Introducing Rapid Writer, the Next Generation of Personalization Sales Prospecting

April 26, 2023
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Today we proudly announce the launch of Rapid Writer, the newest platform feature from that automates highly personalized cold email creation. Harnessing the power of Generative AI, sales teams can now scale their outreach and be more effective when prospecting while spending less time on manual prospect research and email tasks using Rapid Writer.

“We are committed to helping sales professionals communicate and connect with their buyers in a more human way,”  said Matt Millen, Co-Founder and President of “With the launch of Rapid Writer, we are teeing ourselves up to pioneer the next stage of sales productivity, one where sellers can understand the next best action to take with all of their prospects and deliver a human first buying experience without sacrificing reach.” 

Advanced personalized emails can significantly increase engagement with a whopping 17% response rate versus traditional, non-personalized emails, which only get 7%. Although this is an effective tactic, the effort and resources needed to customize each message make it difficult for sales teams to use in a scaled way. Rapid Writer drastically simplifies the typically tedious task of researching prospects and writing emails for sales sequences, with automated personalization. It is especially helpful to Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), offering invaluable assistance in these key areas:

  • Reducing time-per-manual email: Personalized messages rely heavily on meticulous research. Rapid Writer expedites the research process and enables SDRs to craft context-appropriate emails with ease so they can spend less time creating each message, and more time doing extra prospecting or higher value actions.
  • Increasing the depth of personalization: No longer is the power of personalization limited to the initial outreach message or only your most valuable prospects; now you can take advantage of outbound sales' compounded impact by making sure personalization is present at every step in the process.
  • Guardrailing the AI - Use to store persona based pain points and set customized email prompts, giving structure and guidance to your AI-generated email outputs.
  • Exposing email insights & analytics - The email analyzer can help you craft powerful, tailored messages while the dashboard will provide insight into which of your team's personalized sales messages are getting high marks - and which ones aren't.

“Our AI models are optimized based on best practices from over 55 million email data points, while also learning from data relevant to your company and your buyer, such as target personas and their pain points and value props,” said Srinath Sridhar, Co-Founder and CEO of “When combined, this provides superior messaging outputs that require less editing and are more personalized to your recipient.”

Want to learn more about Rapid Writer and how is helping enterprise customers like AT&T and Asana scale their personalized go to market motions? We’d love to chat.

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