How Tools4Ever improved targeting and reduced cadence creation time.

About the Company

Tools4Ever is an international company in the technology services industry, providing solutions for identity and access management. In operation since 1999, they had a real need to improve the logistics of their sales cadence creation and evaluation process.

Problems Facing Tools4Ever

Before teaming up with Regie, Tools4Ever team members spent 10 hours a week building email cadences. Allocating what’s comparable to a full day’s worth of work to cadence building meant pulling the team away from their roles’ core functions and, ultimately, stalling progress.

The need to expedite the process, ideally cutting the time in half, became a priority. Their team also had gaps in their system for attributing success and identifying opportunities for improvement within their cadences. This meant foregoing valuable data-supported insights that provide a feedback cycle on the health and success of a cadence. Additionally, use cases for their cadence structures were unclear, counteracting much of the effort put into them. 

Time Saved
Tools4Ever saw a 75% reduction in campaign creation time.
“ delivered on its promise of quickly providing effective and relevant sales email copy that provided almost immediate results. has made it incredibly easy for us to create email cadences that can personalize at a scale we couldn't do on our own.”
Drew Olsen
Sales Manager at Tools4Ever

The Solution

These issues led Tools4Ever to Regie. Our solutions were immediately implementable. Beginning by segmenting Tools4Ever’s buyer personas, we started the process of persona-targeted cadences, a tool for executing campaigns tailored to recipients’ industry and role. We also redirected all cadence creation activity to Regie, where the entire process can be handled in one place, from start to finish. From there, Regie was utilized to create new cadences and refine current ones. Refining includes leveraging our insights from billions of rows of data and our integrated DiSC personality profiles to improve already existent cadences, so those 10 hours a week didn’t go to waste. And finally, we introduced vital follow-up structures to their cadences to further add to the ease of building the cadences and their effectiveness overall.

How it's Going

The results met Tools4Ever’s expectations. Their sales team now receives new insight into recommended tone and approach for specific buyers in every cadence they create, furnishing their emails’ with language optimized for their buyer personas. Cadence creation is also instantly optimized, with no limit to the number of new cadences created in less than half the time it used to take. Even better, Tools4Ever can refresh the entirety of their email copy with the click of a button and receive reminders to do so once their content begins to become stale. Now the Tools4Ever team can create, manage and refresh all their processes and messaging across their sales organization in one place because the aggregate of their cadence structures and use cases live within Regie. 

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