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Introducing the Campaign Editor

With our completely rebuilt Campaign Editor, regie users have even more control over their campaign building experience than ever before.
Rocco Savage
Head of Growth

Creating compelling content takes time, but upgrades to our editor just made it a whole lot easier.

We are incredibly excited to announce increased functionality to our campaign editor that will allow our creators to:

  • Scroll freely between a campaign’s steps with the ability to edit each one.
  • Customize any campaign by adding and removing steps, or adjusting when those steps occur as needed. 
  • Rearrange campaign steps by simply dragging and dropping to change their order. 
  • Access their Blocks library directly in the editor, making it simple to switch out variables like pain points and value propositions.
  • Generate new ideas with regie's AI Assistant while in the editor. Whether inspiration is needed for personalized cold emails, follow ups, subject lines, intro lines, value propositions or pain points, users can leverage the AI Assistant directly from the platform. Just copy and paste the new content straight into the campaign on the same screen. 
  • Subject lines and campaign names are now fully editable in line. 
  • View their email’s reading time in seconds or minutes, based on an average reading rate of 150 words per minute.

With our new features and functionality, regie users have even more control over their campaign building experience. Prefer to see the changes in action?Customer Success Manager Katie Kalafus who will show you exactly what to expect.

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