New In Regie: Upload Collateral In A Click

September 20, 2021
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We like finding ways to make a greater impact through simple changes.

You probably do too. It’s in the little things, like putting your keys in the same spot every day to avoid searching for them later, or setting reminders in your phone so you don’t forget to get something done. Without requiring much, these changes make our lives easier.

That’s why the question, ‘is there a simpler way?’ is one of our favorites to ask.  

To Put it Simply, It’s Simple

Recently we looked at Regie with that question in mind, and decided to make some adjustments to our campaign builder’s collateral uploading feature.

In the past, we provided instructions for including sales approved collateral in our campaign builder. Now, users don’t need instructions, because uploading PDFs into email copy is a seamless process.  

Upload infographics, case studies, ebooks, event magazines, whatever you need to use, directly into your campaign’s emails, to save yourself time while increasing the value of your messages.

It’s as easy as navigating our ‘Blocks’ content management area. Simply navigate to collateral and upload a file of your choosing from your computer. While building a campaign, insert the file into your message and that’s it, you’re done.

Put Some Collateral Into It

Why add collateral? To create more robust campaigns.

  • Improve reply and click through rates
  • Appeal to your buyer personas
  • Maintain a low word count in your body copy
  • Guide learning about your company

Overall, the right collateral is a thoughtful way to provide additional context and value without applying pressure during the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey.  

Leverage the benefits of marketing collateral easily in your Regie campaigns by including yours with just a few clicks.

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