What's new with Regie.ai? Q3 2023

Tom Tobin
October 19, 2023
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Q3 has been a busy one for us here at Regie.ai, and we're really excited to share all the enhancements we've made to the platform over the past quarter.

Here's what's new with Regie.ai in Q3 2023:

  • Lightning-fast personalization: New "Bolt" feature for one-click, personalized emails.
  • Enhanced customization: Expanded data sources and admin controls for better tailoring.
  • Smarter personalization tools: New custom fields with helpful guidance.
  • Advanced email insights: Updated analyzer for comprehensive email feedback.
  • Team-wide standards: New features to enforce personalization levels.
  • Intuitive navigation: Redesigned interface for easier platform use.
  • Organized content creation: Improved management of AI-generated content.
  • PDF integration: Using sales collateral to enhance message relevance.

Read on to get the full scoop on all the latest and greatest enhancements we made to our platform this past quarter.

AI is transforming the sales world, and with it comes the need for a robust AI-powered solution to enhance your team's efficiency and success.

To ensure Regie.ai always fits seamlessly into your sales workflow, we're zeroing in on the finer points that enable seamless AI adoption on your team. Let's take a look at what is new in Regie.ai this past quarter:

Personalization faster than Usain Bolt

Last quarter, Regie.ai launched Rapid Writer to give teams an expedited way to introduce personalization to more manual email tasks for reps. It's pretty fast (rapid is in its name, after all) but now Regie.ai has made personalization even faster.

Introducing The Bolt - a lightning-fast feature of the Rapid Writer – and an unbeatable way to supercharge your sales team's efficiency at connecting with prospects. With the Bolt, your sales team can have a sales-ready, Rapid-Writer-generated message with just one click, and created in real-time directly within the body of the email.

That's right. At the click of a button, a perfectly personalized email and subject line will appear for any email you want it to.

The Bolt is conveniently located within each email, seamlessly embedding the power of Rapid Writer exactly where sales teams are composing and sending their email messages.

Instant personalization just got even easier. (Wait... how is that possible?)

We've also refined Rapid Writer to give team leads greater control over the outputs, starting with the data sources Rapid Writer uses to research and personalize emails to prospects.

We've expanded our Rapid Writer data sources to include prospect location, personal LinkedIn posts, and work history to enable greater contextual relevance to the messages it generates every time. Furthermore, company LinkedIn feeds are supported too. Simply click the LinkedIn button in the Regie.ai Chrome extension to toggle between a prospect's personal posts, company posts or relevant articles to quickly find the information you're looking for without the hassle of tab surfing.

When there isn't data available for one of the tabs, it simply won't appear. Regie.ai users will know instantly which data points are available for personalization, whether it's a personal LinkedIn post, company post or both, so your team always has the information they need to fire off prospecting emails in minutes.

Another area where team leads have greater control over the outputs of Rapid Writer is a new update that allows admins to hide or show the default prompts they would like their team to leverage via the Chrome extension.

Maybe your organization's brand voice is conducive to frontline outreach that prioritizes humor. Then again, perhaps it isn't. Either way, Regie.ai supports your preference by allowing you to customize and standardize the email prompts available to your reps at the department level so they don't have to do mental gymnastics when it comes time to compose a message.

Speaking of avoiding mental gymnastics, pairing Rapid Writer with LinkedIn prospecting is now a snap. Rapid Writer will appear as soon as a prospect's LinkedIn profile is opened, ready to be used.

That's right. No more waiting to use Rapid Writer until you've opened LinkedIn's "compose message" window or Sales Navigator. Rapid Writer available through the Regie.ai Chrome extension is now available as soon as you view a profile.

As we said, this quarter is all about the finer points of a seamless experience, and keeping Rapid Writer available across LinkedIn is one detail that ensures your team never forgets Regie.ai is there to help.

More ways to personalize

Also new this month is our Personalizer Custom Field, an update that provides extra guidance to users who are leveraging the Personalizer's custom field box.

The custom field box in the Personalizer allows users to leverage personal data points they may know about a buyer. Now, when you prefer to use the Personalizer's Custom field, you're supported with guidance and examples of effective prompts, to reduce guesswork and increase control of the AI-generated output.

Just hit the info icon to check out what type of information you can input in the custom field box so your desired personalization data appears in the final product.

Email analysis on a whole new level

Now that there are more ways to generate content with Regie.ai, we're committed to helping you recognize what goes into a high-quality, personalized email.

Regie.ai just launched updates to our Email Analyzer with even more robust recommendations on what to improve to ace your email sends.

