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Before settling on, Jellyvision's leadership thoroughly explored various AI solutions to enhance organizational efficiency. Options like Apollo and Lead IQ were considered, but ultimately, the team chose for its easy implementation, limitless messaging capabilities, integration into the sales workflow and responsive team.

Introduction: The Perfect Union of Human Branding and Advanced Technology
Jellyvision is no ordinary software company. With its unique and human brand voice, the firm has carved out a niche in the healthcare and HR technology sectors. But even Jellyvision faced a classic conundrum in modern business: how to scale customer outreach without diluting its brand ethos.

Their solution? Adopting, an advanced AI-powered sales automation platform, into their sales and business development processes. This case study captures the transformative journey of Jellyvision as it scales its go-to-market operations.

A Bit About Jellyvision: More Than Just Fun and Games

Jellyvision is a pioneer in the HR tech space with a mission to simplify the complex world of employer-sponsored benefits and Medicare. Through its flagship product, ALEX, the company has been assisting employees in making informed benefits choices since 2009. And it’s not just small-scale operations—Jellyvision caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from small firms to enterprise companies with millions of employees. Their recent acquisition of Picwell has supercharged ALEX’s recommendation engine, allowing them to leverage predictive analytics with behavioral science to provide better employee experiences.

Navigating the Quagmire: Jellyvision's Challenges

The Balancing Act: Volume vs. Personalization

This year, Jellyvision's sales and business development teams faced a multifaceted conundrum. On one hand, they needed to engage a vast pool of prospects to bring their current and new product lines to market. On the other, they wanted to maintain their distinct brand voice—jargon-free yet professional—in each communication.

"[We were] focusing on omni-channel prospecting efforts to target new and previously known accounts...the marketing team would create the sequences based on best practices, but we would add layers of personalization to that. However, we found that our sales team struggled to sift through so much information to be able to actually personalize those emails...and we weren't seeing a lot of success with it."
Heather Green, Enablement Director, Jellyvision

Before, the go-to-market team relied heavily on manual efforts to craft and send personalized messages that reflected well on the brand. While these painstaking efforts helped maintain the brand's unique tone and voice, they consumed considerable time and had clear scalability limitations.

"When we talk about the time that it took, not only was it about the actual research but also the time to write personalized copy. We had a bunch of very seasoned folks, very tenured copywriter types that were able to look that information up and put something together pretty quickly versus others that would get stalled out and get writer's block."
Max MacCready, Director of Sales, Jellyvision

A Range of Challenges Defined

  • Complex Messaging Needs: Jellyvision's brand identity thrives on a balance of levity and professionalism, making communication especially challenging when targeting HR professionals who demand messages that are not just engaging but also meet industry standards.
  • Inefficient Personalization: Before adopting, each sales and business development rep had a unique method for researching and personalizing emails. This led to a lack of consistency and efficiency, causing outreach predictability to suffer.
  • Outreach Velocity: Enrollment season occurs annually between May and August and Jellyvision needed to reach prospects more efficiently during this pivotal time of the year.

"It's really difficult to hit the right messaging mark because Jellyvision is so clever, human and quirky. We have this brand that supports humans making really complicated decisions about protecting their health and wealth, all with jargon-free language. And yet, we're selling to serious HR audiences at companies with big engagement problems. So you have to really balance that line of being fun and representing the brand, but also we are a serious business who can help you and your efforts for your team."
Heather Green

By acknowledging these specific challenges, Jellyvision sought out a vendor that wouldn't just accelerate their outreach, but would also allow them to maintain the unique brand personality that sets them apart in a crowded marketplace. Furthermore, there was a cultural shift internally brewing toward embracing AI as a way to complement human skills, rather than a replacement.

"A big internal push was coming all the way up from our CEO to look at AI and the ways that it could create new efficiencies within our organization. It was like, hey everybody, how can we increase the velocity of personalization as well as increase our reach? So I was thinking, OK, there's got to be something out there that effectively does what ChatGPT does but doesn't require me to become a pro prompt writer to be able to get the exact messaging that I'm trying to for. That's eventually what led me to discover Regie."
Max MacCready

Choosing the Right Solution for the Job: Why

Before settling on, Jellyvision's leadership thoroughly explored various AI solutions to enhance organizational efficiency. Options like Apollo and Lead IQ were considered but ultimately, the team chose for its easy implementation, limitless messaging capabilities, integration into the sales workflow and responsive team.

