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Srinath Sridhar
January 22, 2024
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Buyer changes, driven by massive global and technology shifts in just a few short years, are now putting revenue goals at risk for many B2B teams. A study by GTM Partners shows that 50% of companies are missing their pipeline targets, while over 50% of Chief Sales Officers surveyed by Gartner cited outbound prospecting as a top-three priority to scaling their businesses last year.

So why are so many teams still missing out on the promised potential of outbound sourced business?

What gives?

Simply put, the way sellers sell hasn't caught up to the way buyers buy.

Today's buyers are more educated and sophisticated than ever. Many demand a consumer-like buying experience; one that is personalized, relevant, and timely.

Yet most sales teams are still operating their outbound motions like an assembly line. To structure and manage the assembly line, it requires:

1. Lots of people:

  • Sales & Rev Ops to build the lead lists
  • Content & product marketing to develop the personas and content
  • Sales enablement to train on prospecting best practices
  • Sales Managers to build the sequences and drive task execution
  • SDR & AEs to execute sequence tasks

2. Lots of tech:

  • CRM
  • Sales Engagement Platform
  • 1st and 3rd party data providers
  • Power Dialer
  • Lead Router
  • Content Management System
  • Sales Navigator
  • and more

3. Lots of time for repetitive tasks:

  • source contacts
  • write content
  • build sequences
  • manage tasks
  • report on what is and isn't working

But AI eliminates the need for big teams, lots of tech and loads of time required to deliver an enviable prospecting experience for buyers. AI Sales Agents can be built to 100% autonomously:

  • Make decisions on who to target, when and in what channel using data
  • Generate unique content and build prospecting workflows
  • Execute tasks on behalf of an SDR or rep, and
  • Dynamically adapt the prospecting experience for the buyer based on their intent signals

a graph showing growth from simple sales automation to AI-automated selling

AI automated selling is the future and the future is now. We are proud and excited today to announce that Auto-Pilot by is Generally Available. Our AI Sales Agents combine your unique CRM, sales engagement and intent data with Generative AI to continuously identify who to contact, when, in what channel and with what tailored message for optimal engagement; zero human intervention required.

Think of Auto-Pilot Agents as virtual SDRs who work around the clock. Without adding more headcount or outsourcing to a 3rd party, AI Sales Agents can engage untapped segments of your market and book meetings for your reps. This now allows you to refocus your human sellers from cold prospecting machines to only working warm lead follow-up.

You have my attention... how does Sales Auto-Pilot work? Auto-Pilot uses performance and profile data to craft individual approaches most likely to generate a response from each prospect.

The first bottleneck to the outbound assembly line is audience identification and list building. Traditionally, Sales and Operations teams often work with Marketing to define and create an ideal customer profile, but then leave front line sellers to determine which accounts fit that criterion and how to prioritize prospects within them. Instead, AI can now evaluate engagement data, account triggers and intent data to create target account and prospect lists.

Using, teams can identify which audiences in your CRM you are most likely to book meetings with and surface similar prospects and accounts to prioritize outreach to. Now, SDRs spend less time identifying and prioritizing prospects while investing more time in higher-value tasks in the sales process.

Now that you have the audience identified, the next step on the assembly line is spending cycles preparing relevant messaging for them. But not just any message will do these days.

The growing prevalence of SDR/BDR roles means that potential customers are bombarded with more messages than ever before so your outreach has to be on point. So it’s no surprise that most prospecting outreach fails to connect, especially through the email channel. Templated messages have almost no chance of reaching the inbox.

Today teams can use to automatically write personalized email messages for each prospect, referencing your pre-set value props, pain points and customizable AI message prompts to ensure every message sent is on brand, contextual, unique and personalized to the recipient. will even automatically send the email on behalf of the rep. guarantees the right message goes to the right prospects at the right time, resulting in more predictable sequence activity and resulting meetings. Furthermore, you can now understand what messaging results in those meetings and pipeline, so you can feed those insights back to other parts of the revenue team and disable what isn't resonating.

