How AI and Unparalleled Customer Success Improved Sales Engagement at North State Consulting

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Learn how the NSC Ed-Tech division uses to:

  • Deliver more effective email campaigns with higher response rates.
  • Automate their contract creation process, saving time and effort.
  • Gain time for refining messaging and engaging with clients.

Onboarding new clients at North State Consulting had become a catch-22. Naturally, the team welcomed new business but the extensive research, training and long hours of developing content it required left them feeling swamped. Leadership recognized it was time for a change.

Meet the Man Behind Ed-Tech at North State
Richard Sidelinger oversees the Educational Technology division at North State Consulting, a third-party lead generation provider.

Specializing in building sales teams for various Ed-Tech companies, Richard's role encompasses all aspects of Ed-Tech consulting, from BDR production and building models for clients to creating campaigns and email sequences, and conducting training.

As Your Clientele Grows, So Does the Challenge

Before discovering, Richard's process for creating content was time-consuming and labor-intensive. He would manually research each client, analyze their information, and create all their lead generation content from scratch. This process would take approximately six to eight hours per client, resulting in significant time investment, especially when onboarding multiple clients simultaneously.

"What I really needed to address was the manual research I had to do before actually creating the content. I was manually going in and analyzing a new client's product in-depth, to the point where I could actually feel like I'm a part of that company and represent that messaging. And that's why it was so time-consuming. It would take me at least six to eight hours just to get a client up and running. So it took a full day basically, for just one new client."

The labor-intensive tasks of research and content creation had a major effect on Richard's ability to devote time to coaching, supervising staff, and interacting with customers.

"Our whole leadership team was just getting bogged down, especially when we were onboarding multiple clients at a time. And Ed-Tech is cyclical, so you might have three to four new clients come in at once. It's just so time-consuming for me to sit down for two or three days and neglect the team and everything else just to create all this content."

The extensive client portfolio at North State was continuing to grow, but with new clients comes new personas to target and new platforms with unique functionalities to represent. Between the variety of objectives his content needed to support and the cyclical nature of Ed-Tech, Richard couldn't help but feel pulled away from other core aspects of his work. The manual nature of his process had to change, but could one solution fit all his needs?

A Sales Manager's Conundrum

Jordi Brick, a Sales Manager at North State Consulting, was feeling the lag too. Jordi is responsible for managing client relationships and ensuring seamless operations for both the clients and the Business Development Representative (BDR) team. With a team of four BDRs, Jordi understands first-hand the importance of efficient sales outreach and personalized communication for driving meaningful engagements and conversions.

Before adopting, Jordi encountered several challenges in the sales outreach process. The startup phase of generating ideas and developing content was time-consuming, often slowing down the team's workflow. Reviewing and editing the created content was another bottleneck, hindering the team's ability to scale their efforts effectively.

Additionally, short-term initiatives, such as conferences or time-bound campaigns, required quick turnaround for tailored messaging, which demanded additional resources and time.

Along Came

It was obvious to everyone on the team that there had to be a better way, but it was North State Consulting's CEO, Bill O'Boyle, who introduced Richard and the team to, recognizing the need for a faster content creation solution due to their extensive client portfolio.

"In my division, we deal with so many different types of personas, because we've got a slew of different Ed-Tech companies that all represent different platforms and basically different functionalities within those platforms. So to learn that and actually get it on paper and get it to reflect their personas properly as well - it gets very difficult to do that manually."

Richard Sidelinger

Bill believed that could streamline the process by automating content generation and email sequence creation, ultimately saving time and increasing efficiency. Would Richard and Jordi agree?

A Resounding Yes For Streamlined Workflows

“I’ve never used any AI tool that’s as fully thought out as It’s pretty flawless.”

Jordi Brick

After implementing, Richard's content creation process became significantly more efficient. Instead of conducting extensive manual research, Richard could now copy and paste specific URLs into the platform. then generates content tailored to the respective product lines, allowing Richard to create sequences specific to each persona and product.

"The thing that has done is allow me to basically copy and paste specific URLs for specific product lines into the platform, and it will create content that sticks to that product line, then, in turn, helping me create a sequence that is very specific to that persona, to that product, to that message that we have to stay on to meet the client needs. And that's where it's just been instrumental in helping us for sure."

Richard Sidelinger

The automation offered by the platform reduces the time required to create content, enabling Richard to allocate more time to fine-tuning messaging, training, and engaging with both the team and clients.

