recognized in eight categories in G2’s Spring 2023 Grid Reports

Nina Butler
March 30, 2023
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After a monumental Q1, including the closing of our A-Round Funding with additional investment from Khosla Ventures and the launch of game-changing personalization features for SDR teams including Rapid Writer, it's an honor to be recognized by G2 for our ability to use our market momentum to better serve our customers. has been recognized in the G2 Spring 2023 Grid Reports for three categories; AI Sales Assistant Software, Sales Engagement Software and Sales Enablement Software:

AI Sales Assistant Software

  • Grid® for AI Sales Assistant Software
  • Mid-Market Grid® for AI Sales Assistant Software (new recognition for
  • Small-Business Grid® for AI Sales Assistant Software (new recognition for

Sales Engagement Software

  • Grid® for Sales Engagement Software ( moved into the High Performer Quadrant of the report)
  • Mid-Market Grid® for Sales Engagement Software
  • Small-Business Grid® for Sales Engagement Software ( moved into the High Performer Quadrant of the report)

Sales Enablement Software

  • Grid® for Sales Enablement Software ( moved into the High Performer Quadrant of the report)
  • Small-Business Grid® for Sales Enablement Software (new recognition for

In the past quarter, Generative AI has captured the attention of the sales world, and for good reason. With advanced machine learning algorithms and computational power, Generative AI has become a valuable tool for generating personalized product recommendations, enhancing customer experiences, and improving sales performance. Being recognized in twice as many categories as the Winter Reports exemplifies the growing awareness and importance of AI-powered sales technology in the enterprise tech stack.

The tremendous movements captured in these reports emphasized by the validations from real-life customers using these solutions signifies more sales teams will be adopting AI into their sales workflows this year to stay ahead of the productivity curve. is proud to be a leader in this dynamic space.

Through G2's platform, customers can share their experiences and provide valuable feedback on a product, which helps others in the market for things like AI solutions, learn more about their options to be able to make the right decision for their team. Here's what our customers have to say about the power of

" has proven to be an invaluable tool in streamlining the process of creating cold mailing campaigns. Prior to incorporating into my workflow, I would spend anywhere from 1 to 2 hours crafting each cold outreach message. However, with's efficient features, I am now able to complete the entire cold mailing sequence in a mere 10 to 15 minutes.
Moreover,'s functionality allows for quick A/B testing, enabling me to make data-driven decisions and optimize my outreach efforts. This not only saves time, but also ensures that my campaigns are effective and impactful.
Overall, I highly recommend to anyone looking to expedite the process of creating cold mailing campaigns while maintaining a high level of efficacy. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive features have proven to be an invaluable asset to my workflow, and I am confident that it will be the same for others as well."

Tomáš B., Small Business Owner

"What I like most about using regie is how seamlessly it integrates with my existing outreach processes. Using my same prospecting and research tools, it helps me quickly generate personalized emails to reach out. I also like their AI toolkit which can help me instantly generate great subject lines and email copy for more unique types of emails."

Jake O., Director of Portfolio Operations

Massively reduced the time needed to craft engaging emails for cold outreach. Generally hits the nail on the head with minimal edits.
It helps me create and send out engaging emails much faster and at scale accross my book of business.

Vincent Priour, AE at Amazon

"Buyers now demand a personalized buying experience," says Nina Butler, Head of Marketing at "Only through Generative AI is personalization at scale finally achievable for front-line sales teams. Gone are the days of relying solely on persona-based sequencing to reach a broad audience. More and more enterprise organizations are turning to Generative AI solutions to help them expedite their prospect research, contextual content creation, and personalized email workflows, boosting productivity to close the pipeline gap."

We believe that customer feedback is critical to our success, and we are committed to providing excellent customer support and success to all of our users. Being featured by G2 is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication to our customer base, and we are honored to have earned the trust and loyalty of our customers. is the only Generative AI Platform for enterprise sales teams that personalizes content using data unique to your business. Revenue leaders rely on to boost sales productivity by connecting with their buyers in a more human way using AI. Ironic, we know. See what fully personalized sales outreach can mean for your team. Book a demo today!

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