A comparison of the steps in a traditional, human-driven process with an AI-driven process. Sales Auto-Pilot takes care of more than half of the busy work that slows SDRs down.

Now, the last part of the assembly line to be streamlined by AI is sales activity follow-up.

A decade ago, sales engagement platforms allowed reps for the very first time to pre-write and schedule templated messages to buyers at varying intervals, scaling their ability to reach a large audience and intercept them at different channels and moments in time. But with this newfound reach, personalization efforts fell by the wayside as everyone got treated the same way in that singular sequence no matter their engagement level.

Today, with AI, there is a dynamic way to keep those audiences engaged with tailored experiences long-term; meaning turning up the frequency of touches on those showing buying signals, and waning off those that aren't. can now manage your sequence tasks dynamically. As your prospects engage, the frequency of touches will accelerate. But if your prospects aren’t engaging, they won’t continue to be sent repetitive messages from a fixed sales sequence but instead will be slowly nurtured until sales-ready.

This experience improves overall campaign conversion and buyer sentiment while also keeping the leads with sales. This frees your sales team up to work only urgent leads, as will only serve up call and social tasks for the most engaged prospects.

With, SDRs and reps can spend their time on the right prospects, not all prospects.

A diagram of different sequence types for different levels of engagement.

Sales Auto-Pilot origin story

Since 2021, we have been our own best customer. The platform has been entrenched in every aspect of our GTM strategy; from the day we first launched our sequence engine, to our more recent developments with our Co-Pilot assisted-selling product, to today with Auto-Pilot.

Over the past year, as we navigated the market headwinds similar to many other SaaS companies, my co-founder Matt Millen and I were inspecting ways to continue to drive more rep productivity and output from a sales organization with a flat headcount. Furthermore, we wrestled with these three comments from our customers who also found themselves on the outbound prospecting hamster wheel:

  • No matter how many apps they invested in, automations they set up, or enablement sessions they ran, they couldn't get their reps to complete sales tasks on time, which bottlenecked outbound activity and engagement
  • When activity did get done, they wanted to be able to see what messaging was leading to meetings and pipeline so they could make informed decisions on what to change in their outbound strategies
  • Every investment was being scrutinized - if they couldn't see clear ROI, they couldn't make a business case for it

From this, the idea for Auto-Pilot was born. As AI began moving away from simple content generation and more into the world of AI agent-based execution, we saw an immediate use case fit in having a virtual SDR reliably and intelligently own the repetitive parts of the prospecting assembly line.

The payoff

Sales Auto-Pilot has absolved us of legacy human-reliant prospecting, replacing it with a comprehensive, coordinated, and fully autonomous one. In just a few short months, Auto-Pilot is already discovering tens of thousands of new leads for us, and producing 1/3 of all of our SDR driven meetings. This drastic boost in output is giving our SDRs and reps more time back in their day to work highly engaged leads and deals further down the funnel.

Ourselves, alongside dozens of customers, are deploying AI agents focused on:

  • Cold Outbound - identifying cold ICP prospects and engaging them with emails, call tasks and social touches
  • Social Media - automating LinkedIn connections and InMails for target buyers
  • Outbound on Inbound - keeping prospects warm who have come through a lower intent content channel
  • Nurture - creating tailored, personalized nurtures for each person in your database
  • ABM - discovering net new prospects within a target account to assist with multi-threading
  • Expansion - converting free customers to paid accounts as well as introducing large customers to cross-sell and upsell opportunities that are relevant
  • and more!

Generative AI changes the operational, execution, and experience side of prospecting, making it easier for businesses and better for buyers. Functions across the go-to-market team benefit from AI powered Sales Agents:​

All go-to-market functions benefit from AI Sales Agents: Operations, Marketin, Enablement, Sales managers, and Sales reps find it easier to do their jobs.

This is an exciting chapter for, and our customer base. I'm proud to shepherd in this new era of sales prospecting, and I hope you'll join us in our movement.

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