New in Regie: A unified platform for regie’s product suite.

October 21, 2021
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Since its founding, the vision behind regie has been to provide AI that powers enterprise-wide content. Today, we’re taking a landmark step in making that vision a reality.

For the first time ever, all our products are displayed side by side in one place. This change does more than simplify the user experience. It signifies a milestone in the ability of businesses to deliver more effective content with the power of AI, no matter the department.

What Does it Mean?

It means that regie users will now be brought to a new, unified landing page that houses a login portal to each of our products. Without separate tabs or URLs, our customers can navigate the entire regie ecosystem from one consolidated home base.

What are the regie products? On our unified landing page, you’ll see regie for Sales, Marketing and Workplace.

The Product: Regie For Sales

Use regie for sales to create campaigns optimized for your buyers. Within minutes, regie for sales users can generate an entire inbound or outbound campaign, that includes their own value props and pain points located where they’ll make the greatest impact.

There’s no worrying over the timing of each touchpoint in a campaign or writing and rewriting your email copy or call scripts to achieve the proper tonality. With regie for sales, it’s all done for you.  

Don’t need an entire campaign? Use regie’s AI Assistant to generate one-off value propositions, pain points, subject lines and cold email intro voices to better connect with specific clients or refresh existing campaigns.

The Product: Regie For Marketing

With our AI Assistant, regie for marketing users can harness the power of AI to generate their own marketing content. Receive options for optimized blog post titles, outlines and introduction paragraphs. Or, when you need a creative spark, our AI Assistant can even generate ideas for your next blog.

Let our AI inspire, guide and write your newest content. Simply provide a few lines of context and regie will generate multiple iterations of the content you’re looking for. Quite literally, the options are limitless with regie for marketing.

The Product: Regie For Workplace

Use regie’s workplace portal as a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) resource.

Stay up to date on inclusive language standards with a vocabulary guidebook that provides easy-to-understand explanations of the words that are helpful or hurtful in both human discourse and your branded copy.

View a calendar with guidance for celebrating upcoming holidays in the workplace or check your own writing for language that’s inconsistent with DEI. Regie for workplace is also where any DEI audit reports for your company will live.

Every Product, One Place

Our products are designed to complement one another as well as to stand on their own. So regardless of whether you’re using a single regie product or each of them in tandem, our new unified landing page improves the experience of every regie user.

With an ecosystem that covers sales, marketing and the workplace, regie has the tools to support the content needs of your business.

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