Can Sales Emails Really Be Written With AI?

June 27, 2022
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You’ve never been able to write like this before. We’re serious.

Picture this: you have a company-sponsored event and need to let your leads know it’s happening. It seems simple enough, but that’s an entire campaign to build. can do it for you. 

Create an entire sales campaign to invite prospects and follow up with them in a matter of minutes. Simply provide the event details, and then click generate. Boom. Your entire campaign is ready. 

Review the email copy: regenerate, rephrase, shorten or expand the whole email, a few lines of text, or even a single word until you’re satisfied—no need to worry about subject lines either. Context-specific subject lines will accompany each of your emails and can be regenerated as well.  

Add or remove call and social steps as you see fit, or leave the campaign in its original form. All our touch patterns are optimized for best practices and equipped with full-editing capability.

Want to A/B test? No problem. Add as many A/B tests as you like to any of our campaigns. 

Once you’re happy with your campaign, just press send. We’ll keep track of its performance and provide analytics to help you understand what works best for your audience. Our analysis breaks down your emails by campaign type, tone, and even intro line. We also provide data on which of your subject lines, value propositions and pain points are the highest performers.

Even better? We’re not only talking about an event invitation. 

Regie’s AI can write the intro, follow-up, referral, multiple-choice and break-up emails for 50 different campaigns. Virtually any campaign you can think of, we can build. Whether it’s an upcoming renewal campaign for your customer success team, a response to inbound demo requests, a seasonal campaign relevant to the time of year, the list goes on. 

And on and on. 

Check out the complete list of our AI workflows to inspire your next campaign.




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