How Omni Used to Streamline Marketing Content Creation on Path to 3000% Growth

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Meet Shelby Bozekowski, a seasoned marketer who joined Omni Interactions in November 2022 with a mission to rewrite the narrative around the gig model. However, the road ahead was anything but easy. With a lean team, evolving priorities and big revenue goals to hit, Shelby faced a daunting challenge. Despite her extensive 16-year marketing career, she needed a solution that could keep up with the demanding content needs of the business while maintaining the high-quality standards required for success. But that was before she met

Omni Interactions, founded in 2016, is a managed service provider of outsourced customer care solutions. The company has a network of call center agents, including gig workers, who work remotely.

This model enables Omni to hire better talent and pinpoint its clients' exact needs to find the best customer service representatives. Omni has experienced significant growth over the past three years, with over 3000% revenue growth, but as their revenue has grown, so have the operational complexities of their marketing engine.

As Senior Director of Marketing at Omni, Shelby Bozekowski is responsible for marketing to and acquiring new clients to use their managed services. To achieve this goal, the marketing department focuses mainly on creating content that educates their target market on the benefits of the gig model - one that traditionally has a lot of preconceived notions - and warming them up to become sales-qualified leads.

Shelby and her team knew they needed to reduce the time it takes to create high-quality content specific to Omni's services to rank for keywords to increase organic search results.

Educating Buyers on the Benefits of the Gig Model

Omni's customers have access to higher-skilled talent and more mature agents because the team at Omni can recruit across the globe, rather than the traditional method of recruiting near the physical location of a contact center.

Yet, some buyers have a negative connotation of gig workers versus employees, holding the concern that gig workers do not do as good of a job. Shelby knew that Omni needed content educating her ideal customers on the benefits of the gig model.

"Much of the direct marketing and sales boils down to content, especially in our market. We use a gig model, and only a handful of BPOS do the gig model in the US. So much of my job is educating our target market on the gig model and what the benefits are."

The critical mass of content this continuously requires is a big lift for any team, especially a nimble one. If the content creation process takes too long or isn't relevant enough for Omni's prospective customers, Shelby's primary goal of bringing on new clients and increasing revenue through website traffic is at risk.

To pull off this kind of focused direct marketing, Shelby needed an efficient way to produce content, balancing both speed and quality.

Revolutionizing Content Creation

Omni's marketing team began using in December 2020 to streamline their content creation process in three distinct ways; net new content creation, content repurposing and sequence creation:

New content: revolutionized content creation at Omni by significantly reducing the time and energy expended without compromising the quality of the end product.

Thanks to, Shelby and her team now efficiently produce high-caliber materials such as thought leadership pieces for their executive team, blog entries, webpages, and social media updates with ease.

"I have used all the blogs and web pages Omni has produced."

The time savings comes from the platform's ability to get Shelby to the editing phase in seconds, rather than hours or days. Shelby provides with an outline for her desired content and then lets the AI work its magic to get her to an editable first draft in moments.

Using as a copywriter puts Shelby in the executive editor role, saving her hours per week the Omni team can repurpose into other areas of marketing.

"When crafting my pieces, I start with an idea of what I want to accomplish - either a compelling concept for the executive team that can be shared on social media or a piece designed to rank high in organic searches. Once I settle on my topic and flesh out the details, does the writing for me."

Shelby Bozekowski, Senior Director of Marketing, Omni Interactions

Content repurposing for the website:

Not only does speed up the net new content creation process, but Shelby has also found that it is excellent for repurposing pre-existing content for future web applications.

"The Rephraser is one of my favorite [] tools when writing different web pages. A lot of times, I am saying the same thing over and over again. But for SEO purposes, I can't have the same copy or the pages will start to compete against each other. So I need to create new content each time for each page. My solution is to have rephrase it and then infuse some industry-specific language into it. It's a super quick way to repurpose content."

Sequence creation and management:

Finally, the platform has become a favorite amongst the marketing and sales team for its ability to generate persona, pain point and value proposition-based sequences in minutes and publish them directly to their sales engagement platform. Then, using Bombora's high-intent data to get information about key companies that might be in a buying cycle currently, the teams create lists of people in Apollo and enroll them into a dedicated sequence.

"We create outbound sales sequences in and export them directly to Apollo, which is great. I get information on all the retail companies specifically searching for BPO or outsourced customer care, and I have a dedicated sequence for retail."

Explosive Growth Through Thought Leadership Positioning

Omni's use of has become a critical factor in the company's marketing motion. has helped Omni increase website traffic, generate sales-qualified leads and improve organic search results, all while saving their team precious time and money. Furthermore, the use of has helped to position Omni as a thought leader in the industry which has contributed significantly to the company's extensive growth.

" is a really innovative tool that's completely streamlined my day-to-day in the marketing department. It's not only saving me time, but it's also helping me produce higher-quality content that drives sales and revenue for Omni."

Before using, Shelby was concerned about how her team would keep up with the quality and quantity of content output that was required of them. Now Shelby and her team use to manage their content demands and produce twice as much content as before.

"AI really is capable of doing many of the things we're currently doing," said Shelby. "And I don't think it needs to be scary or something we think is taking our jobs. We just need to understand how to utilize AI to do what we're doing already doing- better. AI and Bots are almost like your own executive assistant. With the power of AI, it's almost like we all have somebody working for us and helping us be better at our jobs."

"I have open daily. I try to use it as much as possible because it makes things so much quicker. Whenever I'm writing anything, social pieces, blogs or copy for our website- I turn to for fast help."

If you're a lean marketing team looking for a solution to help you scale high-quality content production, is the perfect platform.

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