Introducing Expanded Buyer Personas in Regie

Rocco Savage
August 24, 2021
 min read

Persona-based targeting is a cornerstone of Regie. When it comes to sales campaigns, a target should be well-defined and inform every aspect; from the touchpoints used to the tone of the messages sent, even down to the punctuation.

So we're excited to announce that we've expanded our buyer-persona functionality to encompass every job title across all industries supported by LinkedIn.

Yep, even non-managerial positions.

Regie now houses more than 700 available buyer personas, bringing the count of possible combinations in our system to over 20,000.

More Personas, More Personalization

Integrating a collection of job titles this extensive into Regie vastly increases our users' ability to target their ideal buyers more granularly. And targeting buyers means understanding how to appeal to them. Pair that with receiving recommendations for the optimal tone and approach to take, and it's a win-win for both sales teams and buyers.

Quality or Quantity? Yes.

Our personas are more aligned to their title-set, department and industry too. No need to choose between quality and quantity; this expansion gives users both. The additions mean reinforced connections between personas and their qualifiers because more data points (job titles) mean more accuracy.

What's New:

  • 5x the number of departments
  • 9x the number of industries
  • 30x the number of supported persona customizations
  • 725 possible buyer personas
  • 21,913 possible buyer persona combinations

Harnessing the diversity of the roles and industries on LinkedIn was a natural next step for Regie. We want our customers to move from LinkedIn to Regie with certainty that their lead's title is available.

To have the tools to change tones between messages for managerial and non-managerial prospects quickly. To continue to increase their outreach to an even greater scale. Now they can, with Regie's expanded personas.

The new job titles are available in every Regie account today, and it works just as easily as always: select your target persona, department, and industry. Regie will do the rest. 

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