What's new with Regie.ai? Q2 2023

Tom Tobin
June 26, 2023
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Imagine the world of B2B sales getting a supercharged boost – that's exactly what's happening with generative AI (genAI) right now. It's like giving sales teams a set of high-tech tools that help you work smarter, not harder. So, what exactly does this mean for you? Well, it's opening up exciting new ways to connect with potential customers, personalize messages without spending hours on research, and ultimately create better experiences for everyone involved.

To help you keep up with these changing tides, we've spent the last quarter making significant updates to our platform that we think you'll be really excited about.

Here's what's new with Regie.ai in Q2 2023:

  • Unlimited AI credits for Pro & SMB users
  • Advanced prompt customization for email body, intro lines, subject lines, and LinkedIn notes
  • Custom prompt library for creating, storing, and managing prompts
  • Data source priority setting for personalized messages
  • Personalization score feature to assess email uniqueness
  • LinkedIn message insights added to the "Manager Dashboard"
  • Expanded presence in G2 Grid Reports, indicating industry recognition

Read on to get the full scoop on all the latest and greatest enhancements we made to our platform this past quarter!

Generative AI (genAI) has been the buzz about town this year. Why? Because increasingly more people are starting to recognize its potential for revolutionizing B2B sales as we know it. A recent study from McKinsey Global Institute suggests that 75% of the value-add seen from genAI will stem from four primary use cases - one of which is marketing and sales.

At Regie.ai, we’re leaning into this innovation by building a product that truly improves sales teams’ productivity levels and empowers them to provide even better experiences to their customers. In Q2 2023, we've focused on improving the quality and speed of our AI, to build even more trust and automation into the sales prospecting workflow.

Read on for some highlights:

Unlimited AI credits for Pro & SMB users

Living in a world without limits is always more fun, especially when it comes to the power of AI for sales. So we decided to make a big change. We've removed our AI credit limits for Pro and SMB users of Regie.ai.

No more outbound-ing the old-fashioned way when you run out of credits. Now you and your team can use Regie.ai to engage every prospect on your list, with the help of our best-in-class AI platform, without worrying about how many credits you have left.

That means a lot more personalization, whether it's a manual step in your multi-touch sequence or a one-off email in your inbox, and a lot less time spent writing.

With unlimited credits for Pro and SMB users, there's never been a better time to bring the only genAI platform designed exclusively for sales teams, to your sales team. Experience unlimited AI-powered sales outreach when you create a Regie Pro or SMB plan.

Introducing advanced prompt customization

One of the biggest predictions from the annual Gartner Sales Leaders Conference this month was that SDRs will need to develop prompt engineering skills to take advantage of the substantive benefits of using AI to generate sales-ready content.

Regie.ai responded and is here to take that operational burden off your, and your team's, plate.

Now within your Regie.ai Workspace Settings, you can set prompt customization for:

Think of these prompts as a guide or instructions Regie.ai should follow as it crafts your personalized messaging outputs. All of these new features help put greater control over your email structure, matching tone and brand voice so you can love the output every time (and test the outputs to make sure).

Furthermore, we developed the Regie.ai Custom Prompt Library, allowing you to create, store and manage unlimited custom prompts across email, intro lines and LinkedIn messages:

If you are an admin in Regie.ai you can customize and store your message prompts in your Workspace Settings today.

Data source priority & personalization scores

Personalization at scale has been a long-promised, and often under-delivered, strategy of sales organizations. Until the advent of genAI, it simply took sellers too long to research and combine relevant data on your buyers to formulate truly personal outreach to them.

Regie.ai continues to unlock true personalization at scale for modern sales teams, and we have two exciting new parts of our platform to help better customize your Regie.ai experience, and measure how personalization efforts are going within your team:

Data source priority

Are there certain data sources you prefer your team utilize when crafting a personalized message? In your Regie.ai Workspace Settings you can set your data source priority which will be referenced for Rapid Writer generated emails:

You can read more about this new feature here.

Personalization score

Regie.ai now automatically assesses all emails sent for content uniqueness and will provide a personalization score, allowing you to mentor reps on where they can increase their score or recognize them for stellar performance. These Personalization Score insights now appear on the Manager Dashboard:

Curious about what your reps are sending on LinkedIn?

A recent study conducted by Salesloft sites that multichannel outbound cadences improved prospect engagement 4.7 times over. Over the past five years, we've seen a serious shift in prospecting strategies to include more channels to successfully reach our buyers.

For many sales teams, LinkedIn has become an incredibly important ingredient in that channel mix. However, it's often a black box when it comes to managers having eyes on how their reps are engaging on social.

You can now monitor how your sales team personalizes their LinkedIn Messages using Regie.ai. View performance insights, and individual messages sent through LinkedIn Sales Navigator, in the Regie.ai Manager Dashboard:

LinkedIn message insights are just one of the dozens of data points captured in our Manager Dashboard. You can learn more about how you can inspect personalization efforts across your team, including email personalization scores, top recommendations for message improvement, and more here.

Thank you from Team Regie.ai

The anticipated impact of genAI is already materializing in places like G2, where more B2B buyers are taking to the peer review site to understand which technologies are leading the charge with this applied innovation. We are proud of our consistent and expanding presence in G2 Grid Reports over the past three quarters, as it serves as a positive indicator that the sales world is taking notice of the rise in genAI-based solutions.

Regie.ai is at the forefront of this innovative technology that is transforming the field. We are committed to pioneering the next stage of sales productivity, one where sellers can understand the next best action to take with all of their prospects and deliver a human-first buying experience without sacrificing reach.

Keep your eyes on this blog as we continually update it to share all of the goodness that is new inside of Regie.ai this quarter.

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