Account Based Marketing (ABM): Sales Sequence / Cadence

An account-based marketing sequence to help sellers connect, engage, and follow up consistently across multiple channels with high-value accounts.
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Instead of sending mass email campaigns, account-based marketing allows sellers to be more precise in identifying key contacts and crafting their sales copy. Another way account-based marketing should be treated differently than other outbound strategies is through the sales sequence that’s used.

Sales teams need a sequence that’s designed to target prospects through consistent and customized outreach rather than cast a wide net.

Use: Create a highly targeted cadence to focus your efforts on specific accounts and prospects.

Tips & Tricks: The LinkedIn Research step on Day 1 is essential to this campaign. Make sure you don’t skip it.

Engagement Channels: Email, Phone, LinkedIn

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Make it Yours

Not sure what a proof point is? Think of social proof, like a quote from a happy customer or a full-on case study, but with numbers. It’s a numerical representation of the positive impact you’ve had on your customers.