Introducing the Campaign Editor

Rocco Savage
May 22, 2023
 min read

Writing a single, compelling personalized email that hits all the right notes takes time. Building an entire sequence of them takes even longer — and that’s before you even get it into your sales engagement platform. makes it effortless to generate an entire persona based sequence within minutes. From there, you can use our Campaign Editor and make it easier than ever to customize and modify your campaigns.

With an intuitive touch pattern drag and drop UI and our email editing assistant incorporated directly into the editor, you can reduce the email sequence creation process from weeks down to minutes.

Campaign editor features

  • Utilize a bank of best practice approved cadences to help you get started.
  • Customize any campaign by adding and removing steps, such as emails, call scripts and social touches, or adjusting when those steps occur as needed. 
  • Rearrange campaign steps by simply dragging and dropping to change their order. 
  • Access their Blocks library directly in the editor, making it simple to switch out variables like pain points and value propositions.
  • Generate new ideas with our email editing assistant directly in the editor when inspiration is needed for personalized cold emails, follow ups, subject lines, intro lines, value propositions or pain points. Just copy and paste the new content straight into the campaign on the same screen.
  • Subject lines and campaign names are now fully editable in line. 
  • Evaluate your email’s score to assess areas of improvement on things like reading time, email length, inclusivity of language, and more.
  • Direct integrations with some of the most popular Sales Engagement Platforms including Salesloft and Outreach make publishing your generated sequence a snap.

Check out the Campaign Editor in action

You don’t have to take our word for it — check out the short video below to see how easy the Campaign Editor is to use:

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