How Unlocked 48% Positive Email Reply Sentiment and Granular Performance Insights at Reputation

Reputation has changed the way companies improve their customer experience (CX) through customer feedback. The Reputation platform translates vast amounts of solicited and unsolicited feedback data into insights that companies use to learn from and grow — including CX, Operations, and much more.
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Learn how Reputation sales teams use to increase email effectiveness and book more meetings:

  • Average email open rate - 66.7%
  • Average email click rate - 12%
  • Average email reply rate - 7%
  • Average positive email sentiment - 48%

Before, Reputation had a manual approach to sequence creation and their management lacked performance analytics on that content, creating a persistent challenge of bringing high-quality and performant messaging to market quickly.

Meet Reputation

Reputation has redefined how organizations enhance their customer experience (CX) through feedback. The Reputation platform converts extensive solicited and unsolicited feedback data into actionable insights companies employ to evolve their CX, operations and more.

This innovative process, referred to as Reputation Experience Management, has become a distinct category in recent years. Thousands of global enterprises rely on Reputation Score, backed by patented algorithms, to gauge brand performance and target precise business enhancements.

Reputation boasts the support of prominent investors like Bessemer Ventures and Kleiner Perkins and their innovative product has earned trust from major partners such as Google, Facebook, Salesforce, J.D. Power, Amazon, and

Sales Enablement at Reputation

As a company built on helping brands maintain a great reputation, Reputation's own reputation is pivotal to their long-term success. While the SDRs at Reputation are often the face of the company, it’s up to the Enablement team to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency that helps SDRs truly shine and make Reputation's reputation spotless.

Erin Terry, Sales Enablement Specialist, and Jenna Giglio, Sales Enablement and Inbound Development Manager, are the driving forces behind Sales Enablement at Reputation. They support 3 SDR Managers with 21 SDRs organized into various market segments, catering to some of the world's largest healthcare and automotive brands.

"Our sales development team holds the most important position at the top of our sales funnel. Often, they're our customer's first experience with Reputation. So it's important that they make the best first impression and earn that right to really properly qualify our leads, and from there identify what the next appropriate steps are within the sales pipeline."

Erin Terry

To give their SDRs the best shot at success, Erin and Jenna are dedicated to new employee onboarding, content management, the department's tech stack, performance tracking and coaching. Their goal is to ensure Reputation's SDR team can properly prospect, qualify leads, define appropriate next steps in the sales pipelines and align messaging with ideal customer profiles.

Gaps to fill: manual prospecting processes and lack of performance insights

"Our reasons for seeking out a solution like came down to how we were targeting our messaging to our ICP and the analytics behind our messaging efforts. These were high-priority gaps to fill. And completely solved the issue."

Erin Terry

Before, Reputation had a manual approach to sequence creation and their management lacked performance analytics on that content, creating a persistent challenge of bringing high-quality and performant messaging to market quickly.

"We had a very, very manual process regarding sequence creation and messaging, as well as a lack of reporting on the performance of our messaging. provides some, but there was no way for us to figure out what messaging was actually working for each of our various personas. So it took a lot of time to create new content or update what we already had while making sure we were delivering the right message to the right people."

Jenna Giglio

Additionally, previous tools like Crystal Knows were used to enhance rep-level prospecting strategies based on personality types, but the process remained labor-intensive.

"We did a survey last year and almost all of our SDRs unilaterally said they wanted a way to save time while creating personalized messaging. It would take them an average of 15 minutes to create one personalized email. So that's when we started looking into We were looking for a solution that could help us with creating better messaging at a faster rate."

Jenna Giglio

Reputation's path to

Erin and Jenna decided to evaluate to address gaps in manual prospecting processes and personalized messaging. Their vendor criteria included the capability to generate sales-ready content, scale personalization and receive insights into what is and isn't working in their messaging. The ability for to automate message creation and enhance personalization, while providing robust performance reporting and analytics, proved compelling.

"We had two criteria our solution needed to meet. The first - saving time on the Enablement side when it came to analyzing message efficacy and refreshing content, and for the SDRs when it came to personalized messaging. Our second criterion was that the solution must have the ability to increase our positive sentiment replies. And within three months of implementing Regie, we started to see both."

