How AI is Revolutionizing B2B Sales

Riley Clark
May 4, 2023
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Businesses across the globe have been turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to help them optimize their sales processes. However, with so many AI-backed tools and platforms appearing seemingly overnight, it can be dizzying to know where to start when evaluating the parts of your sales processes that stand to be most improved thanks to this new technology.

In this blog, we will summarize and explore how AI is revolutionizing B2B sales for businesses that are looking to leverage this powerful technology to improve their bottom line.

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Research shouldn't take all-day

There are many parts of the sales process that stand to be streamlined thanks for advanced in Generative AI. Prospect research is critical for many B2B sales teams, but that research shouldn't be taking your sales development reps all day.

For a role that is focused on achieving high levels of top-of-funnel sales activity metrics, spending countless hours on preliminary research is a tremendous bottleneck for many outbound sales teams.

However, obtaining relevant information and context through research can make a significant difference in whether or not you succeed in booking a meeting or making a sale.

While you know the importance of research, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of time it consumes. The good news is that Generative AI can serve as an excellent sales research tool to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to gather critical insights about target accounts and contacts.

Using a Generative AI system that's built for sales, sellers can gain a thorough understanding of the people and businesses they're trying to reach in a matter of seconds, saving a tremendous amount of time on that upfront research to inform personalized outreach.

By utilizing Generative AI, you can save a considerable amount of time on the research aspect of selling, allowing you to focus your energy on building stronger relationships and impressing your prospects with your relevant insights.

Turning research into personalization

Based on a study by Woodpecker, they report an average response rate of advanced personalized emails (that is those which included custom snippets beyond the most basic ones such as {{first_name}} or {{company_name}}) is 17%. Meanwhile, the emails without advanced personalization resulted in a 7% response rate.

Despite the evident value of personalization, it is still an underutilized strategy by many sales teams because of its time-consuming nature. Using a templated email with light personalization used to be way easier to scale sales outreach; that was until Generative AI came onto the scene.

Apart from the time it takes to research prospects, the true difficulty arises at the point a needs to turn their research into a personalized email.

Just because you found out that a prospect is active on Twitter and loves to hike doesn't mean you'll know how to word that in your email - let alone in a way that's relevant, convincing and abides by messaging best practices.

However, with Generative AI technology serving as a personalization assistant, creating unique and contextual sales messages is easier and faster than ever before.

When you're using the right AI platform, researching a prospect and turning those insights into personalized sales copy can happen simultaneously.

No more brainstorming over how to word the information that your research uncovered, no more writer's block, and no more drafting - just time savings and well-written emails a plenty.

Imagine streamlining your research and personalization workflow from finding three points of personalization in under three minutes to finding three or more points of personalization in just 30 seconds. Not only because you're researching faster, but also because the research is used to generate effective sales copy nearly instantly.

Generative AI technology offers sales representatives the opportunity to work smarter, not harder. It can provide salespeople with the information they need to create well-informed, personalized outreach that speaks directly to their prospects' interests and pain points.

Truly, Generative AI is making scalable personalization a reality.

Sales sequences from start to finish

If you are in charge of creating sales sequences for your organization but don't enjoy writing, you are not alone. Many sales, operations, and enablement team members find sequence creation to be a time-consuming and daunting task.

In the past, creating sales sequences was a dreaded process due to the significant amount of time they take to develop, the various opinions and preferences about what works and what doesn't, and the effort required to build it in a sales engagement platform.

Writing is an essential part of sales, and there's no avoiding it.

However, Generative AI can help by serving as a writing tool that can convert your standardized personas, pain points, and value propositions into contextual sales sequences that are informed by data and industry best practices.

Generative AI platforms can generate a first draft of a sequence within minutes, allowing you to save time and focus on other, higher-value tasks. And if the first draft doesn't meet your needs, you can generate new options to work with and share with internal teams for collaboration and finalization.

Using Generative AI to create sequences can also make sure you are utilizing the latest performant data to produce a high-performing touch pattern. By using a platform whose models are constantly being refined with the latest industry best practices and email data points will help ensure you are constantly staying ahead of the curve with your outreach.

By using Generative AI, you can focus on being the content editor rather than the content creator, saving time and reducing stress associated with producing content from scratch. Furthermore, you can ensure that your sequences are well-written and informed by industry best practices, ultimately resulting in better conversion rates.

Omni-channel outreach for a full calendar

To achieve success in B2B sales, it's important to build connections and relationships with prospects. To do this, it's crucial to diversify outreach efforts across multiple channels to secure meetings.

If you find it difficult to navigate multiple outbound channels, Generative AI can help ensure that you're delivering the right message, regardless of the channel.

For example, if you're making cold calls, Generative AI platforms can provide communication advice and personality DISC and OCEAN profiles to make recommendations on communication best practices.

If you're writing cold emails, Generative AI platforms can analyze and make real-time recommendations on things like email length, readability, spam words, and inclusive language to optimize your message.

If you're leveraging social selling, Generative AI platforms can aggregate digital breadcrumbs on the prospect from various sources such as their social media feeds, articles, podcasts, and recent job posts, and use this information to generate hyper-personalized outreach on platforms like LinkedIn.

By optimizing touchpoints across multiple channels, you can significantly improve your chances of securing meetings. With Generative AI, you can ensure that your cold outreach efforts are effective and efficient no matter the channel, allowing you to focus your time and energy on building relationships with your prospects and moving feals forward.

Burnout, watch out

Having the right mindset is crucial for success in any job, especially in sales, where achieving targets can be overwhelming. Burnout is a real threat to sales professionals, and finding tools to alleviate stress and maintain motivation levels is essential.

Generative AI is one such tool that can make a significant difference in the emotional well-being and productivity of sales teams.

Anyone in sales development can admit that crafting hundreds of emails and cold calls and only receiving a couple of replies can be emotionally taxing or demotivating and eventually, lead to burnout. But, when the right technology steps in to alleviate some of the stress associated with the job, and net you better outcomes, the experience can quickly become more enjoyable.

AI not only lightens the emotional load but also enhances productivity and skills for SDRs, which can lead to better results and increased confidence.

By capitalizing on Generative AI, sales teams can experience improved open rates, more prompt replies, and increased booked meetings. With this boost in performance comes a surge of assurance and motivation that staves off fatigue—bringing forth better results and happiness all around.

Incorporating this innovative technology is an absolute must for any ambitious sales force seeking out success and wanting to steer clear of burnout.

A new view on career growth

Sales professionals are typically driven by a desire to win and succeed, not just in prospecting and creating opportunities, but also in terms of career growth. However, advancing in one's career can often feel like an uphill battle, with intense competition and the need to stand out from one's peers.

Generative AI solutions designed for sales can provide an advantage in gaining early experience, expertise, and results, which could shape one's career trajectory.

As technology continues to play an increasingly critical role in B2B sales methodology, sales professionals who gain valuable experience using Generative AI will be better equipped to meet the demands of the industry. Hiring managers and job postings will likely prioritize candidates who have demonstrated an ability to scale processes and approaches with Generative AI soon.

By being early adopters of Generative AI, sales professionals can gain a first-mover advantage and develop a secret sales superpower that can significantly boost their results.

AI is the future and the future is now

AI is transforming the B2B sales game, granting reps the ability to generate superior messaging in moments and simplify tasks that used to take up too much of their precious prospecting time.

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Investing in this cutting-edge tech will make it easier for your team to keep pace with competitors and create an unforgettable buying experience for your prospects.

Don't wait—now's the perfect moment to maximize your front-line potential with artificial intelligence.

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