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May 3, 2024
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Recently, GTM Partners – a go-to-market (GTM) analyst firm – published an ROI study about the platform. Based on a comprehensive analysis of our G2 reviews and in-depth conversations with real customers, the study provides a comprehensive, customer-informed assessment of our platform that's rich with data, market insights, case studies, and testimonials you won't want to miss.

This article will provide you with a high-level overview of the main highlights of GTM Partners' ROI study, including:

  • Key benefits customers attribute to unleashing on their inbound and outbound prospecting motions;
  • Initial ROI data that customers shared; and,
  • Customer testimonials and "quotables."

If you want to read the full study for yourself, we've provided links to the PDF to either read now or download and save for later (no email needed).

According to Salesforce’s last State of Sales report, 66% of sales reps feel like they’re drowning in technology.

But it isn’t surprising, is it?

If you work in sales, you’re likely all too familiar with the challenges of managing an ever-growing tech stack. From prospecting and content generation to sales engagement and data enrichment, there seems to be a tool to support almost every single facet of a traditional go-to-market motion. And, at first glance, it’d seem like this should be a good problem to have. The issue is that adding more tools to your tech stack doesn’t automatically equate to getting more done. 

In fact, we’re seeing the very opposite happen: the larger tech stack gets, the more distracted (and possibly even unproductive) the team becomes. Why? Because the sheer manual effort involved in managing and maintaining these tools distracts reps from the work that actually moves the needle and helps move business forward. As a result, that same Salesforce report uncovered that reps only spend 28% of their time actually selling.

The problem is clear: sales teams are struggling under the weight of bloated tech stacks that just. keep. growing.

And the solution, as we see it, is a fairly simple one: rather than string together a bunch of tech that can execute different facets of a specific go-to-market workflow like prospecting, why not get one platform that specializes in doing it all?

According to the latest ROI study from GTM Partners – a go-to-market (GTM) analyst firm – fits that bill.



Recently, GTM Partners conducted an assessment of our platform to better understand how our Auto-Pilot product leverages the power of generative AI (genAI) to help enterprise companies revolutionize their prospecting motions.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of G2 reviews – paired with conversations with real customers – this ROI study is brimming with data, insights, and real customer testimonials that highlight the specific pain points our platform is optimized to solve for.

It also provides a snapshot of the kind of ROI our customers are already seeing by unleashing our tech on their inbound and outbound prospecting motions.

Addressing 5 key pain points with AI-driven capabilities

Through their research, GTM Partners uncovered 5 crucial benefits that customers attribute to using our platform: 

  1. Automated prospecting: autonomously executes repetitive tasks (e.g., audience building, content personalization, and task execution) and optimizes reps’ time by surfacing the most engaged leads.
  2. Simplified user experience: By consolidating multiple tools into one platform, provides a streamlined and efficient experience for sales reps.
  3. Consistent messaging: Marketing teams can ensure that there’s consistency in brand messaging across all touchpoints.
  4. Focus on high-intent leads: Auto-Pilot takes on all the grunt work typically assigned to sales reps; that way, they can prioritize their focus and efforts on following up on the most engaged prospects.
  5. Accelerated onboarding: can automate tasks like lead sourcing, personalization, and outreach, so sales enablement can onboard new reps faster and reallocate efforts to higher-value areas for the sales team.


Delivering results with generative AI

As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding.” To that end, the ROI study also showcases impressive results achieved by our customers, including:

  • 2x outbound meetings booked in under a year for one customer;
  • $27.3M in influenced pipeline from an inbound lead response AI agent in a quarter;
  • 17% lift in sales campaign conversions;
  • 14% lift in positive email reply sentiment in 3 months.

We think the results speak for themselves, but – just in case – here are some soundbites that real customers shared about their experiences with our platform:

"My team spends less time researching prospects and personalizing emails, so they have more time to listen to calls and work high-value accounts."
"I'm able to do so much more work in the same amount of time."
"I've never used any AI tool that's as fully thought out as It's flawless."

Final thoughts

While investing in new technology can be a significant decision,'s AI-powered platform offers a compelling solution for sales teams that are grappling with tech overload. By leveraging the power of genAI, enables teams to streamline their processes, boost productivity, and drive tangible business results.

But don’t just take our word for it: the GTM Partners study provides a comprehensive look at how real customers are using to consolidate their tech stack, alleviate rep overwhelm, and focus on their core sales activities.

So, what are you waiting for? Get reading!


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