What's new with Regie.ai? Q1 2024

Tom Tobin
March 4, 2024
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As we venture into 2024, dubbed the "year of the AI Sales Agent," we've been leading the charge by making significant updates to our platform. In this quarterly roundup, we'll showcase enhancements we've made that go beyond simply automating tasks: they will reshape how you and your team prospect.

Here's what's new with Regie.ai in Q1 2024:

  • Turbocharging Auto-Pilot: You'll love the enhancements we've made to our new Auto-Pilot product, including support for non-SEP workflows, persona engagement limits, and personalized call workflows.
  • Optimizing your LinkedIn prospecting: We've built increased functionality into our LinkedIn task execution workflow that should enhance your team's social selling efforts.
  • More platform perks: Customer privacy and security are extremely important to us, so we've heightened security by creating a more streamlined SSO setup.

Read on to get the full scoop on all the latest and greatest enhancements we made to our platform this past quarter!

If 2023 is going to be known as the "year of ChatGPT," we predict that 2024 will be known as the "year of the AI Sales Agent."

In January, we introduced that Regie.ai Auto-Pilot Agents were generally available to the market. This announcement was a signal that AI-automated selling is the future — and the future is now.

Read on to find out what other additions we've made to our platform in Q1 to shepherd in this new era of sales prospecting.

Improvements to Auto-Pilot

This past quarter, Auto-Pilot hit the ground running: our AI Sales Agents took over the repetitive parts of prospecting (e.g., list building, content generation, email task execution). In turn, this enabled our customers — and even our own internal sales team — to free up valuable SDR time so that they could focus on more important tasks.

As meeting volume increases — and manual workloads decrease — we decided to refine our Auto-Pilot offering by adding a few more enhancements.

#1: Support for non-sales engagement platform (SEP) workflows

While many customers use Auto-Pilot Agents through their current SEP workflows, we now can extend the same capabilities to customers without an SEP in place. For any autonomous email Agents you create, we can now send those emails on your reps' behalf using your email solution provider.

#2: Limits on the number of personas engaged per account

Companies with a defined ideal customer profile and persona maps often have optimized volumes of coverage they want to stay within. In Regie.ai, you can now set a minimum and a maximum number of people your Agents will engage with on an account-based persona level.

#3: Supporting leads and contacts

Depending on your business, you may operate a lead-based motion, where the lead object is important to preserve in your Salesforce instance. You may also run more of an account-based motion, where you deal in contacts. No matter your workflow, Auto-Pilot Agents can be set up to create and work with Salesforce leads or contacts.

#4: Personalized call workflows

According to research from Omnisend, companies that use 3+ channels in their outbound strategies experience 287% higher purchase rates vs. companies that only use 1 channel.

Pretty wild, right?

It's not long before omnichannel campaigns are table stakes for businesses; recognizing this, we wanted to meet our customers in the middle and make it easier for them to coordinate those efforts. Part of our Q1 2024 product update efforts included adding functionality to support customers who use power dialers like Outreach or Salesloft. Specifically, those customers can now reference Auto-Pilot generated priority call tasks and personalized call scripts when doing so.


Optimizing your prospecting for LinkedIn

Did you know that you can execute your LinkedIn outreach with Regie.ai — and in a fraction of the time?

That's right: we're not just about emails and calls.

Last month, we introduced the ability to use our Power Socializer to generate unique, personalized InMails or connection requests for each of your LinkedIn touches in just a few seconds.

Since then, we've made more improvements to the LinkedIn task execution workflow:

Additional platform improvements

Customer privacy and security are paramount to Regie.ai. We're pleased to introduce a streamlined Single Sign-On (SSO) set up process directly inside of the Regie.ai platform to improve enterprise security for your team.

Stay up to date with Regie.ai

At the end of the day, our main goal is to help sales teams succeed. With Regie.ai, you can skyrocket your most important metrics — from rep productivity to generated pipeline — by automating mundane tasks that weigh down most SDR and sales teams.

Stay tuned throughout the quarter as we update this blog post with even more enhancements to our state-of-the-art prospecting solution.

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