Now, reps will have recommendations for improvement on:

  • Opener, body, CTA, and email sign-off to improve specific parts of the email
  • Mobile optimization (remember that 70% of prospects read and respond on their mobile devices!)
  • Cliches, Buzzwords, Gender Bias, and Inclusion to ensure that no matter who you're prospecting to you're using the most inclusive language possible

On our journey to bring state-of-the-art, advanced analytics to our users, subsequent releases will continue to refine these Email Analyzer insights and perfect the sales-ready emails Regie.ai generates.

Setting a standard for your sales team

We know sales reps are going to love all the aforementioned updates. But what about the admins and managers out there?

Next up to feature are campaign enhancements. When Regie.ai admins build a campaign, there are times when they want to require personalization, and not have reps skip over this important touch. This is usually the case for sequences meant for high-tier prospects where extra levels of personalization oversight are required.

"What I've found is- for my customers who are most advanced with personalization, they're using manual emails for their Tier 1 prospects that are totally blank. They want their reps doing all the personalizing using Rapid Write for top-tier prospects, then they might have 1 blank email in a sequence for Tier 2 prospects and Tier 3 is mostly automated emails. That seems to be the direction our customers who are committed to the latest and greatest in personalization are headed."

-Katie Kalafus, Customer Success Manager, Regie.ai

You can now have Regie.ai pre-fill a template to be used in a manual email step or have Regie.ai instead generate a blank email step which will force personalization on the rep when it comes time to execute the email task:

Decide which option is best for your team on a per-campaign level with every sequence you publish or set your auto-fill preferences as the default setting for your entire org.

We love this update because we know that details like these come down to team preference. Our goal is to increase personalization everywhere you write with Regie.ai, while also allowing our customers the agency to make small but powerful choices around the personalization strategy that's best for them.

Navigation that's a breeze

To continue with admin improvements, we also rolled out a brand new navigation menu within the Regie.ai platform to simplify the discovery and access of the core components of our platform that our customers use most frequently.

Easily move between features like Auto-Pilot to check on your dynamic sequences, the AI toolkit for speedy content generation or the Team Dashboard to get analytics on your reps' personalization activity.

While we are in the spirit of fall cleaning, we also gave our context menu a makeover and enhanced its functionality.

Now, when you highlight a piece of text within the Regie.ai platform or our Chrome extension, you'll notice a completely redesigned editing experience.

It's still east to expand, condense or rephrase your text plus, you can now take advantage of our new "Ask AI" feature and instruct Regie.ai on specific improvements you'd like to make to your text, such as requesting writing enhancements.

AI-powered content generation, but keep it organized

All of these enhancements allow you to create new content at record speeds previously impossible, so undoubtedly the question of where to store it, organize it and access tends to arise. That's why the Regie.ai platform contains a built-in Content Management System and this quarter, we're improving our users' ability to organize the precious GTM content it stores.

We kicked our CMS updates off with updates to the persona card library. As a refresher, Regie.ai stores buyer personas and their associated pain points, value propositions, etc. in the CMS as persona cards which help make content generation in the future more seamless.

One way to generate persona cards is by integrating Regie.ai with Salesforce CRM. The Regie.ai platform now supports 120 different job titles upon persona card creation, an increase from the initial 50 previously offered, to give you more coverage in your content targeting. Goodbye, copy and paste. Hello, faster persona building.

We also made persona card maintenance easier by adding alphabetization and case sensitivity to your persona card library. This will make searching for persona cards for future updating easier.

Our team also applied alphabetization and case sensitivity to our customers' prompt library for more efficient user navigation.

A smooth user experience is a must for our customers, especially when it comes to features that are used as frequently as persona cards or the prompt library. In keeping with the spirit of a smoother experience, we've also updated the platform's "back" button for seamless site navigation.

Whether you're a Sales Manager checking out a specific rep's stats in the Manager Dashboard or working inside the Campaign Builder's preview function, clicking back will return you to your previous position on the platform with your filters and saveable work, intact.

It's an update so smooth you won't even notice it, and that's the point. It's all in the details.

PDF proof your personas

Every sales team leverages PDFs, but Regie.ai is giving your sales collateral a whole new purpose. Regie.ai Rapid Writer can now reference a PDF's pain points and value propositions to be used in the messages it generates.

Scanning the PDF, Regie.ai uses its findings to increase the relevance of the message it generates in tandem with what it already knows about your org, the prospect and your offerings.

Store your PDFs in your Value Proposition and Pain Point folders, tag them with the relevant persona and let Regie.ai do the rest.

Stay up-to-date on Regie.ai

The right AI platform for your sales department will bring heightened levels of productivity to your team by automating the repetitive tasks associated with sales.

Stay tuned as the quarter goes on as we update this post with even more enhancements to the Rgeie.ai Generative AI platform for modern sales teams.

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