and  messaging creation process a snap. Let our AI automatically recommend new personas to add to the CMS so Rapid Writer can generate personalized emails for them at any step in your outbound motion.

Personalization at scale just gets easier and easier with

Finally, A Way for Sales Managers to Coach Email Personalization

Another milestone in our recent product updates marks a new chapter for sales managers everywhere. We rolled out our Manager Dashboard to give teams the ability to assess different dimensions of email performance. In other words, we created the Manager Dashboard to help you answer the question, "Are 100% of my team's manual emails being personalized?" Now you can use to understand the projected performance of personalized emails for your team and use the top recommendations we surface to drive improvement. Chrome Extension Utilization

This new view helps sales managers monitor Chrome Extension usage across the team, including how many licenses are being used and by whom.​ This reporting allows you to maximize your investment while understanding its adoption across your team.

Chrome extension install and utilization view for sales managers

Email Coaching

New insights can now help sales managers monitor the quality of their team's outbound emails created using our Chrome Extension. You can see your team's average personalized email grade while also drilling down to each rep's performance so you can provide custom coaching around top recommendations for improvement (and congratulate those on the leaderboard).​ 

This is perfect Monday morning sales team meeting fodder.

Team Level

Team-level dashboard view

Rep Level

Rep-level dashboard view

Download the free Chrome Extension and get better insight into your team's personalized email performance.

Furthermore, a big part of unlocking front-line team success is being able to diagnose and manage great, repeatable behavior as a sales manager. This is why our Manager Dashboard also captures:

Email adjustment rate - Know the percentage of change between a sequence template and the sent email to understand just how far reps are taking personalization and uniqueness with manual emails.

Time spent writing emails - Know the average time spent writing emails so you can coach your team to invest the right level of effort into their prospecting emails (we recommend three minutes or less).

These insights can be filtered by custom date range and Workspace, allowing you to drill down to exactly the slice of data you need:

The average response rate for advanced personalized emails is 17% which is nearly double for emails without. Personalized emails get replies. Period. can now help you coach to that.

Zero-Click Personalization Has Arrived in

Like a gorgeous slice of cheesecake, we've saved the best for last. A feature that’s possibly the biggest game changer in history.


Introducing Rapid Writer, a new way to personalize emails automatically for any email, whether it's a manual step in your multi-touch sequence or a one off email in your inbox. We know that engagement happens with prospects throughout the entire sequence, yet many sales teams only personalize the first touch and automate the rest.

No longer, because true personalization at scale has finally arrived.

Check it out in action:

By pre-loading your personas and relevant pain points and value props into, you can use Rapid Writer to instantly generate three pre-written emails tailored to your next piece of outreach.

We've been making constant iterations to improve the speed and quality of Rapid Writer through carefully considered enhancements like:

Redesigned persona builder

Persona cards, which capture attributes of your core personas with links to relevant content for them, are what power your Rapid Writer outputs. We recently redesigned those cards to make it easier to build and link content for your core personas. 

Persona coverage using Rapid Writer

See how the prospects in each of your active sequences matched with the personas that you have set up in This new reporting ensures that your team is sequencing the correct personas, or illuminates opportunities to expand your persona attributes to capture more people with Rapid Writer.

Customize your Rapid Writer email prompt

We now provide the ability to customize the prompts used for Rapid Writer written emails. Head into your Workspace Settings and navigate to Personalization to set up your custom email prompt.

Overall, Rapid Writer greatly improves the productivity of SDR teams and full-cycle AEs, by allowing outbound teams to be more effective while spending less time managing manual email tasks. Our SDRs have already reported a 3x increase in the number of personalized emails they send daily, all thanks to our new feature’s effectiveness.

Thank You From All Of Us At

We're grateful that despite the macro environment, we've kept the team growing this past year, nearly quadrupling our team while raising a Series A round led by Scale Venture Partners.

We do not take this social responsibility lightly and thank everyone who believes in our product and our team and for providing many bright spots for us this past year. 

In 2023, will be your ultimate companion in content creation and personalized prospecting. This year marks the beginning of AI's game-changing impact on front-line sales teams, from perfecting your cold outbound personalization to understanding how personalization impacts your ability to open new business.

AI for Sales has arrived, and is honored to usher in this new way of doing business.

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