"I support two managers as well. So not only did I have to help them create the content, but I had to teach them how to generate the sequences and what to look for and how to stay on message for every new client. Whereas is more like a plug-and-play tool. Using, my managers can get the content 75% of the way there. And I can take it and do my little changes, which usually takes 30 minutes to an hour to do that, compared to me having to train them and help them create it."

Richard Sidelinger

Jordi is one of those managers. Since integrating into her sales operations, Jordi has experienced significant improvements in her outreach process as well. proved to be a time-saving asset by providing initial content outlines and eliminating the need for starting from scratch.

“Just this month I’ve used to create three new sequences for an account and it still shocks me how quickly I can do it."

Jordi Brick

Jordi's team can quickly jump into the editing phase and fine-tune the messaging to match each persona or target audience. For Jordi, this streamlined approach reduces the time spent on creating sequences and generating content by at least half.

“For me, saves me the most time creating sequences because doing that manually is such a time-consuming process, but there are so many smaller details I love that save me time too. The Rephrase tool for example, where I can just highlight text and rephrase it. I use that every single time I use and take it through every line of an email just to see what it comes up with.”

Jordi Brick

Moreover, empowers Jordi's team to effortlessly handle short-term initiatives. Instead of investing substantial time in developing unique talk tracks or email sequences for short-lived campaigns, they utilize to generate content swiftly, often within 30 minutes. This enables the team to deliver personalized and engaging messages without compromising efficiency.

“When we work different plays like mini-campaigns, rather than taking a bunch of time to do something that's gonna be over in about a week or so, we can use to do it very quickly. It takes us about 30 minutes and then it's not a hassle to create different content for a new play, whereas sometimes in the past it felt like we had to choose between speed and quality.”

Jordi Brick

Additionally,'s event-based campaign builder enabled Richard to create event invitation sequences efficiently, resulting in time savings of up to three hours per campaign.

"Recently a client of ours had a conference that they wanted us to drum attendees people for. So I just copied the event's registration page URL and put it into and it did like 90%, of what I would have had to do manually. I just tweaked a few things, got the client to sign off on it, then pushed it over to Outreach and the BDRs are ready to go. And that would have taken me at least three hours in the past but with it only took me 30 to 45 minutes."

Richard Sidelinger

"There are a lot of things I could be doing other than spending four to eight hours writing content and that's where I've seen Regie's value the most. It gives me that time back. And I think that gives our clients a better return. Because I have more time to fine-tune messaging with the BDRs, do training, spend more time with the team, spend more time with the clients, etc. For me, time is money. So if a tool can save me time, then it's making us money somewhere."

Richard Sidelinger, Director of Sales, EdTech at North State Consulting

An Impact That Improves Morale

The significant reduction in the time required for onboarding new clients has improved team morale for both the managers and BDRs in Richard's division and helps drive the adoption of at North State.

“Our whole sales team is pretty involved with and I would say it's by far the most used tool we've ever been provided. I’ve never seen adoption like this before. I’m used to seeing tools fall to the wayside and not truly becoming a part of workflows after we go through training and learning how to use them but it hasn’t been like that with Our team has gravitated to it. And we can see that in the Manager Dashboard’s activity reports. It's been a helpful addition for all of us.”

Jordi Brick became an integral part of the sales team's toolkit, surpassing other resources in terms of usage and effectiveness. Jordi noticed a higher level of engagement from her team, with most members actively utilizing regularly.

Using the Manager Dashboard and the visibility it provides into tool usage and adoption, Richard and Jordi can ensure is an integral part of the team's workflow.

" actually has a dashboard where we can see who is using the tools and how much. That's extremely helpful. I think right now we're at 70% adoption or higher so far on all the BDRs. And for us, adoption has been a problem in the past. We would get these awesome tools, but we couldn't get our people to adopt them. And I think part of that onboarding process that's offered at really helps with that. And now they're fully adopted and it'd be tough to yank it away."

Richard Sidelinger, Director of Sales, EdTech at North State Consulting

The platform's intuitive nature and personalized content generation impressed the team, encouraging its widespread adoption. Furthermore, has helped enhance productivity and job satisfaction within the team by transforming previously time-consuming tasks into exciting opportunities for creativity and optimization.

Enhancing Customer Engagement

"There are two teams that we had written our content for and then rewrote content using, and we've gotten more email responses than I've seen in a very, very long time."

Richard Sidelinger empowers Richard to deliver more effective email campaigns and generate higher response rates by enabling a deeper level of personalization. Plus, the ability to refresh content quickly for existing clients and focus on different product lines with ease has significantly improved engagement and prevented sending repetitive content.