Immediate Impact On Jellyvision Outreach

Efficiency Unlocked: A Revolution in Time Management

The Jellyvision team crafted complex sales sequences in mere days within the first month of using and reduced manual personalized email drafting time to under two minutes in the first two months. Together, this efficiency enabled sales reps to reach an ambitious target: sequencing 15 new prospects per rep per day.

"Our reach in general - given the amount of time spent on the actual act of prospecting and then actually reaching out - limited our ability and reach to go to market. So by introducing Regie, we were able to significantly reduce the amount of time that teams are spending [on prospecting] and reapply it toward being able to reach out to that many more people per day."
Max MacCready

Skyrocketing User Adoption: Immediate Impact and Engagement

Within just one month of implementing, Jellyvision also boasted an impressive 95%+ Weekly Active Users (WAU) among its sales force. This rate underscored how effortlessly the tool was adopted, integrating seamlessly into the team's daily workflows, thanks to the ideal customer profiles and personas supplied by Jellyvision during onboarding.

"I was genuinely shocked at how quickly we were up and running...I've never seen a tool launch as quickly as Regie did."
Heather Green

Jellyvision's account executives and business development teams welcomed with open arms. Account executives appreciated Regie's prowess in balancing Jellyvision's unique blend of humor and professionalism in messaging.

"It was a huge relief for the [account executives and business development team] that they were able to prospect that many more individuals and get them into sequence. Not only that, we also saw a lift in messages that were getting personalized as well. Because there would be some instances where someone couldn't find something to personalize toward so they may have left it blank. Now, rather than leaving it completely blank, Regie can help fill in those gaps with pieces of information that reps weren't seeing in their research."
Max MacCready

Furthermore, the reps love the adaptability of messaging, enabling them to rapidly switch from a playful to a professional tone as needed. Equipped with the platform's A/B testing features, Jellyvision is set to refine its outreach strategies even further based on data-driven insights.

"That's what's been great about Regie. We're able to coach it to write as if it were a true blue, bleeding purple Jellyvision employee really capturing our Jellyvision humor and charm. And that ability to quickly pivot with the prompting was something that really well received by the team- that way they could vary their messaging as well."
Max MacCready
"The team has leaned into generative AI, saving time and allowing us to be more productive and thoughtful in our efforts to spread the word on how ALEX can help employees choose, use and appreciate their benefits."

Heather Green

Enablement Director at Jellyvision

Making it Happen: Implementing in Record Time

The Leaders Behind the Success

Two driving forces behind the rapid implementation and immediate success of at Jellyvision were Heather Green, Enablement Director, and Max MacCready, Director of Sales. With constant support and guidance from their Customer Success Manager (CSM), Missy Scheuller, they achieved full-scale implementation across the sales force in an astonishing 30 days.

"I sit on the marketing team, but consider myself and my team to be the bridge between our revenue and marketing teams, as well as between our product and operations teams to bring everything together in support of our sales efforts throughout the year."
Heather Green

Team Synergy: The Role of Internal Collaboration

To build a sense of ownership and collaboration among team members, Jellyvision created an internal Slack channel. Here, team members could share their favorite inputs for guiding content generation. This collective approach ensured that the platform was utilized to best represent the brand's unique voice.

After going live, Heather and Max actively sought feedback from their sales team, revealing the need for a balance between playful and professional messaging.'s customization capabilities allow for quick adjustments to meet this nuanced requirement.

The Result: A Culture-Compatible, Sales Efficiency-Boosting Solution not only streamlined Jellyvision's outreach process but also fit seamlessly into their unique company culture—a blend of quirkiness and professionalism. By significantly reducing the time spent on research and message personalization, enhanced the efficiency of Jellyvision's sales and business development teams and improved sales campaign effectiveness, reaching more prospects with a better experience in less time.

Beyond Adoption: Becoming 'Regie Role Models'

For their part, Max MacCready and Heather Green go beyond basic usage. They personify what describes as "Regie Role Models"—individuals who are not just active users but also thought leaders who are continually evolving their strategies to remain competitive.

"Now with Regie, we'll be able to do more A/B testing around what is resonating message-wise with our market. Is it the more jovial pursuit or is it the more buttoned-up business way of writing things? So we're looking forward to be able being able to do that sort of A/B testing that much more efficiently with Regie too."
Max MacCready

The Takeaway: AI as a Business Game-Changer has enabled Jellyvision to achieve both strategic advantages and operational efficiencies. It serves as a compelling case study on the transformative potential of AI when applied thoughtfully to a business. quickly became an invaluable asset for Jellyvision, preserving the unique brand voice while significantly boosting sales team prospecting efficiency.

With strong leadership buy-in and high internal adoption, this collaboration showcases AI's transformative power in modern business.

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