How 3AG Systems doubled dealfow with

Problems Facing 3AG Systems

3AG provides financial operations insight extracted from data to its clients. When it came to sales outreach, they needed a formal approach to their efforts. Being able to cast a wider net while booking more meetings and following up with leads were priorities. They tried an appointment generating service as a possible solution, but it didn’t meet expectations. In fact, Regie has already outperformed it.

How Regie is Helping

Since using Regie, the company has seen improvement in scalability and engagement. They're reaching out to more leads and receiving 7x the replies and engagement than their non-Regie sequences. In the first few months of use, they’ve doubled their new opportunities.

Taking advantage of Regie's campaign builder helps 3AG book more meetings. They’ve found the multi-step post-webinar sequence to be especially valuable for getting more out of their webinars. Now, after webinars, 3AG nurtures leads with a multi-touch follow-up to successfully convert outreach to booked meetings.

Reply Rates
New Deals
3AG Systems realized a 7x increase in replies and engagement along with a 2x increase in opportunities.
"I was delighted how words were framed and how regie was cognizant of the context if how to frame messaging. What I like most about regie is the messaging is constantly up dated all the time. I feel like I have a team that’s always working on copy."
Abu Batasi
Director, Sales and Partnerships

The Solution

Leaning into Regie’s cold outbound multi-touch sequence has been another source of meeting generation. The content within it helps the 3AG team circumvent their bias and write to their leads with a tonality that is optimized for communication. Email copy that would have otherwise been overlooked is now being used for the right lead at the right time. And 3AG loves that Regie's content is routinely updated. Now they can rely on fresh content for their campaigns without spending hours of their time writing it. 

How it's Going

Regie's sequences made increasing the scale of 3AG outreach possible. The company now has the tools to optimize its reach with campaigns written in minutes and persona-targeted. They're nurturing their leads like never before and already seeing the results. And they're driving efficiency by organizing all of their campaigns, from start to finish, in one easy-to-use place. Regie.

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