How Improved Consistency and Engagement for Crunchbase’s SDR Team


Crunchbase increased open rates to 61%, click-thru rates as high as 3.2%, and reply rates as high as 16%

61% open rates

16% reply rates

Problems Facing Crunchbase

Crunchbase, a company that provides prospecting solutions powered by their data on public and private companies, struggled with consistency throughout their outbound sales efforts. Issues stemmed from a lack of infrastructure to support campaign creation and use across their SDR team. As a result, messaging varied from sequence to sequence, and click-thru rates averaged below 1%.

How is Helping was able to immediately provide a solution to Crunchbase’s need for consistency. “We used Regie to build a framework of an outreach sequence targeted at specific personas while helping tokeep consistent messaging around pain points and value propositions,” said Reyes. A consistent sequence-structure allowed Crunchbase to get similar results across the board.

Data and Results

  • 3 primary sequences with an average of 700 prospects
  • A base open rate of 61%
  • A minimum click rate of 1.7%
  • Click-thru rate highs at 3.2%
  • Reply rates at 13-16%

“We wanted 60% open rates and 10% reply, but our expectations have already been exceeded.” 

"Regie is helpful for anyone trying to scale sales development. By using their product, I don’t have to think about the structures and steps going into an outreach sequence."

Will Reyes, SDR Team Lead, Crunchbase

Scaling with

Crunchbase has also leveraged Regie for scaling their SDR team. Since May, they’ve onboarded six new SDRs and plan to hire more next month.

“With new reps, there’s no guaranteeing who’s going to be successful. Regie provides us a good baseline and sets us up for consistent results. That alone is a win.” New reps are introduced to quality outbound approaches through the Regie platform, ensuring that onboarding and ramping set company standards rather than contribute to the inconsistency Crunchbase previously experienced.

“Having the help of a consistent framework means we can say, this is good messaging, this is what you should be working with, and we’ve seen that in the results, even with our new reps.” 

Optimized Sequences recommends structures to users based on their desired goal. Crunchbase uses blitz, outbound, slow burn and multi-touch campaigns to target executives and SDR leaders.

Each sequence structure also include touch-points organized and scheduled for delivery at the time of optimal impact. “Without having to think about how many social steps, how many call steps, how many days between emails, etc., I’m provided with options and can find something that aligns and fits into what I’m doing. Having that framework and template is a huge time saver.

”Overall, has helped optimize Crunchbase’s sales efforts at both systemic and granular levels.

They’re experiencing results that have surpassed their initial expectations and have successfully implemented the consistency they needed.

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