How AI can help sales navigate the talent roller coaster

Nina Butler
September 11, 2023
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The sales talent landscape has been completely upended. 

The old playbook of how to sell, motivate teams, and hit targets suddenly feels useless in this new reality. But there is a bright spot on the horizon: artificial intelligence. 

Top sales leaders today are discovering how AI-powered sales tools can help leaders navigate the challenges of staffing for sales by automating manual tasks, personalizing interaction with team members, and highlighting areas for improvement.

With the right AI solution, your team may just be able to reduce burnout and retain top performers, even amidst turbulent times. 

Let’s dig into how.

Understanding the causes of high turnover in sales

To really wrap our heads around this trend, we need to get into the underlying causes of sales attrition.

Let's start by poking a hole in the romanticized image of sales as a glamorous, high-octane career. The reality? For many, it feels like an unrelenting pressure cooker. The core source of this pressure is the relentless pursuit of targets and quotas. For salespeople, every missed goal can feel like a personal failure. Over time, the weight of this pressure becomes unbearable. 

It's not just the numbers - it's the emotional toll of constantly hustling, 24/7, without a moment to breathe. “There’s a limit to which salespeople can be stretched thin after which the rubber band breaks,” said Anupreet Singh, 6sense’s Senior Director of GTM, “one of my reps told me he was actually scared to open his laptop at his previous organization.”

When things get to that level it can make goals feel even more impossibly hard to reach. The causes often come down to a lack of training and support. In the rush to onboard and get deals closed, companies neglect to properly equip teams with the right tools, knowledge, and skills. This oversight leaves salespeople feeling like they've been tossed into the deep end without any swimming lessons.  

There's also the punishing lifestyle. Sales roles often involve long, draining hours that blur the lines between personal and professional lives. This encroachment leads to burnout and a yearning for more work-life balance - something that feels impossible in the high-octane sales world.

And let's address the elephant in the room - money. Feeling undervalued isn't just emotional; it's about the paycheck too. As that 2021 Pew Research study showed, many resigning workers cited insufficient pay and a lack of respect as top reasons. For salespeople busting it to drive revenue, being underpaid is the ultimate demotivator.

The truth? High turnover stems from a tangled web of professional challenges and unmet personal needs. Solving it requires understanding both facets - and a real commitment to holistic change.

How AI-driven tools can reduce sales burnout

AI-driven sales tools aren't about merely keeping pace with the marathon of sales - they're about making the journey easier.

Let's look at personalization. In today's world, generic sales pitches are white noise. Prospects can spot a mass email from a mile away and that message is on its way to deletion or worse, getting marked as spam. Everyone knows that the ability to craft resonant, personalized messages is a game-changer. But doing this manually for every lead is simply an exercise in exhaustion. With advanced algorithms, AI tools can analyze data in seconds to create tailored messages, saving reps hours of work.

Then there's sequencing. Traditional sequences often rely on intuition rather than data, and results are hit or miss. But AI platforms like use Generative AI to create optimized, high-performing sequences in moments, not hours, by consulting pre-approved persona based language and marrying it with sales ready email structures and performant touch patterns. No more wasting hours debating which step should go where or in which channel.

Another pain point is coaching. Traditionally, feedback has been a post-mortem analysis of failures. But AI tools flip this script - enabling real-time insights and actionable guidance. This empowers reps with knowledge for immediate course correction, reducing anxiety and uncertainty.

The bottom line? AI isn't just a tool - it's a companion and teammate. It does not replace human relationships and intuition - it amplifies them. So salespeople can focus on what matters:

  • Forging connections
  • Closing deals
  • Avoiding burnout

With the right AI solutions, the sales marathon doesn't have to be a solitary suffering fest. Reps can run it with an optimized training partner by their side.

The Benefits of AI in Retaining Sales Talent

So where is the crossover between AI and talent retention? It’s in the details. Even today, AI tools can deliver an array of benefits that can transform the daily sales grind, making it more satisfying and sustainable.

Automating Tedious Tasks

Over a third of a salesperson's day is consumed by repetitive tasks like data entry, lead sorting, etc. While essential, these tasks sap mental energy from building relationships and closing deals. AI's automation liberates salespeople from these mundane tasks. Now reps can channel their time and energy into:

  • Meaningful interactions
  • Relationship building
  • Driving conversions

Providing Real-Time Mentorship

Through advanced analytics and feedback, AI equips sales reps with insights typically reserved for seasoned vets. Whether identifying roadblocks or suggesting optimal touchpoints, AI ensures reps never feel lost. This consistent support:

  • Boosts performance
  • Builds confidence
  • Fosters empowerment

Driving Personalized Interactions

In a sea of generic outreach, AI-powered personalization stands out. By tailoring messaging to each lead, AI boosts conversions and morale. Just look at Upwork - after adopting, conversions jumped 17%! Wins like these underscore AI's value in driving customer satisfaction, and happier customers mean happier reps who serve them.

Actionable advice for enterprise sales leaders

Sales leaders looking to take action on AI should keep a few things in mind.

Take AI seriously

AI isn’t just hype. Take time to really understand what AI tools can do, from automating tasks to providing real-time insights. Then figure out how AI can seamlessly integrate into your team's workflows to amplify results. The goal isn't to replace your talented reps - it's to free them up to focus on higher value tasks, like building relationships and closing deals.

Invest in the right AI platforms for your team 

Platforms like aren't just point solutions - they're whole platforms designed to develop your people. The ongoing training, support, and feedback they provide keeps your team sharp. And the data-driven insights help you pinpoint opportunities for coaching. For example, gives leaders a high-level view of rep performance so you can offer targeted guidance to help each person grow.

Prioritize mental health and wellness

Sales is demanding, and burnout is real. Keep an eye out for warning signs, and be proactive. Create an environment where people feel comfortable coming to you about pressures. AI can help reduce stress by automating tedious work and providing insights that minimize uncertainty.

The bottom line? Sales leaders today need to empower their teams through AI usage. Take the time to understand it, invest in the right platforms, and use it to support mental health. Do this, and you can build an environment where talent stays engaged. One where people thrive, innovate and succeed.

Closing Thoughts

As we stand on the precipice of a new era in sales, it's evident that the fusion of AI tools and innate human skills is not just aspirational—it's imperative. 

The challenges posed by economic uncertainty, the Pandemic, and subsequent economic turmoil have underscored the vulnerabilities in traditional sales approaches. 

However, with AI-driven platforms at our disposal, we have a unique opportunity. By integrating these cutting-edge tools, we can enhance human capabilities, ensuring that sales professionals are equipped to excel and focus on more rewarding work. 

More than just technology, embracing AI is about fostering a culture of innovation, resilience, and growth. It’s not human OR machine—the future is going to be a synthesis of both.

If you're ready to help your team soar by enabling them with Generative AI, it's time to try Learn more today – and let your team focus back on what they do best: selling.
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