A High Performing Nurture Sales Sequence With Templates

Riley Clark
September 29, 2022
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Nurturing leads helps sellers build trust and increase response rates to their sales emails. A nurture sequence is useful after sending a few cold emails with no response, or if there's been a lull in communication.

Either way, the email templates you use to follow-up are key. 

The right pain points, value propositions and calls to action are a must, but beyond that, sales reps need to focus on best practices and the right touch pattern to get a lead’s attention.

Keep reading to check out the performance of a real-life effective follow-up nurture sales email sequence.

In this blog, we provide stats on each of the emails’ performance like open and reply rate, as well as the actual email template used and instructions on how to make it your own.

The Sequence

Start with the overall stats for this effective sales email campaign.

4 steps over 14 business days
3,737 EMAILS

Step 1 - Automated Email


49.29% OPEN RATE



The Sales Email Template
SUBJECT LINE: follow up on strategy
Hi {{first_name}},
My colleague reached out to you a few months back about {{!! TOPIC }}.
Since it's been some time, I wanted to check in and see how you're doing.
We've heard news on {{!! BUSINESS OR INDUSTRY }} {{!! RELATED NEWSWORTHY TOPIC ABOUT INDUSTRY }}. Given that, could you benefit from [[value-proposition]]?
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Why It Works

The email uses timeliness and relevance to highlight the value proposition offered. Incorporating a recent event or development as it relates to an industry or business allows sellers to personalize their email, as well as appear up-to-date on the prospect. 

Make It Yours

There are many routes this template can take, but remember that if something feels like a stretch, it probably is. Keep this template in your back pocket until a convincing and appropriate opportunity arises. 

However, opportunities to use this template aren’t limited to a prospect or their company being featured in the news explicitly.

Maybe there was a major challenge in the past that your prospect’s company overcame. Maybe there’s upcoming legislation that will impact their work. Or a new technological development might shift public perception of the service they offer. 

Think broadly about the connections you can make, but don’t grasp at straws. 

Step - 2 Automated Email 


44.34% OPEN RATE


The Sales Email Template
SUBJECT LINE: just making sure, {{first_name}}
Hi {{first_name}},
Sending this to get an update in case there's anything {{sender.company}} can help with in terms of {{!! TOPIC }}. Would love to see if we can help you [[value-proposition]].
Let me know your thoughts when you get a chance?

Why It Works

Whenever you’re following up, especially when you’re following up on a follow-up, your email should be short like this template. It works because it’s brief, polite and to the point. Notice that the opening line of the email doesn’t start with “Just following up,” either. 

Buyers are sick of seeing that language in their inbox. This template does a great job of cutting out any filler words that are overused and unnecessary.

Make It Yours

Keep your value proposition short in this email. You don’t want it to add too much length, and you don’t want to repeat the value prop you used in the previous email word for word. Find your most relevant value prop and spend time paring it down before using it in your email.


Step 3 - Automated Email


45.95% OPEN RATE


The Sales Email Template
SUBJECT LINE: {{first_name}} <> {{sender.first_name}} call
Hi {{first_name}},
Not surprised I haven't heard from you since the last time we connected. You have a lot on your plate, but I’m making sure to check in about {{!! TOPIC }}. 
Let me know?

Why It Works

The opening line of the email sounds human yet isn't a sentence that's overused. Many similar emails would start with something like "Just following up," or "Did you see my last email?" making them more likely to be overlooked.

An email's subject line and opening sentence are the only ways you can earn an open, so it's important to put thought into standing out.

Apart from the first sentence, this template is great for it's brevity and directness. Be sure to maintain the low word count when using it.

Make It Yours

Consider swapping out the words “the last time we connected” with “the last time I reached out” if that’s more applicable to your situation. If you’ve never heard back from this prospect, referencing a connection that never happened will seem like a mix-up on your part.

Another change you might make to this template is incorporating another short value prop where the {{!! TOPIC }} tag is. If your product or service is easily summarized in a word or two, keep it. But if your offerings require more nuance, go for a value prop instead.

Lastly, you can tie the email’s subject line back into the email by changing the template’s CTA to “can we set up a call?” instead. 


Step 4 - Automated Email


43.75% OPEN RATE



The Sales Email Template
SUBJECT LINE: last try on this {{first_name}}
Hi {{first_name}},
My apologies for the tenacity. I want to give this one last try in case you haven't seen my previous emails.
I was hoping to connect, but I'm sure you have a tight schedule. I'll check back again in a few months. Let me know if you're ever in {{!! CITY }}, I'd love to buy you a drink or meet for coffee.

Why It Works

Break-up emails are notorious for their success, and this one takes it up a notch with its closing line. It adds a personal touch that’s polite yet unexpectedly warm.

Make It Yours

If you live in a city that your prospect isn’t likely to visit- one that’s maybe not very high profile or off the beaten path- consider going for a different angle entirely. Or try adding humor to your email by referencing your city in a sarcastic tone. 

Let’s say you live in Skykomish, one of the least populated towns in Washington. Your closing line might read, “Let me know if you’re ever in Skykomish (who needs Seattle?). I’d love to buy you a drink or meet for coffee- and quiz you on how the heck you ended up here.”

Ready to Nurture Your Leads?

Overall, it’s important that sellers never skip the follow-up or nurturing phase. The time it takes will be well worth the payoff if you do it right. 

To make your own version of this follow-up sequence in under five minutes, create your Regie.ai account today. It’s free forever; no demo or credit card required. Simply enter your email, provide a password and you’re ready to get started.

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