What's new with Regie.ai? Q4 2023

Tom Tobin
December 20, 2023
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In the fast-paced world of sales and marketing, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage — it's a necessity. This quarter, our product updates and enhancements showcase how we're working hard to redefine this landscape by leveraging advanced generative AI (genAI) technology to automate personalized sales outreach.

Here's what's new with Regie.ai in Q4 2023:

  1. Auto-Pilot goes mainstream: As of January 2024, Regie.ai's Sales Auto-Pilot product is now generally available to the market. This means that using AI agents to handle repetitive prospecting tasks like lead list building and email execution, freeing up SDR teams to focus on high-value activities.
  2. Enhanced Auto-Pilot features: They've significantly improved Auto-Pilot's capabilities, including better audience building accuracy, higher-quality personalized messages, and increased integration with platforms like Cognism and LinkedIn, even adding dialer and LinkedIn automation for omnichannel engagement.
  3. Personalization tools upgraded: Recognizing personalization as a winning strategy, Regie.ai has updated their Email Analyzer and Team Dashboard to help sales teams assess and improve their personalization efforts in real time.
  4. LinkedIn automation advancement: A new feature in their Chrome extension allows Outreach customers to manage LinkedIn tasks directly, including generating unique, personalized InMails or connection requests using their Power Socializer tool.
  5. Focus on metrics that matter: Regie.ai's updates are all geared towards helping sales teams increase meetings booked and pipeline generated by automating tedious tasks, showcasing their commitment to driving tangible business outcomes.

Read on to get the full scoop on all the latest and greatest enhancements we made to our platform this past quarter!

The rise of generative AI (genAI) has been a game-changer for businesses in the past year, but recently, there have been even more advancements, taking us beyond just text generation. Regie.ai continues to blaze the trail for sales automation technology by utilizing AI for agent-based execution. This innovation completely changes how sales teams can automate their outbound motions to more reliably set meetings and build pipeline.

Let's take a look at what is new in Regie.ai this past quarter.

Auto-Pilot in action

The rapid evolution of AI tech has given way to our latest transformation, executing sales actions via a virtual agent. In January of 2024, our Sales Auto-Pilot product became generally available to the market. For months, customers have been using AI Agents to help them scale their outbound prospecting motions. This has proven to be highly valuable in freeing up time for SDR teams to focus on more important tasks, while the AI takes over the repetitive parts of prospecting like lead list building, content generation, and email task execution.

This past quarter, we've worked to refine our Auto-Pilot offering by:

✔️ Enhancing the accuracy of the built-in audience builder;

✔️ Improving the quality of the personalized message generation;

✔️ Launching a sales engagement platform free version of Auto-Pilot;

✔️ Increasing integration capabilities (hello Cognism, LinkedIn, Demandbase and 6sense); and,

✔️ Introducing a dialer and LinkedIn automation feature to better fuel omnichannel dynamic engagement experiences.

Here's just a sample of some of the top ways AI Sales Agents are being used by SDR and sales teams today:


Personalization in more places

While we've been hard at work finessing Auto-Pilot, we also haven't forgotten about our Co-Pilot companion product that is rooted in personalization.

We know personalization is a winning play in sales, especially as email regulations tighten, but how do we coach our teams on what great looks like while giving them the ability to self-assess?

This quarter, we updated our Chrome extension Email Analyzer and our Team Dashboard to give you and your reps the ability to check personalization efforts on each and every cold email send.

We've added a new Personalization column into the Team Dashboard, which checks to see if you've personalized either the opener or the email body of your message. We have also added this assessment directly inside of the Email Analyzer in our Chrome extension so reps can check it in real time before they send an email:

We've also brought personalization automation to more places. We recently launched our LinkedIn task automation solution, which can be accessed directly inside of our Chrome extension for Outreach customers. Once enabled, you'll notice an icon for task automation inside the Regie.ai Chrome extension. Open it up, select Outreach from the dropdown, and you'll have all of your LinkedIn tasks from Outreach in one spot.

Finally, you can now use our Power Socializer to start your task execution, as well as generate unique, personalized InMails or connection requests for each of your LinkedIn touches.

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With Regie.ai, you can increase the metrics that matter — meetings booked and pipeline generated — by automating away the tedious, repetitive tasks that bog down SDR and sales teams.

We're constantly enhancing and updating our "prospecting in a box" solution, so we'll continue to provide quarterly updates of all the latest and greatest functionalities we've added to the Regie.ai platform. So stay tuned: there's more where that came from!

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