"We have clients that have been with us for quite some time. Once those clients are ready to start cycling back in prospects, and you're reaching back out a second time or whatnot, you don't want to send the same content. So now I can refresh the content that we've already created for them a lot quicker using And if I want to focus on a different product line, it's really easy to spin up a new campaign focused on that product line. Because all the pain points, personas and product lines are already built out in"

Richard Sidelinger

Through both feedback and her personal experience, Jordi has also observed the positive impact of on customer engagement. By saving time and generating more targeted and personalized content, Jordi's team can improve the results of their outreach while reducing bottlenecks.

"Now, the content we deliver to our prospects is highly personalized, and I can say that’s contributed to booking more demos. It allows my team to avoid excessive time spent on perfecting emails. Previously, we would easily get caught up in crafting the ideal email for each prospect, resulting in missed opportunities to allocate our time more effectively. For my team,'s value lies in the time it saves and the improved outcomes we achieve through its utilization."

Jordi Brick

For Jordi, serves multiple purposes beyond creating sales sequences that also enhance engagement. She utilizes the platform for personalized one-off emails to prospects, filling content gaps, and even generating LinkedIn messages. Additionally, the ability to verify email addresses is another valuable feature that ensures precise targeting and improved contact rates.

“Discovering how much you can do with has been mindblowing. It’s an intuitive platform but I had no idea how much you can personalize the way the AI works for you. It can pull in so many factors to create the content you want. Being able to upload your information about the company and the personas so Regie can inject all of that into the content it creates for you is way more in-depth than I ever expected. Between the Chrome extension and the platform itself, I have open every day.”

Jordi Brick

Starting Strong: The Onboarding Experience

"Our customer support has been instrumental in helping us actually adopt, getting the BDRs to use it, and getting us to make it a part of our process for sure."

Richard Sidelinger

Richard's onboarding experience with exceeded his expectations. Unlike other tech tools where minimal onboarding is provided, with came Missy Scheuller, a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM), to guide Richard and his team throughout the entire onboarding process.

"I could go on all day about how different our onboarding experience with was. Missy held our hand every bit of the way. We literally had a client that we needed to onboard almost as soon as we were onboarding with, and Missy helped us onboard that client, as far as the content and all that stuff. And her willingness to do that- you just don't see very often."

Richard Sidelinger

Missy scheduled multiple standing meetings ahead of time and personally assisted in building a campaign for a new client from scratch. Her extensive support, willingness to offer guidance, and continuous engagement were instrumental in ensuring a seamless adoption of within North State Consulting.

For Jordi, has surpassed her initial expectations, and she looks forward to meeting with Missy each month to learn more. Her experience with has been one of commitment to customer success and continuous improvement, and she encourages others to explore the potential of AI solutions and the significant impact they can have on sales processes.

Artificial Intelligence; Your Trusted Co-Pilot

"When it comes to AI and adopting AI, I think everyone is going to fall into one of two buckets, especially in the sales world. You're gonna either push back on it, and you're just not gonna stay up to date, or you can figure out how to adopt it and make it work for you and be more successful. Either leverage it to make you even better, or push back on it but kind of fall to the wayside."

Richard Sidelinger

The AI-powered content creation and automation capabilities of have revolutionized North State Consulting's Ed-Tech division. By significantly reducing the time required for content creation, empowers Richard and his team to focus on strategic initiatives such as fine-tuning messaging, training, and client engagement.

“This is probably one of the first tools that's come into my life and made this big of a difference. can pull in so many factors to create the content you want. They say AI doesn't have empathy which is why we go in and edit, and add our spin, but it's the gist of the content and the time it saves that makes really impressive and I just can’t imagine what it’s going to be able to do in five years.”

Jordi Brick

With delivering substantial time savings, improved engagement, and enhanced content quality, Jordi confidently recommends the platform to colleagues and peers in the industry. She appreciates the professional tone, creative suggestions, and opportunity to think outside the box that provides, ultimately resulting in greater efficiency and impressive outcomes.

“ allows you to create better content than you would have come up with yourself, that you can easily edit to make it that much better. So not only can you sound like yourself or the brand you’re representing, the AI also makes you think outside the box. It unlocks creativity while saving time. So it's almost a no-brainer.”

Jordi Brick

The personalized onboarding experience provided by the team, especially the dedicated support from Missy, ensured a smooth transition and successful adoption of the platform. With improved morale, high adoption rates, and enhanced customer engagement, has become a core platform in North State Consulting's tech stack.

“Anywhere I go I will recommend”

Jordi Brick

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