Revolutionizing Sales: How Streamlined Catapult Solutions Group's Sales Process

As Founder of, Tony Mai arrived at Catapult Solutions Group with an ambitious aim in mind - to streamline the firm's sales process by leveraging automation and effective content. As soon as AI-based sales solutions hit the shelves, Tony knew he had stumbled upon a unique chance to replace tedious manual tasks and improve the team's impact using customized materials. Tony wanted a thorough solution that supported his objective of achieving maximum efficiency and would cater specifically to his group's requirements. Enter

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Catapult Solutions has been ranked as the top fastest staffing company by the global advisor on staffing and workplace solutions, Staffing Industry Analysts, highlighting its exceptional services in the industry. Catapult provides staffing and recruitment services to businesses of all sizes across the US, specializing in IT, healthcare, operations, and federal industries.

As the Sr. Growth and Solutions Consultant at Catapult Solutions, Tony Mai is responsible for creating a smoother sales process through automation and optimization. He leads the automation and content strategy, including email campaigns, messaging, and branding that will capture the attention of their target audience. The content Tony creates is passed to a team of 15-17 salespeople to help them drive engagement and better outcomes in their top-of-funnel activities.

By leading these initiatives, Tony makes an invaluable contribution to Catapult Solution's ability to provide top-notch service to its customers.

Along came

Tony recognized the importance of leveraging data-driven strategies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the team's efforts long before discovering He knew that with replicable, personalized materials, the team could connect more effectively with prospective buyers - something templated messages simply couldn't provide.

He began researching and testing various AI platforms and tools. While he searched he relied on multiple AI tools like and others for content creation and support, until he came across

"I was drawn to because it’s a platform that’s ready to automate what I would normally do manually, and everything I need is in one place."

Immediately Tony was impressed by the platform's ability to generate sales sequences in minutes, and its integration with his recommended sequencing platform, "There are so many AI tools out there right now," said Tony, "but is just so far ahead for the front line of what most organizations lean on, which is sales."

By partnering with, Tony saw the chance to tackle complex problems involving hyper-personalization, crafting compelling material, and messaging at scale - all while streamlining his tech stack for improved performance.

"If you compare to everything that's out there, and I would like to say I've seen the majority of it, everything has its strengths but was really built for sales."

Personalization at point

Before using, the sales team was constricted to using the same email templates, but Tony recognized the importance of personalizing content for successful selling, even though it can be a time-consuming process. He believes that it's a critical strategy that should not be overlooked as it can significantly improve the chances of making a sale. Unfortunately, many sales teams give up on personalization due to the high time and resource demand it requires.

"You can put all this content out there, and you're thinking that your message looks great, but if you're still asking why they're not buying, it's probably because you aren't personalizing. You wrote your message for a ghost, not your audience." has been a game-changer for Tony and the sales team, allowing them to personalize emails quickly and easily without sacrificing volume. Without these individualized messages, they risked damaging their relationships with prospective clients.

With's capabilities, hyper-personalization is no longer a trade-off; they can send targeted emails at scale, resulting in a significant payoff for their efforts. "If you don't have, a minimum of 50% of a rep's time is spent on trying to figure out what is the right messaging to send out," Tony says.

By implementing and using, the sales team can automate the process of sifting through a prospect's profile, extracting key terms or topics, and constructing an individualized message based on the data. Additionally, if Tony needs to edit the result, the Rephrase tool simplifies the process.

" gives me the ability to go in and pull one keyword or one subject from a prospect’s profile to automatically generate a personalized message based on what it found. Even if the result isn’t perfect, it allows us to be at least 90% there already."

Tony also considers the email analyzer an invaluable tool that complements even the best of personalization efforts. With the email analyzer, the sales team can examine the factors that will make people read an email before sending it.

"If you’re a rep who is trying to just gain experience and suddenly you need to respond to a CEO, the [] email analyzer can even guide the most novice reps through their email to the point that they feel confident sending it. "
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"If you compare to everything that's out there, and I would like to say I've seen the majority of it, everything has its strengths but was really built for sales."
Tony Mai
Sr. Growth Consultant at Catapult Solutions Group & Founder of

Personalization at scale

Most sales teams struggle to craft ultra-specific, contextual sales sequences. Tony found the perfect solution using the Campaign Builder inside, allowing him to easily create personalized, timely communications that engage prospective customers without sacrificing scalability or speed.

"We've created sequences that are so effective that I don't have to go back and reinvent the wheel every time there is a need for a new one."

The ability to create hyper-relevant content for a target audience throughout a campaign has been instrumental for Tony and the team. Utilizing the Campaign Builder, Tony can design versatile, scenario-specific sequences tailored at all levels—from the target demographic and campaign channels, down to a message's tone, frequency of contact points, value propositions and pain points- to help build deep connections with customers at scale.

Unlike before, the team no longer relies on campaigns filled with templated emails. Instead, they build campaigns with unique, performant copy. Tony can customize his AI-generated content based on the scenario or context in which it will be used, addressing the problem of engaging the audience, which is crucial for sales success.

"From my experience, can save you a minimum of six hours of manual work if you're trying to create content. But here's the kicker: in that same amount of time, you could only connect with 50 people on your own. With, however, 15 minutes is all it takes to reach out to 600 contacts."

Content collaboration & storage

Tony understands that every piece of a campaign needs to be hyper-relevant to its intended audience to drive the highest levels of performance. That's why he relies on to create value-added content that supports and informs his team.

"I’ve even knocked out an RFP that normally would have taken two weeks to complete in just 25 minutes with Any type of content [creation] is the use case for The tool is extremely powerful."

Tony uses to create a valuable content library that the team can rely on for outreach. For example, using, Tony has built a comprehensive sales playbook that provides targeted information to the sales team, including frequently asked questions and effective responses. By leveraging to create this playbook and other informative content, Tony is constructing a treasure trove of knowledge for the team to use to reach their goals. also allows Tony and the team to collaborate more efficiently. All of Catapult's sequences are housed in where the platform's internal commenting and sharing features allow for quick collaboration without needing multiple applications.

" gives us everything. What used to be six months' worth of work is now 15 minutes. And that's not an exaggeration, because it really is taking all this work, compiling it, organizing it, and expanding on it."

No more combing through SharePoint to find collateral- from ideal customer profiles to personas, provides an abundance of content creation resources that can be easily customized - saving hours of manual labor. The platform's intuitive labeling system helps Tony identify the right sequence for any given job with ease, further streamlining workflows and freeing up time for critical sales activities.


Tony sees as an indispensable tool that benefits not just his sales team, but also other departments such as recruitment and marketing. The entire go-to-market (GTM) team can leverage the platform, making it an even more valuable asset for the company.

"If you know how to leverage, you will get so much time back. And if you want to quantify it, for me has given me back months in time."

With, Tony estimates that every member of the team gains at least an hour of productivity back each day. Beyond time savings, the platform has provided valuable insights into what works and what doesn't in their campaigns, allowing Tony to fine-tune their messaging and approach. "The way I measure the value of is really about how much time it saves an organization," Tony says. "Whether you're a team of 1 or 215, with you're saving at least an hour per day per GTM employee."

Overall, has become an essential AI-powered platform that has revolutionized the way Tony and the sales team approach their work.

If you need an efficient and reliable AI-powered co-pilot, may be the answer to freeing up countless precious hours each week.

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