Jenna Giglio

The value of at Reputation

Within the first three months of using, Jenna, Erin and the team experienced the full impact of on their campaign performance.

Reputation Email Metrics

Beyond the improved messaging effectiveness, the value of was also evident for Reputation through the enhanced productivity and streamlined processes of their sales team.

"Regie alerts you if a sequence is out of date so we use it for refreshing outdated messaging which used to be a very manual process for us," Erin says. "We've [also] seen a really huge increase in the tracking of personalized versus not personalized emails on the rep-level because Regie makes it possible to personalize quickly, yet effectively."
"I could not imagine being in this Enablement position or even a sales position without the platform. I'm kind of jealous of the SDRs who are currently using it. I wish I had when I was a SDR in the past."

Erin Terry, Sales Enablement Specialist at Reputation

Impact on Sales Enablement

The ability of to efficiently create effective sales sequences and personalized prospecting emails that are persona-specific and reflect back on Reputation's brand voice has become integral to their Sales Enablement success.

But for Erin and Jenna, no other capability has quite transformed Sales Enablement at Reputation like the insights the Manager Dashboard provides. Rather than manually digging through hundreds of emails and sequences, sales leadership at Reputation relies heavily on the Manager Dashboard's reporting to simply identify areas for coaching.

Performance analytics offered by the Manager Dashboard enabled accountability and improvement tracking - at both team and rep levels - for the first time at Reputation. Now Jenna uses the time she saves to turn the dashboard's findings into a compass for team goal setting and attainment.

"Specifically for me and the inbound team, we're following up with engaged prospects, but personalization is still key, so I've used the dashboard to gamify our personalization goals. We just played a month-long bingo game where three or four of the bingo squares specifically related to and the dashboard's analytics. They set goals like personalizing at least 50% of the emails you send or using the icebreaker feature at least ten times a week. The team really responded to it, so that's been huge."

Jenna Giglio

The duo also uses the dashboard's data to track each rep’s use of specific features within the Chrome Extension. "We're able to know that our budget is going toward a solution that our team is actually using," confirms Erin.

"You can identify the individual features of the Chrome extension that the reps are using. So if we have a very successful rep who seems to be using a couple of features more than the other reps on the team, then that's kind of our telltale sign to coach the reps who are underperforming to leverage this specific feature more."

Erin Terry

Reputation SDRs love

While performance metrics help managers gain insight into how well their teams are personalizing emails and the average time it takes individual reps to create them, the benefits of also extend to the SDRs at Reputation.

"It takes a lot of time out of the SDR's day just to personalize one email. So having customized messaging available that they can just quickly rephrase themselves helps in their day-to-day tasks, and then they can touch more individuals with their outreach efforts each day."

Erin Terry

Reputation's SDRs embraced with enthusiasm, appreciating its ability to deliver personalized messaging while saving time. Managers and sequence creators also acknowledge the tool's contribution in terms of time-saving and innovative messaging.

"The prospects we're reaching out to are getting hundreds of emails a week about the same thing. And personalization is the number one way to be able to stick out and stand alone in their inbox. And so many different instances and departments use our platform, so being able to make sure that we're delivering the right message that speaks to a specific prospect's experience or day-to-day and tying the value of Reputation to that, rather than a general value prop, is essential."

Jenna Giglio

Personalization is one way to stick out in an inbox, and powerful sales collateral is another. With such a robust solution, incorporating industry and persona-specific collateral into messaging is a must for driving value. Now, thanks to, all of Reputation's GTM materials are stored in a smart CMS - making sure everything the SDR needs is easy to find and leverage.

"Storing and centralizing all of our content and collateral, it's really helpful for making it more efficient for our SDRs to find up-to-date resources and quickly link them within their emails."

Erin Terry

A successful partnership is a transformative solution for Reputation's SDR and Sales Enablement teams. By automating sequence creation, streamlining messaging and personalization, and providing actionable performance insights, the platform has enhanced the efficiency and productivity of their front-line reps while providing a better buying experience for their customers.

"From the time that we've signed on with to now, so many features and incredible things have been added and it just helps us grow with the platform as well," said Jenna. "And, our user adoption is insane."
"I could not imagine being in this Enablement position or even a sales position without the platform. I'm kind of jealous of the SDRs who are currently using it. I wish I had Regie when I was an SDR in the past."

Erin Terry

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