Meet Your New Personal AI Sales Copywriting Assistant

Rocco Savage
October 25, 2021
 min read

The Regie team is excited to announce the release of our newest feature, AI Assistant.

Regie’s AI Assistant is an AI module designed to support rep-level content needs by helping them instantly create personalized cold emails, subject lines, intro lines and more. This means in addition to full campaigns created for the reps on your team, all Regie users can now use our AI to generate content on the fly specific to their organization, product description, tone and guided context. 

Our AI Assistant greatly increases a user’s ability to generate highly precise, personalized content. From individual cold outreach to one-off value-added follow-ups, our AI Assistant allows users to rapidly create content positioned around their buyers.

How does it work? 

Very simply - just describe your product or service in a few sentences, enter the tone of voice you'd like to use, along with your organization name and any additional context you'd like to include. 

And that’s it, Regie does the rest. 

You’ll instantly receive content created just for you. Select your favorite iteration of the content provided then plug it directly into your campaign, or, bookmark any content you’d like to use later.

Use AI Assistant for:

  • Email subject lines - Optimized subject lines that are generated based on the context you provide.
  • Email intro lines - Give your cold emails the perfect intro voice with customizable AI-generated content.
  • Intro lines - Write unique intro lines that get readers to open.
  • Value propositions - Compelling value props generated specifically for your product.
  • Pain points - Generate pain points that better target your customer.

Up until now, Regie’s AI worked behind the scenes to optimize sequence content. For the first time ever, users can interact with and generate ideas directly from the AI.

Want to see the AI Assistant in action? For a limited time, Regie is offering free trials to qualified businesses. Register Now.

Strengthen and customize your sales copy to add impact exactly where it matters most, with AI Assistant. 

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