What's new with Regie.ai? Q2 2024

Tom Tobin
June 26, 2024
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Today's sales teams face unprecedented obstacles: prospects are harder to reach, buying committees are expanding, and traditional outbound outreach methods are losing effectiveness. In response to these shifts, AI-powered solutions are adapting to help sales professionals navigate this new terrain, offering more targeted, personalized, and data-driven approaches to prospect engagement. At Regie.ai, specifically, we’ve been busy updating our Auto-Pilot Agents to help sales teams break through these barriers and connect with elusive buyers more effectively. 

Here's what's new with Regie.ai in Q2 2024:

  • Managed email delivery: Helps improve inbox placement rates to ensure your messages are reaching their intended targets. 
  • Revamped 'Analytics' page: Provides comprehensive Agent performance overview, showing coverage and touch rates by intent levels.
  • Refreshed 'Prospects' page: Offers enhanced filtering options and intuitive interface for efficient monitoring of team activities and prospect status.
  • Apollo & ZoomInfo mobile phone data integration: Enriches prospecting database with up-to-date contact information.

Read on to get the full scoop on all the latest and greatest enhancements we made to our platform this past quarter!

Reaching buyers has become an unprecedented challenge in today's sales landscape. Recent studies reveal a perfect storm of obstacles: fewer answered calls, work-from-home norms making people harder to reach at traditional office numbers, and enhanced inbox filters and increased noise causing messages to be blocked or buried.

Add to this the complexity of engaging multiple stakeholders in larger buying committees and it’s no wonder that 57% of organizations failed to meet their pipeline goals in 2023.

At Regie.ai, we've released key updates to our Auto-Pilot Agents specifically designed to break through these barriers and help you connect with even the most elusive buyers:

  • Managed email delivery: Our new service significantly improves inbox placement rates, ensuring your messages reach intended targets by overcoming sophisticated new inbox filters.
  • Revamped 'Analytics' page: Provides a comprehensive overview of Agent performance, showing coverage and touch rates by intent levels to optimize engagement with multiple stakeholders.
  • Refreshed 'Prospects' page: Offers enhanced filtering options and an intuitive interface for efficient monitoring of team activities and prospect status across various touchpoints.
  • Apollo & ZoomInfo mobile phone data integration: Enriches your prospecting database with up-to-date contact information, enabling more direct and personal outreach in a dispersed work environment.

Let's explore how these new features work together to help you maximize your reach.

Managed email delivery: Cutting through the noise 

With improved inbox filters preventing messages from reaching targets, email deliverability has become a critical challenge. Our new managed email delivery service ensures your carefully crafted messages consistently reach their intended recipients by providing domain warming and health monitoring, sidestepping sophisticated spam filters, and other obstacles.

Revamped 'Analytics' page: Eliminating the black box of intent data

Updated user interface for the Analytics page in Regie.ai's platform.

Our newly revamped ‘Analytics’ page gives you unprecedented insight into how your agents use intent data, ensuring they reach the right prospect at the perfect moment through the right channel and message. It shows the coverage and touch rates of your prospects by intent, giving you insight into how your Agents are prioritizing experiences for key prospects when they're most receptive. 

It also provides a sleek overview of your Agent's contribution to the business, showcasing meetings booked, pipeline driven, and more, while integrating insights directly into your reps’ Chrome Extension task automation panel to give them confidence that they’re following up on the right lead at any given time.

Refreshed 'Prospects' page: Navigating complex buyer landscapes

Updated user interface for the Prospects page in Regie.ai's platform.

With buyers harder to reach than ever, effective prospecting requires close attention and efficient organization. Our upgraded "Prospects" page brings a new level of clarity and control to your efforts. It features an updated prospect status bar and indicators showing available contact channels (such as phone or email) based on each prospect's data. 

With improved filtering options and a more intuitive interface, you can easily monitor your team's activities, inspect the status of all your prospects across multiple touchpoints and stakeholders, and quickly identify the best way to reach each contact.

Apollo & ZoomInfo mobile phone data integration: Connecting in a dispersed world 

In an age where work-from-home norms make people harder to reach, having comprehensive and accurate contact information is crucial. Our new integrations with Apollo and ZoomInfo enhance your Agent's capabilities with up-to-date mobile phone data if you have those providers. This allows Agents to prioritize and serve up follow-up call tasks for high-intent leads, a critical strategy for securing meetings in today's challenging sales environment where personal connections are increasingly valuable.

Embrace the future of prospecting in a challenging landscape 

These new features and updates are designed to help you navigate the increasingly complex world of B2B sales, where buyers are harder to reach than ever before. Log in to your Regie.ai account today and discover how these enhancements to your Auto-Pilot Agents can help you buck the trend of missed pipeline goals.

Looking ahead, we're committed to continually enhancing your Agents to meet your evolving needs and address the ongoing challenge of reaching buyers. Stay tuned for upcoming quarterly product updates that will introduce even more power to your AI prospecting strategy.

Here's to reaching your buyers when it matters most and exceeding your pipeline goals!

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