Ushers in New Era of Outbound Prospecting as Email Regulations Tighten

Tom Tobin
November 16, 2023
 min read exists to make sure your prospects receive high-quality, relevant and targeted messages from you. We've always believed in this perfect world where quality and quantity are no longer at odds, and buyers can receive well-timed and relevant outreach from sales teams. Simultaneously, we also understand the power of diversified channels for prospecting, which was needed to be effective already but will soon be mandatory.

With the email marketing landscape evolving, it's more important than ever that businesses take a critical look at their targeting strategies, the relevancy of the content they send, and the intent of their buyers to provide an experience that matches where they are in their buying cycle.

Since its inception, has been at the forefront of modern sales communication; today we provide the only solution on the market capable of combining your CRM data, intent signals, and sales content with Generative AI to provide unique, multi-channel prospecting outreach for every single person you prospect. That's right. No two people ever receive the same experience with

Significant updates from Google and Yahoo are reshaping the email marketing world and for the better. Organizations leveraging a spray-and-pray approach will suffer, while businesses that adapt with omni-channel personalization will thrive. Simply put, if you are using email automation and templates today to scale your outbound, you need

Here's why:

Industry evolution

Google and Yahoo are aiming to reduce the amount of spam emails received by their users, as well as improve email security. Starting February 1, 2024, these changes will impact all email senders, with additional considerations for those sending large volumes.

There are 3 key areas both Google and Yahoo are highlighting in their requirements to be seen as a legitimate sender:

  1. Spam rate threshold
  2. Support one-click unsubscribe
  3. Sender authentication was designed specifically to be the next generation of outbound prospecting based on these current best practices. Our customers need us now more than ever to guide them seamlessly through this transition and maintain a compliant outbound strategy.

Here's how our customers win in this new age of selling:

How supports you

1. Enhanced Email Strategies:

  • Utilize AI to generate unique, engaging emails that reduce the likelihood of being marked as spam. customers like Reputation report improved sentiment with generated emails when compared to default email templates. produces unique messages every time as it leverages prompts not templates, avoiding automated spam filter detection.
  • proactively checks for and optimizes against spam words and phrases in messages.
  • Our Auto-Pilot product maintains email sending volume to follow the best practices that Google says ensure delivery

2. Compliance for High-Volume Email Campaigns:

  • Integrate one-click unsubscribe options easily into large-scale email initiatives.

3. Optimized Integration with Your Email Stack:

  • operates within the domains you are already using. It doesn’t need new domains or new IPs to send emails but rather it uses the existing channels you are using to deliver messaging.
  • Quickly adapt to bounced email addresses to maintain a clean and efficient outreach process.
  • Control daily email send volume limits with a Auto-Pilot Agent and in your SEP configuration to limit per-user traffic, to fit within Google’s limits.

In light of stricter email regulations, diversifying communication channels beyond email is essential. natively crafts unique content for both phone calls and social media, enabling you to engage your audience effectively across any channel.

Together, let's lead the future of communication.


For more information or to discuss how can enhance your multi-channel strategy, please don't hesitate to contact us at You can also request a demo, or try for yourself!

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